Merry Christmas!!!

Or Feliz Navidad!! (Spanish ;) haha)

Having a cup of cappuccino before we head to the airport.
I will try and blog whilst I'm away, but not sure where or if they'll have a good
wifi connection anywhere.

Have yourself a very MERRY CHRISTMAS with your loved ones today :D
Be nice to each other, eat and drink! ;)

Why thank you ;)
I'm quite giddy now!!!

Some of my X-mas pressies

We exchanged presents yesterday as most of us will be in Tenerife tomorrow :)
I did not want anything special for Christmas as I had my laptop a few weeks ago!
But here are a few of the things I got :)

The iPhone takes crappy pics! But oh well.
These are only a few of all the lovely pressies I've had :)
Thank you everyone xX ♥

A lil list

Found this on a blog :) Hope she does not mind me stealing it.

Colour of my hair:
Darker brown now the summer is over

Colour of my eyes:
Very dark brown, almost black

My height:
175cm's/5ft 9

If I was to colour my hair it would be:
Fiery Red!

The book of my choice:
The historian by Elizabeth Kostova

The best movie I have seen:

Best actor:

Al Pacino

TV programme I like:
Too many to mention!! But at the moment I'm really loving Glee

Radio station of my choice:
Radio? No thanks. Too much cr*p and commercials

Music I like:
Bit of everything!

Best tune:
Too many to pick one!

Most recent record in my collection:
Hahahaha.. Errr..

The holiday of my dreams:
Hawaii (One day)

A place/city/country I want to live in:
Las Vegas!!

This is what I want to bring to a deserted island:
My love,Books!Lighters ;)

Favourite animal:

This animal resembles me most:
No idea

School, funniest/most boring subject:
Loved English/Hated maths

What I wish for the most:
My family to be healthy

Dream occupation - profession:

This is how I dream my future to be:
Have few kids and live in US of A

I believe in:


Am I in love?:
Yes :)

The name of my future son:
Luca/Edin if I could choose

The name of my future daughter:

My best qualities:
Caring and loving

My bad sides:

Clothes I like to wear:
None? Haha

Clothes I would never wear:

My most loved possession:
My new laptop

Favourite food:
Pizza (Calzone)

Favourite drink:
Coca Cola

Favourite candy:

Favourite restaurant or bar:
Cheesecake factory or Nandos!

Favourite colour:
Pink on things/purple on clothes

Favourite scent:
Diamonds by Giorgio Armani

I dislike:

I love:

My family & my bf

The worst feeling:
Losing someone I love

The best feeling):
Being in the sun!

I am afraid of:
Spiders.... (AaaaaH)/Drowning

The guy/girl of my dreams:
Ads :)

The date of my dreams:
Me and Ads having Nandos ;)

Someone I admire:
My mamma (mum)

Someone I would like to meet:

President Obama

I play:
Uno! Pictureka (addictive iPhone app)

Something I would like to get as a present:
My favourite perfume

This is what my doormat looks like:
Dirty haha

My first thought when I wake up in the morning:

Do I get carsick?
Only in buses

Berg och dalbana - skoj eller otäckt (Rollercoaster - fun or frightening)?
Awesome! Fun ofc

Thunder and lightning - thrilling or frightening?
Scary as f***

Pen, pencil or fingerpaint?
Any :)

Number of rings before I answer the telephone:
Usually straight away

Right-handed, left-handed or both?
Right handed

If I were a tool in the garden it would be:
Errrr? I rather be a flower :p

You will find this under my bed:
Nothing I hope! I hoovered today

Number of children:

None at the moment

Married, not married, partner, living apart, single:

Nothing I'm aware of

Antal djur (Number of animals):
None at the moment


Yuk, No!!

Number of dead plants in my home:
One is almost dead :/

Occupation, profession:
Banking Agent

Do I have a drivers license?
No, I'm lazy

Do I own a car?

We do have a car, but he drives me :)

God Jul!

Aka Merry Christmas in Swedish :)
Today is the main day in Sweden when you spend time with your loved ones,
watch Kalle Ankas Jul (read Donald Ducks Christmas show) and the day you
open the presents.

I wish I was back home today. With my family.. 
I miss them the most today. I Skyped with my dad and lil sister earlier today.
Was so nice to see them. 

Last year we spent Christmas in Sweden. Was one of the best Christmas's ever.
Till er alla fran mig :)
Me, lil sis and dad last X-mas ♥

Xmas nails

I wanted my new nails to look like snow!!
Would be nice by the beach haha
And then the girl said something peculiar.. 
She said: "You should let me dye your eyebrows"..
I was like: "Huh??!!" Errr no.. I don't like doing stuff to my eyebrows..
Want them to look natural. She insisted and said they would look so much
nicer if they were a bit darker. Me not being able to say no went along with it.
Need to take a picture. 

I think they are much darker and she shaped them too.
I guess I look nicer now :) But Ads didn't notice.. Men! ;) haha

I am almost ready for my holiday now!
Just need to pack.. Always leave it till the last minute..
But I got it all on top of the bag.. Just have to put it inside...

Have you been good or bad?

I love Christmas songs :D The last week I've been listening to loads of them.
This one is on now. Ads likes it :p
My favourite one is Let is snow by Dean Martin and Merry Christmas everyone by Shakin Stevens!

Treated myself

Asos has a sale on now. 
And I had a look around and most of it was not that much cheaper than normal.
I don't usually bother with the sales as they usually just sell stuff/crap they can't
get rid of. There are times when you can grab a bargain.
And I think I did today.

I'm not a gold wearing girl.. I used to be years ago, but then I grew out of it.
Mostly wear silver now if/when I wear any jewellery.
But then I saw this bracelet and just had to have it :$
It's so me.. Plus it's a "lucky" charm bracelet. 
And God knows I need luck.. Plenty of it!
I won't get it till after the 6th of January, but it will be worth the wait :)
Price was £44. It should have been £89. Quite a bargain for what it is :D

Florida 2010

Okay, I really need to finish this before I go to Tenerife. 
I never used to be so bad at blogging and updating,
but this year I've had Zero motivation.
Hoping it'll be a better year next year! :)

Here are the rest of the pics from our amazing and wonderful trip to Orlando.
I wish I was back there when I look at these pictures :)
Such an amazing place to be with loved ones ♥

If you ever think twice about going there, don't!! Just do it! With or without kids.

It's a wonderful/magical place to be.


I've never been there before. I've been to Gran Canaria ones many years ago.
(Like most Swedish people.. And I did not like it.. Too Swedish haha).
I'm hoping I will like Tenerife more ;)
There will be about 25 of us at most (New Years Eve).
I can't wait for the sun and the beach!! Only been at the beach ones this year.
Cocoa beach in Florida. Loved it there.

Still can't believe it though. Me in a bikini in a few days time!
I'm freezing here! Hehe. I need it badly though..
Here are some pics of the apartment we rented. 
(We invited Ads's mum/dad/ sister and a friend of ours to stay with us :)
It will be a bit crowded, but it will be lots of fun too! :D
The view from the balcony! The beach is so close!!
Can see myself having breakfast here each morning before I hit the beach :P
Me and Ads have the room upstairs.
Kitchen. I'm not planning on cooking ^^

Not too big, but it'll do! Better than being in cold England!

I just hope we get there okay with all the delays and stuff. 
Manchester airport has been on the ball this year, but some planes are still delayed.
And we all know how lucky me and Ads are when we go away... 

Fingers crossed!!

I'll do it again

No drinking after New Years Eve. 
I did it early this year. I did not have one sip of alcohol from the 1st of January
till beginning of April. I have a feeling it will be even longer this time.
I know I can do it. I don't drink much at all. Not had a proper drink for ages now.
Think I'll have a few cocktails/ glasses of vino and some Sangria whilst in Tenerife :)

Some of my favourite drinks:

Long Island Ice Tea
Mojto, yummy
Rosé wine.

I do not drink beer. I think it smells awful..
What drink is your favourite?

Make most of the space

I don't want to have the main PC in the living room as it will take a lot of space
and I want it out of the way. Ads does not want the PC upstairs because if I'm downstairs
on the sofa and he is upstairs gaming or vice versa, we'd never see each other :P

So our builder and friend K came up with a great idea.
There is a "tiny little storage room" in the living room at the moment,
and he said he could build a desk in there and we could have the PC in there.
It's a brilliant idea! Just need to find out how to get some more "natural" light in
there, but it will be perfect! Won't have a door on it,
but maybe some curtains so we can hide it when we got people over :)

It's behind the door to the right. I'll have to take some more pics :)

My b-day (September)

I celebrated my 29th B-day in Orlando.
Adam had made reservations at Discovery Cove, a beautiful place with lots
of animals and fun stuff to do and see.
We went there early in the morning and left in the afternoon. 

He also fulfilled one of my biggest dreams. 
Swimming with a beautiful dolphin named Cindy :D
I also snorkelled for the first time ever. They had this beautiful pool with hundreds
of beautiful fish in it. It was amazing.
And we touched sting rays. They were quite weird and slimy haha.
All the food and drinks were included in the price which was great :)
Some pics from that day.

Adam made my B-day memorable and it was by far the best b-day I've ever had :D
I loved every minute of it!!

Thank you my darling for being the best bf in the world xX ♥

I love you xX

Oh and when we came back to the hotel room I found a bag with these in them :$

I was not expecting it as we had agreed that the day at Discovery Cove was more than enough.

And I had gotten a Harry Potter wand too :p haha.

Amongst other things I got from other people was a 1.75 litre Jack Daniels bottle.

It's huge! Still not opened it haha. A bottle of red wine, money,

and some chocolate frogs (Harry Potter :P )

All in all a wonderful day :)

2010 wrapped up Part 2


I worked for a multi lingual company and I met so many crazy and lovely people there.
I won't ever forget them. Had a lot of crazy nights out with them.
We went out most weekends! Madness.
Here are some pictures.

At the end of the month I also decided to leave Traveljigsaw (the company I worked for)..

It wasn't an easy decision, but it was the right one. And most people thought I was

crazy or picky :/ I just knew what I wanted. Or maybe more like what I did not want..

Oh and I finally got a new camera! I was so happy about that ;)


Because of my old job and the new one that I was starting early June, I could not stay in Sweden

as long as I might have wished. So I went home on a Friday and went back to England on the Monday..

Not enough time to be with my family :( But I was happy I got to see them.

It was my "lil brothers" 23rd B-day.

Some pics:


Adam also surprised me with tickets to go see Lady Gaga. I was so incredibly happy that day :)

The concert was amazing. I danced/cried/sang/laughed so much. I absolutely loved it.
She is a genius. I wish I had some pictures, but I did not bring my camera..


I started hiking with Barbara (Ads's mum and his uncle John. We went every Sunday)

I loved getting away from all the hustle in Manchester and just walk for hours in some beautiful places.




11th of July I did something that I was so proud of. 
I did the 5k Race for Life. I'd never done anything like that before.

I was so happy to do it with Ads's mum as we both did it for the same cause.

She has lost 2 siblings to cancer and I knew one of them.

D, I hope you were proud of us.

And thanks to all of you that sponsored me this year. 
I don't know how I'll ever thank you enough.

We raised a total of: £279!! :) Next year I'll be doing the 10k and hoping for £500!


We found out that we were going to Orlando/Florida after all!!


I went out with my new work mates a few times. Was nice and messy :)

Lovely Rachel and me in Poptastic in the Village. We always have a great time there :P

The gang

Back in the village


I started watching some new TV shows that I'm hooked to now. 
For example: Lie to me and Cougar Town (with Courtney Cox!) and Pretty little Liars.

I blogged a lot about stuff I wanted to buy ie clothes.clothes and more clothes :p

And I went out on a hen night. Was fun :)

September/October/November and December will come whilst I'm away on holiday. Keep an eye out ;)





One of my favourite shops in US of A is Forever21 :)
And they finally opened up a shop here in England.
Unfortunately it's all the way in Birmingham.. -_-
But they deliver all over the UK now without having to pay stupid amount for shipping and the taxes.
So I'm thinking of making an order whilst I'm on holiday.
The only problem is that I want it all! Haha, ok maybe not everything, but a lot ;)
Here are some of the things I'd love to buy. (And some of it I will!)
I love this cardigan and the tee too, but would like the cardi.
I absolutely adore this dress.
I have this same skirt in Olive that I bought in US of A in September.
It's so pretty on and so comfy on a night out that I want these colours too :$
I'm mad I know ;)
I'm not really in to Animal prints on clothes, but I do fancy this top for some reason.
It looks comfy and I'd wear it with some nice jeggings and toughen it up like they did in this pic.
I just love this colour and the model of this dress. I'd love to wear it now!
And there is plenty more things I'd like ;) but you'll have to wait and see what I get!

2010 wrapped up Part 1

I can't tell you how happy I will be when this year is finally over..
I've had bad years before, when certain things have happened to me or my loved ones
that I'll never forget.. But not once has one year had so many bad events..

I just hope and wish 2011 will be better.
Here is my 2010 in pictures or words.


I started the year with a bang. Had a messy New Years Eve with lots of embarrassing pictures.
Here are a few of them.

I wrote a blog post I really love.
I called it masochists or optimists", based on a Sex and the City episode.
And the year started with bad news too..
Someone we loved got really ill and we had to see her get worse by the day.

I started the year deciding I would not have an alcoholic drink for 3 months.
(and I didn't have a single drop)
Something happened that I'd been waiting for a while.
Something I thought I'd be happy about, and it made me realise that I was right :) good feeling.
I got very negative about everything around me :( A very bad month..
And I stopped blogging the way I used to, I did not enjoy it at all.


We lost our beloved D.. She passed away a week after we were told she had cancer.
It just all happened so sudden. She was there, and then she was gone.
It was such a sad time for us and Ads's family. 
I will never forget you D
I decided to do the 5k Race for Life in memory of Diane.
And you all helped me raise money for this cause.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥
I had a wonderful time with my friend at Kelly Clarkson's concert.
She was amazing live and I hope to see her perform again.

Me and Ads had been together for 3 years on February the 6th ♥


I made a decision that would change things for me in a way I could not have imagined.

I did something that many didn't believe I was able to. They wondered why I did it. 
I left a job where I'd been for 18 months. Ads worked there too, so they thought I was stupid for leaving,but I could not stay any longer. I was forced to leave by the people who I worked for.

And I was so happy when I found out I was offered a new job, a new possibility for me.


The Oscars, I love it, always had. Stayed up all night and watched it :)

First ever female director won an Oscar. It was Huge.


My friend signed us up for Street dance classes. I loved it and had so much fun.


Was an annoying month because we were having issues with buying the house and stuff kept going wrong and we had to wait to get it all sorted.

End of the month we finally got the keys to the house and we started ripping wallpapers down :)

I will continue with the rest of the months in a few days. Thought this would be fun,

but realising this year has been so bad. Not all bad don't get me wrong, but a lot of it.



Mood: Bit tipsy

Clothes: A top/panties/socks. 

Hairdo: Messy as I can't straighten it on my own :/

Doing: Reading through my blog posts that I've written in 2010

Wanting: A hug, a normal hug without being scared of hurting my arms

Hear: Dino Merlin (Balkan aka ex Yugoslavian music)

Will: Do my best to get my arms back to normal as soon as

Should: Stop wanting things I don't need

Yesterday: I had a Gingerbread latte and was happy!

Today: I picked up some snow in my hands and it felt so good

Tomorrow: Not sure what to do tomorrow. 

Waiting for: Next week! Going to Tenerife!! (Oh and it's Xmas)

Wishing: For something very little,but oh so precious. (This does not change)

Wondering: What 2011 will be like

House arrest again

That's what's awaiting me now for the rest of the week we are in England before
our holiday.. Why?? Because it has started snowing again..
I love snow. I don't think people understand how much I love it.
It is so beautiful and I love to make snowmen and snow angels!! 
But I also dislike it now.. Since I fell/slipped on it (icy snow).. 

I can't go out when it is snowy outside. Scared I'll fall again and re fracture my elbows.
Would not be the wisest thing to do..
But I've been enjoying my "freedom". Being able to go out for a walk. 
It has made me feel a bit better!

Also worried that it will cause us issues with our flight to Tenerife next weekend..
We all know about our "luck" when we travel...

*Sigh, sigh and double sigh...*
Pics from tonight. First is outside our kitchen window and second outside the bedroom.
It is all untouched and so beautiful.. If my arms weren't broke (kinda) I'd run outside
in my big coat/hat/gloves/boots and play in it and make loads of snow angels..

*Dreaming away*
(I love this iPhone app that makes my pictures look so cool)

Still in pain

Had another Xray on Monday and they said it's looking good....
And sent me to a physio therapist.. Who told me what exercises to do..
They ache like hell and my arms are in constant pain...
But I know I have to do it, so I do... 

Here is a pic of my arm all bruised up. It's the same on the other arm.
I am terrified of it snowing again.. I love snow. It makes me so happy when
I see it snowing and it's all white everywhere.. But if it snows I won't be going out
on my own :( 
I can't wait to go away next week. Think the sun will do me some good.
I am still off work which sucks as I am losing a lot of development, but also £'s.
But like I always say.. Health first.. Just wish it would hurry up..
Got this from Ads's uncle and his lovely wife :) It made me very happy.
Thank you!! xX


Life is unfair. All I got to say..
My mum called today and told me some bad news.

My cousin who is 12 years old is in a coma and might not make it..
And if she does she might never be herself again.. 
I'm devastated for her and her family who I love so much.
And yet again I find myself feeling helpless. 
I'm in England and they are in Slovenia.
(They had to take her there for special care, they live in Bosnia).
Why her? She is only a child and has so much to live for.
I will pray for her.. (I gave up on my faith years ago, but I will pray for her..)
I will hope that she wakes up and that she will be ok.
This year has been one of the worst ones in my life. I wish it would just STOP..
is what I feel.
is what I have..
Mum text me last night and told me she had woken up.
It's still too soon to say if she has any permanent damages.. 
But I'm so happy she is awake. I hope she will have a full recovery. 

Moja mala Ajla. Volim te ♥

My biggest wish

I have always wanted a baby. A little human being that has my genes,
and who will call me mamma/mum for the rest of my life. 
I can't explain how much I want this..
Me and Ads have been together for almost 4 years and we have wanted a baby
the last few years. But it's not happened.
Sometime last year I started thinking if there might be an issue with us having a baby
the "normal" way. People kept saying: "You'll have it when you least expect it".
Or: " When you stop trying it'll happen". And all the stories with other people
who had tried for years and then when they stopped the girl was pregnant a month later..
It's all good for them and it's easy for people to say these things when they have what I want
the most..
So last year we decided to see a doctor and after months of waiting and having loads of tests
they told us we needed IVF.. My world fell apart. I always thought I'd have a baby the "normal" way.
"Why is this happening to us" went through my mind. 

We got referred to one of the best IVF clinincs and then the waiting started again..
All the tests yet again. I started losing it and felt so down. A few months ago they told us
we were eligible for IVF treatment through the NHS. I felt so relived. Finallly.
We were supposed to start in December, but then I went and fractured both my arms..
But I'm hoping we can do it soon..
The chances are slim that we will be succesful when we do it.. But the Dr said I'm a good candidate..
So please keep your fingers crossed for us.. 
This is the only thing I want. It would make me the happiest person alive to be a mother.
To have someone to love and care for. Our baby would be so loved :) 

I wish upon a star.. So many times..
I'm not going to give up ♥ You will be ours one day.

Halloween horror nights x

We went to Universal Studios on my birthday (at night) as we had bought tickets to go to the
Halloween horror nights there. They have all been before, but I have not,
so I was sooo scared and did not know what to expect.
They all said it's really scary in the "houses".
They have loads of different rides that they make all freaky and scary.
We started by having loads of drinks so by the time we went in there I was sh*t faced pissed haha.
I even went up to a guy who was very scary and I poked my tongue out at him and he did it too
and it was a good thing I was pissed because he was scary!!! Hahaha.
I hope I'll be able to do it all again one day and maybe not to be as drunk ;)
Here are some pictures :D
Click on album to make it bigger.


Hope for in 2011

Things I look forward to/hope for in the new year.
* Good health for me, my family and the people I care about.
* Our 4 year anniversary :)
(Hoping to get away for a weekend, got some ideas where, but will write about it later on)
* Trips! We are hoping to go back to our beloved Vegas :) but it's unsure at the moment due
to some things we might be going through.
* Move in to the house!! And have a lot of fun making it look the way I want it haha ;)
Decorating bit I mean.

* Go see Katy Perry live at the the Apollo here in Manchester in March!!! ♥
If I can manage to get tickets. Fingers crossed!!

* See Glee live at the MEN Arena (Manchester) in June!!
It would be amazing to see them LIVE.
I'm such a Gleek :D and I love the show and I usually sing a long :$ Yup, a Gleek! Haha
* This one should be first on the list, but it's something that I am scared/excited/bit worried about..
Have a baby.. If we are successful.. I will write a blog post about it soon..
When I can figure out how to best explain it. (I'm not pregnant if anyone thinks that..)
* Have a wonderful time with family and friends and just be happy with myself, my life and what I do.

What do you want in 2011?

The water

Here is yet another song by Hurts that I love listening to at the moment.
Their lyrics are brilliant and I can relate to it all.


One of the favourite things we did when we were in Orlando was when we went to
the new Harry Potter land :D we tried to go there on a Saturday, but it was so busy
and crowded (HOT) so we decided to go back on a week day early in the morning so I could
see everything and take lots of pics :D
I'm such a Harry Potter geek ;)
Here is a little collage of the pics I manage to take. I bought a Harry Potter wand too :$
But I don't have a picture of it yet. (Yes I'm a total geek hahaha)

Click on the album if you want to see it bigger :)
I can't wait to go back! I'll probably get another wand too!
I want Dumbledores wand next ;) (OK! I want them all!

Click on the album if you want to see it bigger :)

I can't wait to go back! I'll probably get another wand too!

I want Dumbledores wand next ;) (OK I want them all!)


Random thoughts

I've been ridiculously bad at blogging this year :(
I've been looking back in my blog and last year was pretty good apart from one thing..
I had an eventful year with a lot to write about and do.
This year started badly and is now ending quite rubbish too. I only wish 2011 will be a bit better..
I did however have a wonderful time in Florida in September/October. 
It was something I will treasure forever. Still got lots more pictures to show you.
Will make an effort to put them up soon.


A beautiful song with powerful lyrics.
It hits me deep inside.

Shall I?


I've decided I won't do it..
I was thinking of going home for a week before we go away to Tenerife...
I really want to go, but the more I thought about it the more I realised that it
would be reckless of me. My arms are still healing and I still need a lot of help to
do certain things, so I decided against it :'(
Would have been nice to go back home, but it would also be difficult with 2 not so functional arms.

My wonderful, caring, loving bf Ads said something today that made me happy.
It's something mad, and crazy, but that's me so....
Not sure though as it would mean some risk for me I think with my arms being the
way they are at the moment..
But it's something I really want!!!
Have to think about it properly before I make a decision..

All I want for X-mas

I can't believe it's almost Christmas again.. This year has flown by..
It's not been a good year for us.. Started badly and it does not look like it will end well.

I just hope that next year will be better..
We aren't getting each other presents this year as we decided to go to Tenerife :)
And we were cheeky few weeks ago and bought a laptop.
Plus the house is our main priority now.
But if I was to wish for anything it would be something like this:
•My arms to be healed, so we can enjoy our holiday
(and Ads won't have to worry about me)
♥I would have loved to spend Christmas back home again like last year.
•I would have liked to make a snow angel too haha (difficult with 2 broken elbows)
•My favourite perfum, Diamonds by Giorgio Armani.
•Chocolates :P A girl can never have too much chocolate ;)
♥But most of all I wish that everyone that I love and care for will be healthy and happy.
And I wish everyone a lucky 2011.
Good times from last X-mas
♥ I wish I could do it all again ♥

Unlucky me

To keep it short as it aches to type..
I managed to fracture both of my elbows last Wednesday.
Yep, both..
I don't know how it happened. I was walking down the street and all of
a sudden I was laying on the back with a lot of pain.
A stranger came and helped me up, asked me if I needed a ride anywhere.
I was in shock and he drove me to my Dr, only saw a mean nurse who said it was all ok..
I knew better so called Ads, and we spent 4 hours at A&E, had x-rays and the Dr came with the bad news..
6 weeks off work :( I can't afford it,but got no choice.
I guess it could have been worse.
First few days I could not even go to the toilet on my own or scratch my nose.
Going back to hospital tomorrow for more X-rays, hoping he will say that I don't need
to operate. I can use my hands, but arms are stuck and I'm wearing two slings...
I don't know how I would have managed without Ads helping me with everything.

Thank you my love.

I could not even hug him on his B-day :( (Friday)

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