Knowing your worth

No one but you yourself can make you feel worthy. As if you have a purpose. Too often we look for others to make us feel good. We crave acknowledgment from our loved ones, people we work with and even from people we don't know.

Why do we do this? It feels good to know that someone likes you or thinks you're doing something well, but that feeling is almost always very brief.

What we should be doing is tell ourselves how good we are at certain things. Whether it be in work or our family life. Only when we truly believe we're good enough will we feel good.

How do we do this? That's the ultimate question. I don't know. I too often want people to acknowledge that what I do IS good, but when they don't I get upset. They don't know that I'm upset and therefore they can't make me feel better.
I know it should be enough for ME to know I've done well, but lately it's not been that easy.

I want to do something that is so difficult and could make or break me, but the way I feel right now would it be the right time?

Time is forever, but I'm not.. Do I wait or do I go for it?

Quote of the day

Saw this on facebook. It's a Swedish saying.

'You only need one lie to question the truth'...

So, so true..


I've not been listening to a lot of music lately, not sure why. Suppose it's time?
Don't have time to listen to music anymore. I normally listen to a Bosnian radio channel when I do dishes or clean the house :) As this music always makes me happy.
There are songs that I like, but they don't have any real meaning.

Then there are songs that I love, songs that tell a story.
The lyrics are so apt and hit me hard when I listen to these songs.
Here is one of them.

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