Nervous...And scared

Friday, is the day...

We start the IVF then. Well I got an appointment where they will show me how to
inject myself :S I am terrified of needles.. Knowing I will have to inject
myself every day for God knows how long is freaking me out.

But I know it's for a good cause. It is what I want more than anything in the entire
world. Becoming a mother one day, if everything works out well for us.
It's not a guarantee, but I won't give up.

I will be blogging about this the whole way, more for me than anyone else.
Because I know it won't be easy when I go all crazy and hormonal when I start on the
hormones.. Might help me to keep my sanity somehow :)

Friday.. 4 days to go. Counting? Me?? Noooot at all...

*Trembles when thinking of the needles..*

But I will do it, so I can have a chance to have my own little baby.
If only a slight chance. It would be worth it all.

I love baby feet, they are so cute!! ♥

Talking to the moon

I've only recently discovered Bruno Mars. How? Or why? has it taken me so long?
Well I don't get a chance to listen to the radio anymore as I work in an office where
there is no music.. And I don't have TV so no music channels etc.
It's a bit sad really, because I miss out on loads of new music.

But since we've been in the house more often doing some painting and
I've had the radio on there :) They play Bruno Mars on there a lot.
Especially the "Grenade" song.
Which is ok, but it is not my favourite on his album "Doo- Wops and Hooligans".

I really like "Talking to the moon", "Count on Me" and "Liquore Store Blues feat Damian Marley".
But the rest of the album is well written and well performed too :)
It's a bit different and it reminds me a bit of Jason Mraz, but not as whacky as him :P
He has a really good voice.

Check it out!

Race for Life 2011

I am doing it again!!! :) I am so excited about this.
Last year we did the 5k Race for Life here in Manchester and with your
help we raised £289!! Thank you once more ♥ This year I'm hoping we can raise
£300. Should be possible right? :D

Here is the website if you feel generous and want to help me with a good cause.
Any donation is welcome. Even a pound! I will do my best again in the race to make you
all proud of me.

Click link below:

Pics from last year.

And I will be running for Diane again this year, but also for others that we have lost
to this evil disease. But also for the survivors!!

We miss you every day D. Love you always.
Will make you proud! ♥

Thank you for all your support.


Nedostajes mi...

I Miss you.
Jag saknar dig.
Ich vermisse dich....
Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian/Albanian flags :p
I've spent the last few hours listening to music from former Yugoslavia aka
Balkan music.. I Love it so much.
(Ads doesn't.. Haha, he thinks it's gypsy/bollywood music) 

I used to go out every other weekend and dance/sing to this type of music when
I lived back home.. There are no places like that here in England. 
I miss it a lot.. And when I do, I put my music on LOUD and just sing as loud as I can :P
(Pics from Google images)

Paris to Barcelona to Salou?

Just something we are thinking of maybe doing in August.
Depending on what our situation is like. 

Found cheap tickets to Paris and from there to Barcelona.
Found a beautiful hotel in Barcelona for a great price. 
We would stay there couple of nights before heading to Salou.
A lot of Ads' family will be there for 2 weeks. His uncle is celebrating his
50th b-day whilst over there, so we might go for a week.
We shall see how things pan out.
Would be fun though. Always wanted to go Paris and Barcelona.
Salou? Never heard of it before, but I do know there is a beach :P
(All pics from Google)

Tenerife - New Year 2011!

So we spent New Years Eve in Tenerife :) There was 24 of us all together.
Mad night to say the least ;)

The pics will do the talking!

My fabulous dress :P I could barely breathe in it.. The things we do to
look fab.. Haha. God I love to be tanned!!! It suits me soooo good ;)

Princess Belle :)

She makes me look black haha love it! ;)

They brought out party bags haha and everyone started acting out :p
I look like Zorro gone vampire clown :D

Ernesto! :)

Ads trying his hardest haha

He managed 3 here!!

Statue of Liberty vibe :P

Happy New Year 2011!!
There were loads more fireworks, I caught this at the end.
Was too busy wishing everyone a Happy New Year and dancing of course :P

Long Island Ice Tea. Yummy!

The day after New Years Eve the lads went to watch United play football at
the United bar. No women allowed haha. So I walked around a little town
next to the one we stayed in.

Borrowed Beckys hat.

Miss being able to wear almost nothing at all!!

And when most of the guys went to the water park I stayed back as
I don't like water slides at all. But I did do something I've wanted to
try for a while :)

You wonder what this is?

Fish SPA! It's like a foot massage :) I'm not ticklish so it was very
relaxing for me. Doubt a ticklish person could stand it tho :P

Our favourite Italian restaurant. (We ate there 3 nights!)
They make the best Calzone! The proper way.

Look at her face haha. She is soooo cheeky!!

Our last day me, Ads and his mum and dad went on an excursion.
I wish we had done it a day before, as I really wanted to relax our last day.
But it was a great experience. I learnt so much about Tenerife and the
Canary Islands. We went to Mount Teide which is a dormant volcano.
Next time we go to Tenerife I want to go to the top!! :D

Here are some pics

That's Teide in the background, it was supposed to be freezing up there
at times, but we were lucky :)

I love climbing rocks haha


Its skin was really weird.

Garachico, a small town that I fell in love with :)

Our last night. We had a delicious Indian banquet for 2.

I can't wait till we go back. Tenerife was amazing :)

Tenerife X-mas & New Year 2010/2011

So we went there on Christmas Day. The night before we had Ads'
uncle and our friend Ernie over for drinks and some snacks :)
We all got pretty merry ;) And then we started singing on my singstar.
I absolutely ♥ Singstar!! Only when I'm drunk and at home haha.
That was fun :)

But we had to wake up at 5 am next morning to go to the airport.
Ernie called us at 4.15 am asking if we're awake (he was going with us) haha.
I was awake at 4am :o Think I was too giddy/nervous..

We took our car and got to Manchester airport for 6am. It was like -12 degrees
when we left.. We had the free lounge, but I was too hungover from the night
before to drink too much Haha ;) Had a glass of rose.. Was Christmas morning after all!!
We were the loudest in there.. You'd think it was a funeral..
So I put Shakin Stevens on my iPhone and played "Merry Christmas Everyone"!
Haha, that woke them up :P

We flew with Thomsons... And the seats were too small, not enough leg room for me or
Ads. We are both quite tall.. And we did not sit next to each other!! For 4hrs.. Not happy.

But when we got out of the plane and I felt the hot, warm air outside I was smiling
and I realised that "THIS is LIFE!". What a completely weird experience to be in a hot
country when it should be freezing. As soon as we got to our room I put my bikini on and
forced Ads to walk to the beach with me haha. And then we had to get ready for X-mas dinner..
I am happy I had steak... The rest of them had the "English X-mas dinner"...
They weren't too pleased. But in the end we all had a fab day/night :)

Here are some pics! Might do another blog post as this one is massive :$

First day :)

"Christmas dinner".

Me and Will :)

The lil rascal! Janae :) ♥ She said I gave her beer! I did NOT! Haha.
Next morning she came to me and said "Remember last night when we
were drunk!" Hahaha, she is so cheeky!!

My future mother and father in law :) ♥

We won a music Quiz and this was our prize haha

I felt very pretty this night :)

I thought this was hillarious :P

They're so cute and adorable!! :P

We played card bingo.. But we didn't win. Close though!

Ads failing to raise one eyebrow :P hahaha

But I show him how it's done :P

Caught the 2011!! It kept flashing and most pictures only show "20" haha.

Tomorrow I'll post more pics, the New Years Eve ones :D and many more.
God I want to go back when I look at these pics :$

2010 wrapped up Part 3

So to the last 4 months of the year.
September which is usually the month I hate the most..
But this time it wasn't! It was a great month :) Why?
Had some lovely nights out with loved ones and good friends.
I discovered Hurts. A wonderful band and I love their music now :)
If you don't have the latest album "Wonderful Life", then get it!!
But the best part of September was when we went to Orlando, Florida!
Had the best time ever :D 

Some of many wonderful pictures/memories :)


Was still in Orlando the first week and after that I just felt a bit down and wanted to go back.

I fell in Love with Katy Perrys song "Peacock" and could not stop playing it!
Constantly :)


Had a few more lovely nights out :)
I love you ♥
And we went back to Sweden for a few days.
I wish we could have stayed longer. That is something I'm hoping for this
year. To go back more often and stay longer!


First day of this month I fall and fracture both elbows.. :(
Worst thing that could have happened to me. 
I was signed off work for 6 weeks... 

I could not move, sleep or do anything on my own for a few weeks.
First few days Ads had to take time off work to help me eat and other
things I rather not mention here. I don't know what I would have done
without him. I love him forever and I will always be grateful for all that
he has done for me ♥
The bruises frw weeks after the fall. Had them on both elbows
and they have only now disappeared...
I spent weeks on the sofa just trying to be as still as I could.
Went to physio therapy and I did the exercises they told me to do..
It was painful, but I had to if I wanted my arms to go back to normal.
But I also had a wonderful week in December. When we finally got to go
to Tenerife. I did not think I would like it there, I wasn't even excited about it
at first.. I felt a bit bad about it.
But as soon as we got off the plane I was swept away by the scenery and most of
all the weather!! 
I had an amazing 10 days there and I will post a blog about it tomorrow, with lots of pics!

All in all this year has been a mixture of bad and good,
but with quite a few precious moments that I will cherish forever.

Hope you had a great year and I hope this new one will be an even better one!!
Here is a sneak peak from Tenerife ;)


I don't want to be here!!! I want to go back to Tenerife!!
Didn't have any wifi at the place we stayed in so did not blog..
Will update later today!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy new Year!!!!

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