Can't believe I'm writing again

So it's been over 3 years since I last blogged.
I can't really say why I stopped, think I lost the "want".. It's hard for me to put this feeling into words.
I used to feel I had to write, this need to write, pretty much everyday, but when I changed jobs back in 2010 that was made quite difficult as I couldn't blog whilst in work and when I came home I was just too tired.
Life took over (boring)..
Okay quick re cap of what's happened to me the last 3 years..
I'm a mum!!!
It finally became true, our hope turned in to a miracle.
Our baby girl Adriana was born 09/12/2013. I will post more about this another day.
It will take some time to try and put those feelings down in writing.
All I can say for now is that she is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me.
I was blessed with the most beautiful little girl and she's making me a better person each day I wake up next to her.
Nothing else in the world matters more than her. I don't want for anything else. She completed my empty shell and I am now full of love and hope for the future.
Since I last blogged I've also said good bye to my late nana who sadly passed away last year in cancer..
We said good bye to my other half's uncle Dennis 2 years ago, also cancer.. Life is unfair, cancer is unfair..
We miss you and love you forever.
I've changed jobs, had to make a hard decision for the sake of my daughter. Will see where this career will take me.
Hope whoever still reads this blog is doing well and I shall do my best to keep it up.

A pic from our trip to Turkey in May. This is my little cheeky monkey <3

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