when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise.
It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but it does pass.
Even for me.

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

A chapter out of the book I'm currently reading. I can relate to it.


I really like this dress from Topshop. Going to try it on tomorrow.


I'd love this one to keep me warm in the cold weather.

This one would be nice to wear in the office with some nice trousers or a skirt.
And this one is pretty :)
All of them are from Forever21  , fingers crossed that they will still be in store when I'm in the big big country over there.

The Pink Panther

Last night we watched it. The one that was made in 2006. I love the original movies, so I was not sure if I would like this one. But it was quite funny at times. Made me laugh :D Steve Martin is funny, and Jean Reno was good in his role. Other actors were Beyonce Knowles (yep) Kevin Kline, Emily Mortimer and many more. Oh Jason Statham had a small role in the beginning, but he did not say a word :( Oh well. I recommend this movie.
  Hahaha he is mad.
Oh the sequal to this movie is coming out next year. Looking forward to that.

Spent a  few hours reading my lovely book yesterday. And I did not get to sleep til late because I could not put it down. :p
I've almost finished reading the first book. Can't wait to start on the second one.


Love having sundays off. I used to work almost every sunday when I was working in retail. Now that I'm back in an office I can enjoy lazy sundays. Woke up around 9.30 this morning. I went out after all. Was not in the mood at first, but thought I'd probably be bored if I stayed in and I might have ended up watching Mamma Mia again haha.

It was okey at the party. Had quite alot of roseee (yum). And I got quite tipsy haha.

 Ads & Me
 Simon,Ads & Me
 rubbish picture, but I wanted a picture of the back of the dress I was wearing. Love this dress :)

Went around town for a bit today. The weather was horrible though :/ My umbrella broke in half and flew away. Was so funny :D Walked around the Christmas market, but it was too busy. I'm going back on Tuesday, saw a few nice things I might get.
Bought 2 new books :D "New moon" & "Eclipse" by Stephenie Meyer, both are a part of the Twilight series :D Can't wait to read them all. There are 2 more books after them. I'll buy them when I'm in Vegas :P 



Mamma Mia, Books & Painting

Last night I watched Mamma Mia ♥ again, and had some wine. It was as good as the first time I saw it at the cinema.
The music is so beautiful and the actors were amazing. Apart from one thing. Pierce Brosnan's singing hahaha. Bless him for trying at least.

And then I started reading my new book. I got Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. The movie is out at the cinema, but I prefer reading the book before I watch the movie. So much better.

The other day I finished another book. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, yes I know it's been out forever. I have already read The DaVinci Code and loved it. Plus the movie "Angels& Demons" is coming out next year. Can't wait. I liked the book, was interesting and mysterious. Just what I like!

Today I woke up,had some cappuccino and then I put Mamma Mia on again and started painting the hallway haha. Yes I watched it twice in less than 24 hours. It's one of those movies you can watch over and over again.

We are supposed to be going out tonight, I'm not sure if I'm up for it, but if I do I'll wear one of my new dresses and my new shoes. Still waiting for my loveli camera... So I have not been taking any pictures lately.

Miss Scrooge

That is me. I don't like Christmas, I can almost say that I hate it. I have for years now. Why?? Well first of all, I don't like christmas shopping, the fact that you feel like you HAVE to buy things to everyone. If I want to buy someone something, I will. No matter what date or day it is. People have forgotten what Christmas is all about. We stopped "celebrating" it when I was about 15. Up til last year I have always spent Christmas at my dad's. Because his wife is catholic and Christmas means alot to her. So we go there for a nice dinner and "Kalle Ankas Jul" which is a program that has been going on swedish television for years and years. It is a tradition to watch it with family and friends on Christmas Eve.  
Since my sister was born I have enjoyed buying HER gifts. But I buy her things all the time :) Because I adore her ♥
It makes me so happy when I see her open all the gifts and then throw them away haha. Because it's not what is in the wrapper that is exciting for her. She just loves opening them :p Bless her.  

I don't expect any gifts or cards from anyone. I wish we could just spend the day with our loved ones and think about how blessed we are compared to other people. People that have no one to share the "holidays" with. It makes me sad to think about them. And I wish there was a way for me to give something to these people. So I have decided to donate some money to a charity of some kind. I am not quite sure which one. But I will feel happier doing that then throw my money on silly gifts. When the best gift of them all is to be with your loved ones.

Okey here comes the contradicting part of me ( haha it is never white or black with me. It is always a shade of grey!)

Last year I spent Christmas on my own. (Long story) I bought a small black X-mas tree. It was quite adorable. With silver baubles and tinsel. I am kinda looking forward to putting it in the livingroom this year too. I don't mind X-mas decorations. And I do love walking around the X-mas market's here in Manchester. So I guess I don't hate everything about it.

One thing I'm happy about is that we will be spending the week before X-mas in Las Vegas. 


I like these paintings, they are from Choice. Simple,but beautiful.

Urban Outfitters goodies

I have just spent some time looking at their website and I've found so many nice things that I think I'm going to get for the flat. I can't wait.
These are so awesome! They will be mine!
   So pretty Nice lantern
Monkey door hangers. So cute.

I love candles

and I don't think you can have enough of them. It's so cosey when u light candles at night. Especially at winter when it gets dark way too early. These ones are quite pretty. All 3 are  from Amazon.
This one is different but funny and it's from bluebox.se

Decorating part 2

I keep looking at things to decorate the flat with. And here are some nice things from NEXT that I would like to have.
I'm going to spend the weekend painting the hallway and maybe see if we can start with the bedroom soon.  

   I like this curtain.   This would be so nice in my livingroom.

  I want a clock and this one is pretty funky.     Cool mirror


Hmm need to keep myself occupied, to keep my mind off things.. So I'm looking for things to decorate the new lovely livingroom with. I found a nice mirror on Ikeas website that might be nice.

oh and this frame would look great with the wallpaper we got with a picture of my mamma ♥

not the best picture (silly iphone) but this is the wallpaper. It's only on one wall. rest of the walls are painted white.
Need a new sofa, coffee table.. Hmm a few bits! Oh and the TV is going on the wall eventually..

My loveli :D

Tears,painting and chaos

That's how I would sum up my weekend. Not going to get into details. Not just yet.. But I have had better days..
My life is upside down at the moment, and I'm not sure what will happen from here..

The one thing that got my mind off things was the decorating we have started. We are painting the livingroom. And putting wallpaper on one wall. Can't wait til it's all done.

Wish I was far away. Wish I could have a brain surgery, to forget.. To start over.. Somehow? Maybe one day... Maybe...
It is all my fault. Not blaming anyone but me. Time to say goodbye to that part of my life. The evil and darkness. Not looking back.


Tee time

Loved power rangers when i was a kid :p
Smurfs!! haha :D I want one with Gargamel

Both from Forever21

When it rains

Which it does a lot here in grey Manchester. I would not mind a pair of these :p Might just order them. I don't know why, but I like wearing things that are different from the ordinary. Especially when it comes to shoes.
 yes pink :p but the black ones are nice too. Hmmm, get both?

Max Payne, the movie

We watched Max Payne last night. I liked it. Was pretty cool, and the effects were awesome at times. If you have played the game you will know a bit more about it. Good movie with lots of action :) and some good actors in it as well. Mark Wahlberg is Max Payne, the new Bond girl has a role in it, Chris O'Donell, Ludacris! (haha) and a few more.
Recommend you to watch it.

Bad dream,was true

Okey, weirdest thing happened this morning. I was dreaming that I was late for work and then I get woken up by Ads.
He is holding his new lovely Iphone and he says "You don't want to know what time it is". I panic. It is 09.55 am and I start working at 10.00 am... The bloody alarm had not gone off. I had to jump out of bed and get dressed,brush my teeth and go to the bus in 5 mins. I was 25 mins late.
Oh well... Just feels like I have started the day in the worst possible way. Just hoping that the rest of the day will be better..

Going to watch Saw V tonight!! Can't wait.


Lots of pretty things in . I would not say no to one of these ;)

  I think I'm going to get this one. Perfect for a night out ;) 

  New years eve dress?

  Or this? Decisions,decisions :p

Lady luck

 Finally. Some luck for me! This year I have broken my lovely camera (2nd camera I break in less than a year..) and my phone.. I had loads of issues with the insurance company for my phone,but they finally sent it to me! (without a battery.... ) but I'm so happy to have it back! :D
My loveli ♥

We sent my camera back to Hong Kong (bought it on Ebay) and I was scared they would tell me that they could not fix it.. But we got an e-mail this morning and it's fixed!!! :D I will have my lovely camera soon! I can't wait!
My beauty ♥ Yes I love pink things :p

Mamma 50-år

Last Saturday my mum was celebrating her 50th birthday. We almost did not go,but I am so happy we made it!
She was very surprised that we came, and happy :D
Here are a few pictures. 

 My mum & I ♥
 Me,mamma,Miro my brother
 We had a few too many rum & coke's haha

 me,gran and my auntie   Adelina, so cute!
 Cousins :)
 Kusin Vitamin :p  Adis  hahaha
 Mums friend is reading my card out loud. It says we are buying her a ticket to come see us here in Manchester. Let's say this, there was a lot of tears..! :)   Mum loves angels
   I am pretty drunk by now
  Two old friends :)   
 Thank you for making it possible ♥

Butterflies <3


You make me feel like I'm free falling. I love this feeling ♥

Dream catch me when I fall

Aaaaaaaah I feel much better today. I am filled with happiness and love

Can't stop smiling. Love this feeling.

Did not put any pictures up last night because I came home too late and then I got stuck watching "I robot".
Good movie with Will Smith :) I will try and sort everything out tonight.
I love these two "Pon and Zi"



Bit low

I've not been online since friday afternoon. Spent the weekend back home in Sweden. It was awesome.
I did not want to go back to Manchester yesterday :( I miss Sweden more and more. Well mostly my family...
Will update some more later on today. Got loads of pictures from my mums b-day party on saturday.
And I need to take pictures of all the stuff i bought ;) hehe. 



My sister is 7 years old and the cutest kid in the world ♥ She loves the Bratz dolls for some reason.
When I was her age I loved Barbie and I had more than I could count haha. I bought her the first Barbie  But I don't think she likes her as much as the Bratz. Which she has at least 25 of. I counted them last time we went there (September) And I always buy her one when I go back to Sweden. Adding to the already HUGE collection. I can't help it.... I have done it again now :p I bought 2! Bratz dolls.. They were sooo nice and the price was shockingly good :D Will take some pictures of her with them when I'm there.
But here is a sneak peak
You get loads more with it. Drums and other things :p The other one is Yasmine as a baby and her mum.
What do you think of Bratz? I personally don't like them too much. They are too "grown up" for my liking. Some of them are pretty. But I prefer the old fashioned Barbie hehe

Need a new book..

I finished my book last night. The one I had bought the day before. "A good woman" by Danielle Steel.
It was a really good book and I could not put it down, hence why it only took me a few  hours to read it :p
Now I have to get a new book at the airport later today. Hope I find one I like.

A quote from the book that I think is very true.
" You have to be greatful for what you have, for as long as you have it. Fate is unpredictable, and sometimes we don't know how blessed we are until things change"

I strongly recommend this book.

Sverige, Sverige!! :D

Tomorrow I'm going in to work early. Finish at 4pm. We get picked up at 4.30 and our flight is at around 8pm english time. We are flying from Liverpool with Ryanair. Will take us about 2 hours and then we are back hooooome :D God, I get all giddy when I think about it ♥ Yes I still call Sweden home. Manchester is growing on me,but I think it will take me a few
more years til I feel like it is MY home.
Can't wait to eat mum's home made food and birthday cake! Hmm prinsesstarta is what I'm hoping for. For you english people this is it   haha fingers crossed!!

Ooooh I found pictures of my skirt on Topshop's website!
Bought this skirt yesterday, can't wait to wear it on a night out! 
       Front :p         Back :D

Bonfire night

It's bonfire night over here in England. I had no idea what this was til I moved to England.
I missed it last year because I was back in Sweden for a week. But I'm here now :p

But what is Bonfire night or Guy Fawkes? Night (the real name for it )
Well I copied this from google and it might answer some questions about it :)
It is an annual celebration on the evening of the 5th of November. It celebrates the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot of the 5th of November, 1605 in which a number of Catholic conspirators, including Guy Fawkes, were alleged to be attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London, England. On this day people light bonfires and fireworks! It's been
banging all day and night. And Ads was nice enough to get me some sparklers (tomtebloss!! haha) I felt like a kid again.

It made my day :p

 I was enjoying myself too much!


Shoes, shoes, shoooooooes!!

God, here I go AGAIN!

Im crazy about the Shoes! Here are some lovelies from
    Hotness                           Just too sexy
I want these! But I'm getting another pair from River Island.

I want it!

This dress would be perfect for a night out in Vegas. Going dancing! With super high heels. HOT.
Gonna go try it on tomorrow.

Early bird

I woke up early today, sat down for half an hour while I watched Obama's speech.
Then I walked into town. I got a new book :D
 It's by Danielle Steel and it's called "A good woman".
"From the glittering ballrooms of Manhattan to the fires of World War I, Danielle Steel takes us on an unforgettable journey in her new novel-a spellbinding tale of war, loss, history, and one woman's unbreakable spirit.... "
                             Can't wait to read it.

I usually read criminal books about forensics and anthropologists. But it is nice to read a novel from time to time.
To curl up in bed with a love story that makes you forget about the real life, and you can get lost in a fictional world where
hope and love lives.

I also bought the skirt from Topshop which i regret not buying on saturday! I'm happy i got it :p

But now I regret something else.. Tried on a pair of shoes.. (Don't tell Ads!) But I did not get them :/ Grrr I really have to

start buying things I see and like. Fingers crossed that they are still there tomorrow..


What happened? I thought it was tuesday today haha. Aaaanyways :p Happy it's wednesday.
I love wednesdays, means it's almost weekend and that means fun, fun, FUN! :)

This wednesday will be remembered forever. In the history books. The day the first black president was elected.
President Obama. I saw his speech this morning and it made me cry. Ha, big baby I know. But it was very powerful.
Gave hope... To me at least. Hope that maybe there will be changes. We will have to wait and see.. Hope.. That he will take the soldiers out of Iraq. To do some good in the world. Maybe? 



Jag skriver pa svenska denna gangen. Jag ar med i en utlottnig av en grymt fin design.
Tavla NI med!!

Gina Tricot

I like this shop. I know a lot of people in Sweden shop there. 
And it is quite boring to wear the same clothes as everyone else.
But seeing as I now live in Manchester, I can be assured no one else will have them :D
Been looking at a few things on the website.
And these are some of the things I will definitely try on this weekend! :p
I adore this dress ♥
This is quite nice, I love purpleJust like this tee
Not sure about this one, but will try it on :)

Woke up on the wrong side

Feels like I should have stayed in bed today. Started off with panicing about my passport.
I could not find it anywhere. I was going crazy and Ads told me not to panic. (YEAH right! )
But it's true what they say when u panic you make it worse...
Got to work and was all upset. We are going to Sweden on friday. Thinking how will I get a new
passport in 3 days?! No chance.
So Ads told me we would go back to the flat to look for it.. He had one look behind the fridge...
And what did he find if not my passport!! (WOOPS) Im such a fool! Must have knocked it behind there
in my search for it...
 that's how I feel today

My tattoo

So I have finally decided I will get a tattoo done. I have wanted one for years. But I have been too scared :p
My friend M drew it for me :) I cant wait to have it done. Have not decided where it's going,but got an idea :p
here is a picture of it. 

The weekend is over

My weekend was quite fun :)
Went out on friday with the girls from my old job and their partners plus some friends of theirs.
I did not dress up, but it did not matter really. Plenty of good costumes out there by others :p
one guy was "Joker" in the nurses uniform. It was brilliant.
Me and Ads started the night with Pizza express (Yummy) and then a big pitcher of Vodka Chambulls
(haha don't ask :p okey if u wanna know it is lots of Absolut vodka,redbull and sparkling wine)
All mixed in a huge pitcher :P
That got us a bit tipsy.
Did not come home too late which was appreciated on saturday morning when i had to get up at 9 am for work.
Saturday was very relaxing. Did nothing :p well we did watch the United game
(4-3 outrageous)
and Ads bought an Iphone ( I am sooo jealous! And I'm showing it haha )
Yesterday was spent in town, shopping! :D I got a few things. I regret not buying a skirt from Topshop.
But will go back and get it ;)
Pictures from friday


Live through this and you wont look back

I love this song. Reminds me of a friend. I hope you are happy now. Wherever you may be ♥

"When there is nothing left to burn,you have to set yourself on fire"

Stars- Your ex-lover is dead


A few weeks back when I was applying for a new job, I applied for a
translator job. Seeing as I speak a few languages and I would love to
work with my own language now that I live in England and barely speak Swedish anymore.
I did not think I had a chance to get it though. Because I did not think I had enough qualifications. But then I got an e-mail from them yesterday saying they want to offer me a
job as a freelance translator :D I am quite excited.
People keep telling me I should be working with my languages and use my intelligence.
(haha yes I am bragging  :o I don't usually do that! )
So fingers crossed for me that I can start doing this soon! :D

Very bored

It is not fun to be stuck in an office on a saturday.
So I googled bored and found a site called very-bored ha ha.
Found something I thought was quite cute.
I looove cappuccino. I have at least 2 a day.
I wish my cappuccino's were as nice as these :p

                      Scary! :p

Bond, James Bond

Woooo,we are going to watch Quantum of Solace!
I am soooo excited. I love the Bond movies.
And I am a big fan of Daniel Craig ♥
I cant wait to go to the cinema and have sweet popcorn.
Yes sweet as in sugar popcorn. Before I came to England I had not heard of that.
In Sweden we got salty and butter popcorn. But NOT sweet :/
I was not sure if I would like it, but it is quite nice! :D
Oh and i have a craving for candy! Miss Swedish "lordags godis".
Aaaaah I know what else I'm getting next weekend ;)
Just one week til im back in Sweeeden :D ♥

Oh some silly information.
Last year me and some friends went to watch Casino Royale at the cinema and it started at 00.07 haha
I thought it was quite funny :p
But I was pretty tired when I came home :)

Changing the page

No more looking back.
I'm not going down that road again.
I know it will end up the same way.
I am finally done with the pain.
Some things (people) never change.
Like a bad illness you have been,
eating me up alive.
It is time,
letting go.
I'm setting myself free.

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