I really like Pink as an artist. ( Wish I knew her in person :p I bet she is a crazy/wacky soul. Just my type haha )
I've always loved her music, usually I can relate to what she sings. The last song "Sober" is another one that I really relate to. (No im not an alcoholic... )

" When it's good, then it's good. It's so good 'till it goes bad.
'Till you're trying to find the you that you once had.
I have heard myself cry
never again.
Broken down in agony, just trying to find a friend "

Her lyrics are so deep and meaningful and they hit me hard.

She is so beautiful


What I want

I don't ask for a lot. I am quite easy to please. I don't want extravagant things in life
(But I would not say no to a pair of Jimmy Choo's haha :p it's a woman's prerogative haha)
What I want in life is more feel good things, like love ♥ and happiness. Health. Not wealth.
Yes money can make your life easier, but also more complicated.
I want to share my life with someone who loves me for me and not for what I got. (not much)

But how do I know what I want? Things change in life and so do your wishes and dreams for yourself.
I do know I want to be happy with myself, having a nice life and maybe enjoy my job haha.

At the moment I'm not very happy about myself. I feel very lazy and I don't do anything about it. I've told myself that I
need to start working out a bit, because I feel a bit down at the moment about myself. (Gained a few kg's since I started
working in an office again) . I've never been super slim, (well not since I was a teenager haha). I am the type of person that puts on weight easy but also loose it easy IF I stop eating/drinking unhealthy (but oh so lovely) things.

Nice life? Hmm that one is trickier. I want a nice place to live in. I am not happy with the current living situation, even though it means we can save money and go on nice trips all over the world. And that is what I want to do and I love it.
But I want my own place, where I can feel relaxed and enjoy being in. At the moment I am hating the flat we are in. Makes me sad and depressed sometimes.

Job? Oh lord.. I have not had a job I've enjoyed since I moved to England :/ Sad but true...
I loved my old job at 3 back home.. Would love to have a job like that here.. But I don't think I will find it.. Not here in Manhester. I want to work with swedish talking jobs, but they are all somewhere else. NOT around here. The dream would be to move to London and get a job there.. But things are not that simple.. (grrrr)
 Been thinking of going to college and do a german course. Brush up on it and maybe find a job speaking german! :D would be fun and rewarding.. 

My life is not all doom and gloom though.
I have people around me that love and care about me. That make me smile and feel giddy :)
I know what I want, and I also know that only I can make it happen.
And I will.. Need some motivation!


Shoes, shoes and more shoes

I am longing for the spring and summer. It's not too long now :p
I can't wait till it's warm enough to put the boots and Ugg's in the wardrobe for a few months.
And be able to put the sandals on! :D
I've found some lovely ones on New Look's website, can't wait to go try them on.
The hard thing will be to choose 1 pair haha.

I like these because of the studs. But I'm hoping to get a darker colour.
These are quite nice. Would go great with a pair of jeans or a skirt.
I looove patent, and these are just gorgeous. Altho I'm not quite sure about the heels :/
Perfect for walking to and from the beach :P these are probably
These ones will be great for any season of the year.
I like these because they are a nice grey and suede.

And then I had a quick look at Miss Selfridge's website.. And I found 2 dresses that I absolutely adore.
I'm buying this one as soon as we get paid :)
This one is nice and casual.

I want it

River Island has done it again. They have some lovely new things in store. I don't usually shop there (I wonder why? haha ) But this spring I might have to :p found some bits I would fancy in my wardrobe.

 I have gone from never having a dress at all in my wardrobe to buying quite a few the last year. And I think I want this one. Need to try it on first. It's casual but cool :) 

 I'm not sure if I could pull this one off, but I will try it out. Like the pink colour, would look great in summer with a nice tan ;) 
This shirt dress would look great with tanned legs and some wedges.

2 party dresses. Bold colours are very trendy this spring. I got a red dress already, but this one is strapless and looks more fabulous :p The lime green one (or is it a kind of yellow?) is pretty too. Grecian chique.

3 Basic's I'd like in my wardrobe this spring/summer. i just love cardigans at the moment. And the grey top would look great with skinny jeans or a skirt.


At work, quite bored.
Don't like working the late shift :/ but what can I do.
I usually have magazines to read, but they don't last very long.
So I read other bloggs. Which is fun as long as they get updated.
Sometimes I check internet shops. I love to find different and quirky shops,
that have nice and unusual things.
Found one today called CX London and I found a few things I would like to get for myself :p

This tee is quite cool :)

 This is a purse that look like mens boxers haha :D soo cute!

 cool necklace

The Spirit

Went to the movies friday night, we watched The Spirit. A very good movie if you like the unusual movies :p
Which I do! It was filled with good actors like Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johansson. And of course Samuel L Jackson who I love to watch. He can play anyone and make it AWESOME.
"Down these mean streets a man must come. A hero born, murdered, and born again" (The Spirit)


Gabriel Macht played The spirit. Not heard of him before, but he was pretty good. I would have liked to see Clive Owen in this role, but oh well :p

Samuel L Jackson was awesome in his role as "the octopus" hehe.
I recommend this movie if you liked movies like Kill Bill or Sin City. A bit different ;)

Movie time

Few nights ago we watched Defiance, a really good movie with Daniel Craig ♥
Based upon a true story, set in the 2nd world war in Belarussia. It's about 3 brothers that fight against the
nazi's and how they and many more try to survive hiding in the forest. Very sad at times, but it makes you
cherish your life and the small things in life that make you happy. I recommend this film.


Tonight we are going for a nice dinner :D and movies afterwards. Going to watch The Spirit.
I hope it's good, because it's the maker of Sin City and 300! that has made this one. :D


Yes I'm very behind with everything on here. Have not posted the rest of our Vegas trip yet, nor have I shown
any of the lovely things I bought on our trip :/
So I thought I should post some of it now.


I bought this lovely kit by MAC at Manchester airport while we were waiting for our (very delayed) flight. The red colour
is very pretty on :)
I also wanted to buy the lovely little box with 6 gorgeous eyeshadows,but Ad's said no haha :p
When we went into Macy's in one of the malls in Vegas I saw it again and it was reduced quite a lot so I
got it! Here it is :P I absolutely love it! Also MAC ♥ ( I now know why Princess Char loves this brand haha)

And then when we went to our favourite mall (we went there 3 times.. haha ) maybe it's just MY favourite mall.
Poor Ad's.. :p
Anyways! I found this Guess bag and I love it to bits. It's soooo ME and it goes so well with the red jacket I got from Mum!♥

and the matching purse :p

When I get round to it (hopefully this weekend) I will take some pics of the clothes I bought :D


I love this store. Wish there was one in Manchester.. But nope! Oh well, I always visit it when I'm back home.
Found a few nice things on their website today. If they are still in the shop when we go back I might buy some of it :p

This bathroom mat is so cool! haha, not sure what Ad would say  :P

I love nice BIG cups, for my tea or cappuccino in the morning. This one is pretty funky :p
No, I'm not a drama queen ^^

This one is pretty

All from lagerhaus

Oh my shoes!

Just found these buties online. And I absolutely adore them. BUT I think they might be a bit too high :/
Don't think I'd be able to walk in them. Haha

They are from Dune and they have them in black too. Used to be £85,but now they are £30 :) I am very tempted.

You can't go wrong. with this matching clutch.

Viva Las Vegas part 3

We were usually up very early most days. Had a nice bath/shower before breakfast that usually
contained pancakes for me :p with lots of syrup and erm.. butter!?? Bloody americans got me into their
bad habits :p Oh and a starbuck cappuccino of course! Ad's usually had a huge meal for breakfast and a latte :p

We ended up going to almost all the Casino's that we thought were worth going to. And inbetween that we also got a lot of shopping done. Even though the rate for the dollar is very low at the moment we still found a lot of bargains! I will show you what we got when I get around to taking some pictures :p

They have a lot of nice malls there, like the Miracle Mile shops in Planet Hollywood with loads and loads of nice shops.
Ad's loved a shop called Metropark and my favourite Victorias Secret ;)

The forum shops at Ceasar's Palace was AMAZING. It was HUGE and had all the big brands and the ones I can only dream of ;) I found a pair of Jimmy Choo's for $200!!!! BUT... they were a size too small :'( one day I will have a pair :p
They also had a Planet Hollywood restaurant here where we had dinner one night, the food was delicious and they had lots of cool stuff on the walls from all the big movies we all love. Was pretty awesome :)

Okey back to the pictures :p 

The strip at night

 Cheesecake Factory, has the best Cheescakes in the world :D Ad's had one with lovely strawberries and I went for a white chocolate one with raspberry truffle. yummy!!

 Me in one of my new tops from Forever21

This is in Bellagio, where they had amazing Christmas decorations

  It looks like a toy, but it was BIG!
  Bellagio is so lovely


♥ I am longing for summer. It's not long now :p Only about 5 months left. Time flies. And I'm really looking forward
to this summer. Because if everything works out for us, we will be going back to Las Vegas ♥ but also go to Los Angeles! I am really excited. Ad's is constantly looking at flights :p and he has found some really cheap ones. 1 week in LA and 1 week in LV. It will be amazing! *fingers crossed*

Can't wait to see it with my own two eyes :p

Going to Long Beach one day (or two if i can get my way :p hehe. I love sunbathing! )

Always been a dream of mine to see Beverly Hills

And definitely going to Disney land!! :D


This month I got a shopping ban :p I spent more than enough in Vegas. So I can't buy anything else.
But this dress is so lovely! and I would look so nice in it this summer when we hopefully go back to USA :D
I'm going to try and get Ad's to agree with me haha :p Will have to wait til end of the month though. Fingers crossed that it wont be sold out by then!


Lil' something

 cute dress from


Monday morning..
I'm dead tired but that's nothing un usual.
I've tried to post Viva Las Vegas Part 3 since Friday, but it kept messing up and I lost my patience with it.
So I will TRY and sort it out later tonight.

This is where I want to be now ♥

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