Summer, bloody summer

July has been a gloomy month here in Manchester.
It's been so grey and rainy most days.
It's not cold, but it's not nice.
I prefer sunshine! I'm a sun worshipper! I need sunshine to feel good.

We are not going away this summer..
It's the first time in a few years that we're not going on a summer holiday.
But we got the house to think about and a lot of work that still needs doing.
And it all costs £'s.

We have decided to skip Florida in September/October as it's not right to spend thousands of pounds
on the flight/hotel/tickets and shopping.
Plus we're going back to California and Vegas ♥ June next year :D

So we have made a decision to spend all the money on the house and go away in December instead.
Ads' family are going to Tenerife again. They were there last winter when we went to freezing Sweden :P
And we thought it would be nice to go to a warm country when it's all cold over here.
We will be going on X-mas day and come back on the 4th of January. I can't wait.
I've been a bit down lately as I've not really had anything to look forward to
(apart from the house, but that's taking time and money and getting quite stressful at times).
We deserve to go away and just forget about the house for a bit and enjoy ourselves.

Found two pics on google that I like.

Looking forward to spending my days at the beach and working on my tan :D

And walking by the beach at night looking up at all the million stars.
I long for this.

My pink dream

A month and a half ago I told Ads I wanted a new camera..
(I've broken 2 in 3 years. One of them I broke twice!)
So you can imagine what his reaction was..
I had one already, but I was so fed up with it taking rubbish pictures in the dark
so I asked him if he could sell it on Ebay. Which he did.. And it went for more than what I paid last year :D
So I was happy with that.

I also decided I wanted to have a pink camera again like my old precious one that I loved so much..
(The one I broke twice..)

I fell in love with a pink Sony (no I'm not being overly dramatic.. At all!)
But you could get the same one in black, with 5 years warranty for less...
Ads was determined I should get the black one... But I wanted the pink!

He finally found it on a website for a pretty good price and with 2 years warranty :D

And I love it!
It's beautiful, pink, tiny and light! Just Perrrfect!!!

The old one..

And the new one ♥ Isn't she loveli? :D
She goes everywhere with me now. Haha, yes I am quite sad when it comes to cameras.. :X

Lil brother not so little anymore

Beginning of June I went back home for less than 3 days..
My old job did not let me have any more days off in the summer (insane,hence "old job").
It was my brothers b-day and my cousin and his family came over for food and cake.
My mum made everything by herself.
I ate like a pig haha. I love her "sandwich cake". Delicious!

Was nice to see my family even though it was for such a short period.
I had not been home since X-mas.. Far too long. And now I won't be going back till end of September..

Can't believe it sometimes. That my brother is 6 years younger than me.

Also went to my nana's for a bit to see my lil sister. She is growing up too fast..



I love and miss my family so much..


A month ago Adams mum asked me if I wanted to go hiking with her and Adams uncle.
I said Yes! straight away. I used to go walking back home whenever I had a chance.

It was so nice to just leave the flat and forget about things.
And it also helped to put things into perspective when I felt lost..

We have been 3 times so far as we had the Race for Life last weekend.
Were supposed to go today, but Barbara (Adams mum) did not feel too good.
So we will go next weekend. I already miss it!

I might go on my own on Monday as work gave me two days off "holiday".

Here are some pictures of the scenary where we have been hiking.

We started out in a place called Rivington Pike which is so beautiful.
Then we went to Turton Towers and last time we went to a place called Whitegate.
That last one was quite amusing and I battled against nettles a lot haha. 

Race for Life 11/07/2010

I finally did it!

Today was the day. And I did it.
I wasn't feeling all too well this morning, so I was quite worried when I went to Heaton Park for the race.
So many people were there, it was such a good atmosphere and I felt better all of a sudden.

I remembered why I was doing this. Our lovely Diane that was taken away from us far too soon.
For all the other people we have lost to the evil disease. But also for the people who have beaten it.

I felt so much better seeing everyone else wearing their tops and all the writings on their backs.
It was quite emotional to see who they were all running for.
Alot of "for mum", "for nana", for dad, uncle, auntie and so on...

Thousands of people ran the race today. I did the 5k with Adams mum.
Next year we will do the 10k.

We jogged half of it and powerwalked at times.
But I want to run the whole way next year.

We finished after about 46 minutes. I'm quite happy with that :)
And then we got a medal too :P hehe.
And a nice pink Race for Life bag!

Here are a few pics of the race. 

Before we left.

Good time for a good cause.

R.I.P Diane, this one was for you! Xx ♥

If I was a man?

Ads thought it was funny to try and see what I'd look like with a moustache haha.
He has an app on his iPhone and he tried it one night.
This was the result.

What do you think?

I think I suite it ^^ hahaha.

I remind of that footballer back in the days.

Carlos Alberto Valderrama (Apart from his blonde hair haha)

A true legend.

The house, whilst we're knocking down walls

Been a while since we bought the house.
We thought we would be in it now. Living in it.
But things don't always turn out the way you expect.
I know that all too well..

There is no real rush, we are still in the flat whilst all the work is being done on the house.
We weren't going to do too much in the beginning, but then we had a lovely man
that was helping us sort the house out. And he had one crazy idea after another :)

Thanks K. What would we have done without you?

Alot of work has been done so far, but we still have a bit to go.

I don't have too many pictures of it at the moment, but will try and take some pictures this weekend.

That's a before picture.

After :P

Yeah, we knocked down the wall and the difference is Awesome!!
So much more to do of course :)
We are going to have a lovely white stair case going upstairs.

I can't wait till all the "big" jobs are done and I can start with the decorating bit.
That's what I enjoy the most :P


After. There has  been more work done in this room, but I haven't taken a picture yet.
This will be a walk in closet for me! :D

Almost time

Sunday is the day guys and girls.
I'm doing the 5k Race for Life in Heaton Park here in Manchester.
I can't wait. I'm quite excited and want to make you that have sponsored me so proud!
I won't let you down.

Will try and take some pics on the day.

I know I've not been blogging much for a while now..
Think I just lost the will to write for a bit.

Lots happening in my life at the moment so I do have plenty to write about..
Just findin the time and will to do it I suppose..

But I will try and get back on it. If only once a week. We shall see.

So back to the race. With your help we have raised £279!! :D I'm so happy and proud guys!
Thank you all for your generous donations! I won't forget it. Ever.

Once more. Thank you to:

Daidai, Phil aka Wootang, Alfey, Josh, Carrot Stick, Kev, Rico, Kan, Batj, Motsman, Lupetto,
G3!st, eggi, Ado aka Arrow, Mr Fisherman, Higgy, Slippery,
Marta, My darling Ads and my old friend Jason aka nosmo.

Xx Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I won't let you down! ♥ xX   

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