It looks like we won't be going to San Francisco :(
Ads has been looking around and he noticed that a lot of the hotels were sold out.
And some other ones that aren't anything special were very expensive. 
So he asked around on Twitter and was told that 45,000 people were going there
for some convention and it falls around the dates when we wanted to go :(

So the hotels know they can charge a lot more than normal for basic rooms.
And he was told it will be very busy at all the main attractions so if we only have 2 days
there it will be tough to fit it all in. So we've decided to leave San Francisco for this time.

We will be going there in the future :) 

We do want to go to LA now though. (Well it's more me than him haha)

We'll see how it unfolds. Only 4 weeks (tomorrow) till take off!!! :D


We will be in Las Vegas from the 29th of September till 9th of October.
We've done 1 week twice before and that was great.
Not sure why we chose to go a bit longer this time.
The longer the better I suppose! :)

But Ads is a bit unsure now. He is thinking it could be a bit too long.
And he thinks we should try and go somewhere for 2 nights while we are there.

Las Vegas is in the middle of nowhere.. You have to drive 4 hours to get anywhere.
So we've been thinking of maybe flying somewhere as it's quite cheap and doesn't take long.
Where did we think of going?

Well it's between Los Angeles and San Francisco :)
We've done LA 2 years ago, but San Francisco has always been a place we've both wanted to go to.
So we would either go back to LA and go to Six Flag/Magic Mountain for one day and the 2nd day we would go
back to Disney for a full day and then back to Vegas.
Or go San Fran and spend few days around Alcatraz, Fishermans warf/Golden Gate etc.

Decisions, decisions..
What would you do??


Going home in a months time. Only for 3 nights so won't have much time to do anything.
Deffo no time for shopping :( 
Plus we are going to US of A, a week after we go to Sweden haha so I can't be greedy ;)
But let's say I could be greedy.. :P Then I would take a trip to Gina Tricot and buy these
I'd love to wear this with a black pair of shorts or with some black skinny jeans.
Loveli colour. I adore it.
I love this colour so much :X I want it badly! Think I'm gonna buy it anyways!
I don't want to start thinking about knitted clothes, but I do want this for autumn :X
I got a similar one in baby blue, but this one has a different cut to it. Love the colour too.
I want all the above. They're approx £70 all together. Bargain!!


I like rings. That's a lie. I love rings.

I never wear necklaces.. Can't have stuff around my neck..
Occasionally wear bracelets.

But rings are my thing. Love wearing different ones together.
I don't care if they miss match :) 

I've found a few new ones I would like to have in my collection.
They are all from chelseadoll.co.uk
These are my favourites.
This is sooo me!!
I'm gonna order this one!
I just found this so quirky! Gotta love it :X
Want this, but would have preferred it in silver.
So cute. I want a tattoo of a skull with a bow :P


There is something with the Spanish language that moves me deep within..
I don't understand it though :( I wish I did!! But I still love their music.

This is another song I've been listening to all week.
New one from Ricky Martin :)

I really need to learn Spanish. That will be next on my TO DO LIST.

Enjoy x

Music that moves me

I'm still alive.. Just too tired to blog lately.
Been working long hours at work and not been online when I come home.

I've been listening to some old songs I used to love.

This one is a great one!

Enjoy x

Beautiful Things

I love perfumes and I have lots of them. I like them when they're not
too fruity. I'm not a fruity person. I like them to smell fresh.
But if I was just going after what they look like and not what they smell of,
I'd probably go for these bottles :P Just to have as decoration haha ;)
Lovestruck by Vera Wang. Loveli
Might have to smell it :P Who knows, it might be just what I'm looking for ;)

Shalimar by Guerlain. Very expensive, but it looks cool :)
This bottle is adorable, even if you don't like Hello Kitty.
Daisy Pop Art Edition by Marc Jacobs

Monki Wantsies

Another shop I adore to shop in whilst in Sweden :P
We have some good designers ;) 

I'd want some of these things. Lovelies.
I'd like to wear this with a black vest stop and some nice heels.
I love Monki's shoes. I have a black gladiator wedges that I have had for a few
years now. And I can wear them all night when I go out dancing.
These would be great for autumn :)
I love this model. I got 2 already :X
A black and grey stripey one and a white one with blue stripey pocket.
A girl can never have too many skirts ;) 
This one looks fab and I bet it looks great on!
Would wear it with different coloured vest tops. 
Bright pink, orange, yellow and even green! 
It could go with anything :D
Even boring white ;)

Reminisce June 2008

Going to start posting some old pics from old blog posts I've written the past years.
First one up is when I went roller disco in June 2008 :) 
I loved going roller disco, we had so much fun and had quite a few good laughs in there.
Here are some pics.
We used to fall a lot :P Not me haha! Only when someone dragged me with them :p
The girlies. I do miss them!
I wish I was that slim again!! And I miss my nails too :X

Gina Tricot Wantsies

When we go back to Sweden I always end up in this shop,
without fail. Ads does not like it when I go in here haha.
I usually end up with bags of stuff.

I just can't help it!!
The clothes are quite cheap when you compare to everywhere else in Sweden.
Plus no one has them here in England :D So it's really an investment :P

Found a few new things I wouldn't mind in my wardrobe.

Too bad they don't ship abroad.. Might have to see if I can nip in for half an hour
when I go for my B-day. Shhh don't tell Ads :$

I don't have to tell you why I want this :P
I would wear it with black shorts and some high wedges.
Sooo want it!

Every year I buy this cardigan. In different colours of course.
Plus they make them slightly different each year.
Best cardigan I've ever had. So comfy!!
And this colour is so fab!

I really want this poncho. Will be perfect with jeans/skirts/dresses.
You name it!
So lovely. I would wear it for breezy summer nights and when autumn comes.
Love, love, love!

Forever 21

I love this shop. The clothes are quite cheap, but quality isn't too bad.
Better than Primark... I can't stand their clothes.

I always end up buying quite a few bits and bobs at Forever21 when I go
to US of A.
Had a look on their website and found a few things I like.

They might not be there by the time we go there, but if I could I'd get all of them :P

I have the perfect shoes for this cute dress.
Would love to have this in my wardrobe.

I adore this colour.
It would suit me when I have a tan.
I would wear it with my flat gladiators at day,
and high wedges at night.

This one is not my usual style.
It's a bit too girly :P
But you can make it a bit tougher with
some high heels and a bag in a bold colour to
miss match with.
I'd probably go with bright yellow or pink :)

This one would be perfect for the winter holidays.
Tanned body with a cute pair of sandals on your feet.
Hair let down and slightly curled.

A cute lil dress to lounge about in the sun with.

They opened a big Forever 21 shop at Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas last year.
I can't wait to have a look around!! :D

Craving 3

Just found these two bracelets on GAP's website.
Would be perfect for work to cover up my tattoo.
Hope they're still available end of  September!
Because I'd get both :)
First one is $39.95 and the second only $24.95 :)
(In £'s that's approx £25 and £15.50. Not bad right?)

Craving 2

I do need a new laptop case. The old one is not very fashionable ;)

Just found this. (Also Marc by Marc Jacobs)
I adore it ♥
The details are fab! It's so me!!
(Would have been even better in pink, but I'm not gonna be picky!)
Only $48 :D

Craving 1

Just found this on Marc by Marc Jacobs website.

I totally adore this iPhone cover :D
Not sure what colour I'd go for. Only problem it's for the 3G version.
I have a 3GS so it will fit it, but I'm looking to get the newer version soon.
Gonna wait till October/November and hopefully they'll have an iPhone 5 out by then :D
Don't want to get an iPhone 4 and then a month or two later a new one comes out.

But I still like these covers :P
Going to have a look whilst we are in LV :) Might get a few months out of it.
And then I can give it to someone who has a 3G one :)
Quite affordable too. $38


I am going home to Sweden and my mamma for my 30th b-day.
Well a week before my actual b-day. Will be flying there late on the 23rd,
and only have 2 full days to see my lovely family ♥ But it's more than enough :)

I can't believe I will be eating princess cake for my b-day! :D Yay!!

This is a princess cake. It's a traditon in Sweden to eat one of these for your b-day.
Delicious!! :D Can't wait!!! So excited. And then when we get back to England,
I'll only have 2 days before we go to Las Vegas!! Perfect 30th b-day!!
(And people who know me... You know I don't like September month.. )

But this one time I actually look forward to it. Fingers crossed it all works out..

Could I?

Spoke to my mum yesterday. She was asking me if I could come home before
we go to Las Vegas. She said she'd pay for the flights.
I really want to go!! She said it would be for my b-day :P

We leave for Vegas on the 29th and my b-day is the 30th.
So we would have to go the weekend before. Only one problem..
I'm working that Saturday. Have to see if I can swap it or get it off!

We'd go on Friday 23rd and come back on the 26th. So would only have 2 full days.
It will be intense, but I've done it before.
And it would be worth it to spend my "30th b-day" with my family ♥

Going to speak to my manager tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!

Me and my mum for my 20th I think... God... That feels like a life time ago.
I was a totally different person back then... I'd love to go back and speak to my old self!

And I'd love to have that flawless skin and hair :P haha

Blame Game

I am currently loving this song. 
It's so raw, but so true at times. 

I've got it on repeat at the moment.
Enjoy ♥


Every day I have to cover my tattoo when I go to work.. They don't like tattoos.
So this is how I look like at work.. Even on dress down day..

I personally think this looks worse than my tattoo..
It makes me look like a self harmer, which I'm not :/
Need to get a bracelet to cover it as it's costing me a fortune to keep
buying plasters all the time.

But they did give us free ice cream last week :)

Didn't eat the chocolate flake... Don't like it :X

But rest of the ice cream was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s :D

Weekend fun

My weekend was not too bad. I worked Saturday, but only 4 hours.
And chilled out for the rest of the day. We had a walk in the park and went
to Mc Donalds for ice cream. Yummy.

On Sunday we went to town and had Nandos. I ♥ Nandos ;)
And I got a bargain! (If you ask me..)

I could not believe it when the girl at the till said £10.98!
Because they had loads of the 2nd movie and they all said £9.99 so I thought
they'd made a mistake when they put the label on, but I still got it for £4.99 :D
HAPPY ME! I wasn't going to question it haha ^^

And we treated ourselves to these.

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