Hen night at The Birdcage

Last Friday we went out for Joannes Hen Party.
(She is the daughter of Adams mums best friend).

We went to The Birdcage. I had only heard about this place before, and seen people
who had been queing outside when I've walked past it before.
So I did not know what to expect.
All in all a good night. I was sober! :) Had Monster Energy Drinks and Red bull haha.

Here are some pics.
We started the night in a bar not far from the Birdcage.
I was wearing a sparkly thing as I've had it for a while now and never worn it! Thought it fit in with the theme they had in The Bircage haha. (They have Dragqueen shows in there for people who don't know)


I'm hooked/addicted/crazy. Call me whatever you want ;)

Few new things I want :P

From the top left to right.

Pink shorts $12.50
Wedges $23.80
Beige & Pink shirt $24.80
Stripey dress $16.90
Heart sweater $22.90
Beige shoes $26.80
Blue shirt $12.80

 = Bargain!! ;)

I really want the beige and pink shirt. I would not wear it all buttoned up, and wear them with either skinny
jeans or some cute shorts. I hope they have these things in the shop when I go there in 5 weeks!! I would like to try the wedges on too. They look pretty cool.  


Not sure if I have blogged about this before as I can't seem to find the post that I thought I'd written years ago.
Never mind.
It's about the first flat I lived in when I first moved to Manchester and England.
It all went very fast when me and Ads decided that I should move over.
And he found a "cheap" flat which was very close to town as he didn't want me to take
the bus to work and things like that.
I didn't know Manchester at all. Had only been here 2 times prior to moving.

So he went and looked at it and he then sent me pictures of it and I thought why not.
It was interesting at first, but we soon realised how small it really was for 2 people.
It was like a box and not much privacy.
Here are some pics that might give you a better idea of what I mean.

That top pic in the left corner is kinda the layout we had.
Although we didn't have a bath tub, we had a shower and "toilet/bathroom" was on the opposite side.
The picture in the right bottom corner shows the "hallway" outside the flats.. It looked like an asylum hahaha.

That kitchen was horrible.. No real oven and the fridge/freezer was the tiniest thing I've ever seen.
The 9 months we lived there were quite interesting :) It wasn't all bad.
I would not recommend 2 people living in there together..


Going to watch Salt tonight with Ads.
I have always admired Angelina Jolie.
I've blogged about her before and my fascination with her.
She is such a beautiful human being. Not just on the outside.
I know I don't know her personally, but she seems to be an amazing person.

As I don't watch trailers I don't know anything about her latest movie.
(Only watch trailers at the cinema as I can't keep my eyes and ears shut until the movie starts).
Reason why I don't watch trailers is because I don't want the movie to be spoilt :/
I'm strange I know!

Hoping this movie will be good. Last movies of hers that I watched were Wanted and Changeling.
Both great movies.

Anyone seen Salt yet? Liked it?
I'll write what I think about it after I've seen it :)



A lil review.
The movie was quite good. It had a few twists in it and it kept you interested and wondering
"What is going on?"
I would recommend this movie if you like action movies and have an hour and half to spend.
I just wish I had known there were quite a few scenes with scary spiders in it :(
As I have arachnophobia I wasn't enjoying that part at all!
Kept closing my eyes and annoying Adam when I said:
"Are they gone now?" "Now?" "Still there"? haha
He didn't appreciate that :p

All in all a good film and I would rate it 3 ♥'s out of 5.


I used to love watching this show. I think most people I know did.
I've heard a few people say they never watched it.. (Weirdos!)

My favourite character in Friends has always been Ross.
He is so funny.

Which character is your favourite?

This episode is my favourite one :D
Always makes me laugh no matter how many times I've watched it.


Tried to find one on Youtube that actually let me upload it to the blog, but there wasn't any..
Just click the link ;)

"One Mississipi, two Mississipi", three Miss... SPLASH hahaha

Ross :"I barely even got to three Mississipi".. :P

Nice one Ross ;)

Chandler knocking on the door and says that he did it wrong too :P

Ross: "Really? Did you count Mississipily?"

Love Friends!! ♥

Randomz 8

Some random pictures of me and my loved ones.
Some not very old, some really really old.

My favourite hat from last year :)
So cute! Always made me giggle and people stared and they usually smiled too :P 

The one and only time I actually agreed to go to a "Fancy Dress Party" and dress up.
Did not enjoy it one bit! Ay Ay Captain ;)

My footprint at Rhyl beach last year. Had such a lovely time with Ads x
(I have huge feet!)

Mini me at our old house in Bosnia.. I must have been about 2? Maybe 3?
We had a birds nest under the roof and I played with the baby birdies :)
Where did that golden hair go? Hehe.

Me and Ads flying back to Vegas in a uber mini airplane from Grand Canyon :)
Wonderful day.

One of my favourite pictures of me and my mamma ♥
I think I was about 19? If that :/ Looked so young, pretty and worry free...
Oh to go back to those wrinkle free and thin days haha :X

And my favourite picture of me. I don't know why, but I love this picture.
I felt really beautiful that night and I think I was :X
Wish I could do that to my hair on my own! Might have to invest in a curler..

Random list

Found this list on a Swedish bloggers blog. Thought I'd copy it.
Was going to answer it all in Swedish, but that wouldn't be fair on my English readers. Riiiight? ;)
So here it goes.

My name: Karolina

Nickname: Karro/Ciri/Lina.... (Only my uncle is allowed to call me Lina)

Song you listen to when you're sad: Stars- Your Ex lover is dead

Addicted to: Tv Shows!!

What do people think about you: That I'm crazy!

Is it true? Very true :P I think I'm just honest to be fair. What you see is what you get.

What do people compliment you on most? That I look younger than I am :P Ha. And nice smile..

How could someone impress you? Do something out of the ordinary.

Do you laugh when you're alone? Yes, happens quite a lot :)

What does it say in your last text? 16.50? x Whatever I'm easy x (Hahaha sounds so wrong)

Where do you live? Manchester.

Do you like it there? Yeah, I suppose it'll do for now ;)

How do you answer your phone? Hello?

Who did you call last? Adam to check why there was no gas left...

What did the person say? Oh I got the card on me. (For the gas...)

How many hours did you sleep last night? 6.5 hours. (Not enough!)

Did you sleep alone? No

Are you usually on time? Yes, almost always. Don't like having people waiting for me.

How do you feel now? Wet. Just had a shower. And a bit too warm.

Most common colour on your clothes: Grey and purple.

What do you think about feet: Don't really fancy them. Freak me out a bit.

What do you miss: My mamma (family) and Stockholm.

Did you have a good evening yesterday? Yeah, watched 3 episodes of Soprano.

Favourite drink in the morning: Cappuccino!

When do you usually go to bed: 23.30 or 22.30 lately.. Depends on how tired I am.

Are you shy: Not at all.

Do you do any sports: No, I'm too lazy, but started hiking now. Love it! Could walk all day.

Do you believe in love on the first sight: Yes.

What would you do if you were a man for a day: The obvious. Have sex with a woman or something else ;)

Are you content with your life: I could be, but there is one thing missing.. (Hopefully one day soon)

Are you spoilt: No haha, but I usually do get what I want IF I want it.

What are you doing tomorrow: Working.. And dreading it.

What is the worst thing you know: Lies and fake people.

Do you have good friends and real friendship: Not sure to be honest. Have a few good friends,
but I know how easy it is to lose a friend..

What is the nicest thing you've received: My charm bracelets and charms from Thomas Sabo.

A special day you remember: My first time in Las Vegas. Just Wow.

Things you collect: Pens! I'm totally crazy when it comes to pens.

Who do you call when you're angry or sad: Adam

When did you cry last: Last week. Was having a down period.

What would you do if you won a million: INVEST! Ha, you don't get very far with a million these days ;)

Do you want to get married: Yes.

Do you want to have kids: More than anything.

Are you musically talented: No, but I wish I was. As I love to sing :P

What do you prefer to drink when you're thirsty: Cold water.

Do your parents live together: No

Have you ever cried yourself to sleep: Many a times

Do you bite your nails: No! I think nails are gross...

I like lists! :) Hope you enjoy reading them ;) Not done one of these in a while.
Feel free to copy and paste your answers in comments!

Things I dislike about England

The fact that they still have boilers!! I've never had a bloody boiler back in Sweden.
That's something they got in Bosnia! And even there it's not used as much!

Worst thing is when you are doing the dishes and you have half of it left and you realise that the water has gone from scorching hot to cold as ice.
And you wonder what the heck is going on.
You glance at the boiler and then you realise!
The gas has run out! It gets even worse when you can't find the stupid card
that you use to "fill it up??"..

Second worst thing is that I've marinated the chicken for our dinner and I can't start cooking..
Because the oven is a GAS oven!!!

It makes me miss Sweden and having everything run by electricity..
I feel like I'm stuck in the past when they did not have gas or electricity..
At least they had an open fire or something!

Ok, rant over :) Haha, I'm hungry and can't start cooking till Ads tells me where that bloody card is!
He just told me he has it.. And he isn't here!!

Me earlier. Half left now haha. (Not exactly)

Think I would enjoy doing the dishes if I had a pair of these fancy washing gloves :P
Wouldn't you?


The house is still under construction.. I don't know when it will be ready.
Still a few big jobs needed until we can start with the fun things.
Fun meaning the decorating part :) I am looking forward to choosing things to put inside it.
What to do with the walls and all the other pieces that makes a house a home.

I've already got a few ideas.
I like the idea of having some quotes or wall art on some of the walls.
Seen quite a few online that I like. Here are a few examples.


This one is one of my favourites, can't seem to find the one I really want.

Just found another one that is so us.

Would have this one in the livingroom :) We love Las Vegas ♥

 So true.

Just pretty.

(Got these from various sites online. Just google wall stickers)

It's true what they say

Guess where we are going in less than 6 weeks?

Yes we are!!
I'm so excited I can't even believe it's true!
We had it planned since beginning of the new year that we were going to go
last week in September and first week in October.
We've had it booked off work since January :X
But we then decided that we probably couldn't afford to go because of the new house and
all the work that needed to be done on it.
Ads has been about 10 times and it's like a family tradition for them, so I felt bad that he would
miss out this time. I even told him he should go without me and I could go back home.

Last week when he picked me up from work he said he had something to tell me.
His cousin and girlfriend who were supposed to go there had dropped out because of
personal reasons and they asked if we wanted to go instead!
Of course we DO!! :D
They've paid for the flights and the hotel.
All we need is money for food/tickets to the parks and of course money for shopping. Haha ;)

It's still unreal and I'm scared that something will happen and stop us from going (yet again).
But I'm also getting really excited about it!
Can't wait to finally see the sun and maybe even get a tan! :P

These are some of the things I'm looking forward to the most.

Cinderella's castle :P Universal Studios Orlando and of course Harry Potter Land!!!
I am a Harry Potter geek! I loved all the movies and the books and I can't wait to see what they've done.
I've heard that it's pretty awesome! And I might even get a wand for myself haha.
Yes, I'm a big kid!! ♥

(Pics from Google)


Okey, I've gone too far now :P
I've made yet another collage with clothes I want..
If only I could afford it! (Well I can, but I need the money for other things!)

I want the cape/poncho! I love the colours.
The Hunter wellies are just A.mazing.
I'm not really into gold accessories, but these two bracelets are nice.
The gloves are so cute too! Would not mind wearing them when it gets even colder.



My favourite shop back home has some lovely things in store at the moment.
I want all these things! :X


Forever 21

I've never really bothered about clothes until I moved to England and started
working in a Department store (House of Fraser). That was 2 years ago.
I didn't even own a dress back then. Honestly! Not one :/ haha.

But then I worked with clothes and fashion and I kinda got stuck in!
Now I got quite a few dresses in my wardrobe :P I feel normal now!

Ok, back to the topic.

Forever 21 is my ultimate favourite store. When I walked into one of their stores in Las Vegas
for the first time end of 2008 I was instantly in heaven!

I bought so many nice things there that X-mas and then last year when we went back.

I can't wait till I go back! Will be buying loads more :P
It's so much cheaper than over here and the clothes are nice and good quality!

Rumours have it that they're opening some stores in England! I hope so!!

If I was in US of A now I'd get these straight away!

I would wear them together, tonight when I'm going to a friends leaving do.
Cool and simple! ($14.80 each!)

This dress is so not me, but I do like it.
Would be nice to wear in ******* :) and in Tenerife in December.
Not sure it suits my body type though.. ($29.80!)

I don't think I look nice in blue. It's not really my colour,but this dress is so cute and I can
see myself wearing this when I got a lovely nice tan and my high heels! Ooooh!! ($27.80)

This dress however, is so me it's untrue! :) I want it! ($19.80! Almost free!)

I could go on forever :X but those are only few things I want from there..
(Soon I can go and shop till I drop! I just hope/wish some of these things might still be in the stores!)

Waiting for Autumn

Oh wait.
It already looks and feels like Autumn here in Manchester.
The summer has not been a real summer. Not since June.
Quite sad really as I love the sunshine and to be able to enjoy a day out
when I got the day off. Now I got nothing to do..

I've watched all episodes of True Blood so far.
( I don't even like the show, but I finished all episodes in season 2).
And I've watched all the episodes that have come out from season 3.
I don't like the main male character.. He puts me off so much, they could
have found someone more attractive surely? He just looks creepy and old!

Even started watching a new show called Pretty Little Liars.
It's quite good. About some high school girls with a dark secret.
Nothing special, but it will do till all my favourite shows start again.

Beginning of the summer I watched Cougar Town because someone told me it was good.
Finished all the episodes in a week :X
I kinda liked it, but it wasn't as great as I hoped. It was funny at times though.
Just weird seeing Courtney Cox playing someone else but "Monica" in Friends.

I'm mad I know, but I love watching TV shows!

Me and Ads have started watching Sopranos together.
We must be the only people out there that haven't watched it?
(Ok maybe not, but it used to be quite popular when it was new and "in").
I like it!

Lie to me is another show I have watched lately. I like it.
It's different. The main character is pretty fascinating.
I'd recommend it to people who are bored like me :P

Now I'm wondering what to watch next. My shows wont be starting again till mid September!
And I need to have something to watch until then!

Any suggestions?

(All pics from Google)

H&M lovelies

Some things I would buy if I could. (Need to save money for something!!)

I want all of it! Especially the Gaga top and the leggings. Oooooh!!

Some things to look forward to

¤ H&M is finally launching an English online store! (September)

¤ Leaving do on Saturday for a guy in my new job, we will miss him loads, but I am
so happy for him. He is moving to London to be with his partner. Awww!

¤ Hen party next Saturday and the first time I'll be going to Birdcage.
(It will be rather interesting I think)

¤ 4th of September a lovely girl in work is celebrating her B-day and I can't miss that!

(Quite happy I've decided not to drink again for a few months haha as I really can't stand being hungover when
I go hiking)

¤ A wedding sometime in September.

(Realising I need to check my wardrobe and see if I can invest in some new clothes?)

¤ My b-day.. I don't really want to think about it. I'm getting old haha.

¤ Maybe some good news that I've been waiting for..

¤ I will be going somewhere very nice in 6 weeks. (More details later on)

So I guess I do have some things in my life to look forward to and to make me feel a bit happier about.
Just need to focus on those and not let the negative thoughts take over.

(Pic from Google)

Randomz 7

I've not really been blogging frequently the last few months..
I just don't feel like it anymore..

Something that I used to love so much now feels like a waste of time in some sense..
I hate even writing that.. Not sure why I feel this way at the moment,
but I'm hoping that feeling will change.

I've thought about starting a new blog, but I'm rubbish at design things and
PC stuff in general.
No you couldn't believe it. I'm a geek that hates computers haha.

But for now I will post things if and when I feel like it.

I hate feeling like this. I'm so negative lately it's untrue :(
I am trying to think positive and look forward to some good things that are going
to happen in the near future.. But it feels like I keep getting sucked back into the darkness inside me.
I don't want to let go and have "D" take over again.
I don't have any special reasons that should make me feel down and "D".. I just do :/

The only time I feel okay lately is when I go hiking. When I leave Manchester behind for 3-4 hours on Sundays.
We go to different places each weekend and we walk for hours. I feel so free and totally at ease.
My body, mind and soul are free when I am out in the nature.
Not worrying about life and all the responsibilities. No worries....
If I could, I would walk more often, but I can't at the moment.
Just glad I have that day in the week to "switch off".

Some random pictures from nights out with some good friends (new ones mainly, from my new job).

Rachel, a lovely girl ♥

Crazy, but oh so lovely people :P

Think Banking!! The gang after the end of our "grad bay". ( not all of us)

Me having too many drinks, plus Tequila... Uh oh. Sent loads of texts to the gang lmao.

Could it be?

It might happen after all.
It's just too good to be true at this point.
I won't believe it till I actually see it!

I can't help but being a pessimist at times..
Bad things tend to happen to me a lot.
When I least need it or expect it..

Got some good news today, but I'm too scared to jinx it.

It's a bit of a tricky situation and I am a bit torn about it.
But I do want it to be true!

(No I'm not pregnant.... If anyone might think that).

A hint........

Indecisive as per usual

I've been looking at tattoos two nights in a row.
I want another one.
Well that's a lie.
I want several! :)

I only have one. And I'm not that pleased with it.
I love it don't get me wrong, but the tattooist that did it was not very serious at
the time and he did a rubbish job.. So I would like to get it sorted if possible.

My first tattoo.
I love what it stands for...

What do I want next?
It's a difficult answer! What don't I want!! :P

Someone I knew few years ago drew me a tattoo and I do like it, but it's abit intricate
and I'm scared I'll chicken out!

The "lily" or "Fleur de lis" has another strong meaning to me and I will have one of these
one day. Just not sure if I should have this one.
I love stars too thats why I asked him to design a tattoo with both symbols.

I want a skull with a bow too :P haha yes I know how silly that sounds.. 

I got so many ideas, but I wont mention them yet ;)

I wish I was artistic so I could draw my own tattoo :X
But I'm not!!

Found an old picture that someone else drew. She drew it for my birthday many years ago..
When I was in a bad place and my heart was broken.
It's really beautiful and I would love to have it as a tattoo, but I think it might be abit too much!

I might just have the heart done.. I used to love this drawing and I still have the painting in a frame..
I miss the person that drew it.. Even though we stopped talking 2 years ago..
She meant the world to me. She was a part of me. We were like siamese twins in some way.
But we grew apart and some harsh things were said..
I wish I could say "I'm sorry to her & I will always cherish the times we spent together"..


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