Not done one of these in a while :P

As it's nearing the "holiday/summer" period I've been thinking about summer clothes.
Mainly beachwear. I've had my bikini for a while now and I still love it, but really want something
new this year.

So here are a few I've found so far and wouldn't mind ALL of them :P

I really want ALL of them, but if I had to choose 1 or 2 I'd choose the red one and the bottom one :)

I wouldn't mind these either!

All of it is from River Island


So I'm going home next week :D YAY!!

And I will be going to Gina Tricot next day haha.

Here are some new things I want to be able to bring back with me ;)

I really like the beige jacket. It's going to be colder over there than in England.
And I can save it for later on in the year too :)

I love the black dress. Not sure if it will suit me though so need to try it on

Don't think I need to explain the tee with the bow :P I love USA!

The blue blazer is nice and the mint green top will be great for summer :P

The black pants were just to fill the last picture haha :P I wish I had legs like that ;)

More Wantsies

One word - WANTSIE :) 

I will have to go home soon for a shopping trip at Gina Tricot!

I want all of the above!

And I wouldn't mind these either :P I love the skirt..


Do I have to say more?

:P We all know I love Gina Tricot!!

I want this dress in my wardrobe!!


Whilst I'm on the topic of make up.
Here is some of my favourite make up that I use.
YSL - Mascara and Touch Eclat concealer. Amazeballs!!
This is my favourite eye shadow palette from MAC.
I don't know what I will do when it's all gone :X
This is slowly becoming a new favourite of mine and I got it for a bargain!!
And then some things that I'd like to have in my make up bag.

Luxury X-mas Wish List

If I was wishing for something this Christmas and the price didn't matter,
then this is what I would wish for :P
First pic - A bag from Proenza Schouler for £1210
Then a Crystal Head Vodka - Yes vodka! £70
The scarf... By Missoni £370
And the laptop case by Marc By Marc Jacobs £55
Some of the prices are absolutely insane. 
But wouldn't say no thanks if one of these were under my Christmas tree ;)


Do I have to say more??

I want this hat so much :D Would make the winter so much more fun!!
Absolutely adore it!
I loved carebears when I was a kid! ♥
Look at this!! 

I'm an Eighties child!! :D 

Gonna order this one.. Without a doubt!


I'm at it again :$ I never get enough looking at new clothes!

This time it's some things from Gina Tricot (Of course)

I like this top and these cute shorts. Would wear them with black tights and my new
Steve Madden platforms! Love it!

Really love these colours. I want the cardigan and the US top a lot!
Might have to ask my mum to get it for me :) 
Wish there was a way for me to shop on Gina Tricot from England!! :(

I Want it BAD

Dress is from Gina Tricot. Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.
I want this so badly ♥

Gina Tricot

I want all above!!! So me

Forever 21

I can't stop going onto their website.
I just love their clothes.

Here are some of the things I hope will be in the shop when I go there!
Only 1.5 weeks to go!!! 11 more sleeps!! :D
I love the colour of this dress and it looks beautiful.
Not sure I could pull this skirt off, but want to try it on.
Really like the colour and the heel. Beautiful.
Same as above, but different colour. Wouldn't mind both ;)

Cute lil skirt. I want to match it with a bold colour top!
Maybe mustard? Cool!!

Shoes 2 Adore

Been looking online for shoes. I do love shoes.
Most women do right? :P
Found lots of nice shoes on Nordstrom's website.
They have a shop in Las Vegas, and I will deffo go there to try some out.
I'll most likely end up with 10 pairs of new shoes whilst we are there :p
These are some of the shoes I'd like to try on and most likely buy ;)

Beautiful. Designer - Jessica Simpson. 
I'd wear these at home because they look so fab!
Platforms. Designer - Steve Madden
I adore these. They got it all.
The patent black with the oh so "fashionable" animal print and a red heel.
A casual bootie with a twist. Designer - Jessica Simpson
Just love the shape of this show. And the colour is lovely.
Spiked heel - Designer - Jeffrey Campbell.

This shoe is so me!! I want it badly. Gonna look for it everywhere!!


I like wearing bracelets when I go out.
I have a Thomas Sabo one and lots of charms to go with it. 
I do love it. A lot! But there is another one I like now. 
Only noticed it recently. I know it's been out for a while and everyone
likes it. It's not Pandora.. I can't stand them.. No, no.
The one I'm looking at now is Links of London.
And these charms are a few of many I'd want :) 

The bracelet
Do I have to explain this one? :P
Found this one adorable
Just love US of A :P


Do I have to say more?

I want this wedge espadrille so much!!
Beautiful. Would go perfect with so many of my clothes. 
Really want to order them... BUT...
They are from a shop I've sworn I won't order anything from ever again :(
Don't want to be a hypocrite.

Have to think about it.. They are too cheap NOT to buy them.


Going home in a months time. Only for 3 nights so won't have much time to do anything.
Deffo no time for shopping :( 
Plus we are going to US of A, a week after we go to Sweden haha so I can't be greedy ;)
But let's say I could be greedy.. :P Then I would take a trip to Gina Tricot and buy these
I'd love to wear this with a black pair of shorts or with some black skinny jeans.
Loveli colour. I adore it.
I love this colour so much :X I want it badly! Think I'm gonna buy it anyways!
I don't want to start thinking about knitted clothes, but I do want this for autumn :X
I got a similar one in baby blue, but this one has a different cut to it. Love the colour too.
I want all the above. They're approx £70 all together. Bargain!!


I like rings. That's a lie. I love rings.

I never wear necklaces.. Can't have stuff around my neck..
Occasionally wear bracelets.

But rings are my thing. Love wearing different ones together.
I don't care if they miss match :) 

I've found a few new ones I would like to have in my collection.
They are all from chelseadoll.co.uk
These are my favourites.
This is sooo me!!
I'm gonna order this one!
I just found this so quirky! Gotta love it :X
Want this, but would have preferred it in silver.
So cute. I want a tattoo of a skull with a bow :P

Beautiful Things

I love perfumes and I have lots of them. I like them when they're not
too fruity. I'm not a fruity person. I like them to smell fresh.
But if I was just going after what they look like and not what they smell of,
I'd probably go for these bottles :P Just to have as decoration haha ;)
Lovestruck by Vera Wang. Loveli
Might have to smell it :P Who knows, it might be just what I'm looking for ;)

Shalimar by Guerlain. Very expensive, but it looks cool :)
This bottle is adorable, even if you don't like Hello Kitty.
Daisy Pop Art Edition by Marc Jacobs

Monki Wantsies

Another shop I adore to shop in whilst in Sweden :P
We have some good designers ;) 

I'd want some of these things. Lovelies.
I'd like to wear this with a black vest stop and some nice heels.
I love Monki's shoes. I have a black gladiator wedges that I have had for a few
years now. And I can wear them all night when I go out dancing.
These would be great for autumn :)
I love this model. I got 2 already :X
A black and grey stripey one and a white one with blue stripey pocket.
A girl can never have too many skirts ;) 
This one looks fab and I bet it looks great on!
Would wear it with different coloured vest tops. 
Bright pink, orange, yellow and even green! 
It could go with anything :D
Even boring white ;)

Gina Tricot Wantsies

When we go back to Sweden I always end up in this shop,
without fail. Ads does not like it when I go in here haha.
I usually end up with bags of stuff.

I just can't help it!!
The clothes are quite cheap when you compare to everywhere else in Sweden.
Plus no one has them here in England :D So it's really an investment :P

Found a few new things I wouldn't mind in my wardrobe.

Too bad they don't ship abroad.. Might have to see if I can nip in for half an hour
when I go for my B-day. Shhh don't tell Ads :$

I don't have to tell you why I want this :P
I would wear it with black shorts and some high wedges.
Sooo want it!

Every year I buy this cardigan. In different colours of course.
Plus they make them slightly different each year.
Best cardigan I've ever had. So comfy!!
And this colour is so fab!

I really want this poncho. Will be perfect with jeans/skirts/dresses.
You name it!
So lovely. I would wear it for breezy summer nights and when autumn comes.
Love, love, love!

Forever 21

I love this shop. The clothes are quite cheap, but quality isn't too bad.
Better than Primark... I can't stand their clothes.

I always end up buying quite a few bits and bobs at Forever21 when I go
to US of A.
Had a look on their website and found a few things I like.

They might not be there by the time we go there, but if I could I'd get all of them :P

I have the perfect shoes for this cute dress.
Would love to have this in my wardrobe.

I adore this colour.
It would suit me when I have a tan.
I would wear it with my flat gladiators at day,
and high wedges at night.

This one is not my usual style.
It's a bit too girly :P
But you can make it a bit tougher with
some high heels and a bag in a bold colour to
miss match with.
I'd probably go with bright yellow or pink :)

This one would be perfect for the winter holidays.
Tanned body with a cute pair of sandals on your feet.
Hair let down and slightly curled.

A cute lil dress to lounge about in the sun with.

They opened a big Forever 21 shop at Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas last year.
I can't wait to have a look around!! :D

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