..6 weeks..

Not long now till we go back to the lovely America :D
I am counting down the weeks.
It's going fast.
6 weeks from now we will be landing in LA,
and 7 weeks from now we will be back in Sin City!

I'm not sure what I look forward to most.
I have always wanted to go to Los Angeles.
There is so much to see and do.
But somehow I look forward to Vegas most :)

I'm not quite sure myself.
Last time we were there I fell in love with the city.
Everything is so over the top and you can walk around
on the streets with a cocktail if you'd want to :p
People are nice and friendly.

Can't wait to get away for a while.
To a country where the sun is shining and it's actually hot outside!
To have a lovely tan again and just relax.
Will be quite hectic too though.
Going to Six flags - Magic Mountain which has some of the largest,
and most scary rollercoasters in the world!
I used to love rollercoasters and scary rides when I was younger,
but they have started to scare me now when I'm abit older haha.
Will try most of them tho!
Hopefully :p
Don't want to chicken out!

And looking forward to the shopping haha ;)
I'm a woman after all. And we love shopping!
My dream purchase would be a pair of Jimmy Choo's..
I can always hope! :p


Newport beach :)
(The O.C.)

And this time we will probably go on the helicopter ride over Grand Canyon.
Not sure if I want to tho!
I'm sure it will be an amazing experience..

Can't wait till I'm sunbathing next to this pool :D


Ok I've been too serious lately :p
So here comes some girly stuff ;)
I am finally going to get myself a nice pair of shades!
And I found these lovelies on Sunday while we were in town.
They are sooo me :D
What do you think?


Can't wait to get them :)


I don't like to judge other people, and I hope people don't judge me either.
People should live their lives the way they want to.
We make our own decisions in life.
People can have opinions about it,
but they should not judge others based on those opinions.
It takes me back to something I've written before. "Don't ever say never".
You may think that you could "never" do something or think in a certain way,
but you can't be sure about that.

What if circumstances changed,
you might find yourself in the same situation as the person you judged..
I might not like what someone is doing, but I don't judge,
 because I don't know why the person is doing what he/she is doing.  

It is quite easy to judge someone based on their appearence.
We all do that.
First impression is always based on what the person looks like,
but to judge someone before knowing the person is not fair.


What makes me tick?  
Did not know it was such an interesting topic :p
What makes me happy and what do I want and need.
I could write a whole book about this topic, but it would just bore you :p
So this is a shortened version.  

Making other people happy has been my main priority most of my life.
Being there for everyone else when they needed a shoulder to cry on.
 Always put others ahead of myself and my needs.
Sure some people have been there for me too.
But not when it really counted.
When I needed them the most there was no one to be found.
No one to let me cry on their shoulder.
I took care of myself. Usually I just neglected myself.

What I want is for people to treat me with respect and not use me for their own personal needs.
There has to be both giving and taking in any relationship.
I am just tired of giving myself to others without getting anything back.  

Knowing I brighten someones day makes me happy.

To know that someone values me as a friend and thinks of me.
Someone who can tell me the truth when others cant,
when I can't see the writing on the walls. 

I love to love and be in love.
That is what makes me tick
The feeling that I feel when I think of my loved ones.
That no matter what happens I will have loved and been loved.

...You and I...

I have not felt you for a while.
I miss the way you make me feel.
The anticipation that starts before I arrive to my destination.
Putting on my outfit for the nights pleasures that await.
Sipping on the rose, it makes me tipsy and fills me with happiness.
Put on the make up, want to look my best.
Not for anyone in particular. Love to look good for myself.
Put on the high heels and off I go.
 Walking down the dark streets.
 Getting more and more excited.
 It has been far too long since the last time.
 I walk into the club, it's full of happy, gorgeous people.
I get myself a cocktail and walk up to the dance floor.
My favourite place to be.
Where I can be myself without any care in the world.
The music is loud an it makes my body move.
The only way music makes me move.
 I start dancing and I don't stop.
Please don't stop...  the music....  


I miss you..


I've been in pain the last four days.
It's not normally this bad :(
The pain makes me grumpy,
and I lose my inspiration.
Which is frustrating!
There is so much that I want to write about,
but I can't see clear.

Hopefully the pain will be gone by tomorrow.
Have a day off.
Going to have a walk around town and see if my inspiration will come back to me.

I've started listening to Kelly Clarkson's newest album.
And I like it! :)
Some of the songs are great.
My favourite so far is
"Long shot"
Something about that song makes me feel good.
And one of the sentences hits me.
"Why's everything got to be so intense with me"

I kinda relate to that sentence.
Not sure why.. Well I probably know, but I can't put my thoughts down
at the moment..

To be continued.... haha :)

..Bucket list..

If you've not seen Bucket list by now then watch it :)
It's a feel good movie that makes you think a little bit extra after it has ended.
I think I am going to make my own bucket list.
A list of things to do before I die.
I will probably add on lots more as I go.
But for now I have a few things I know I'd like to do/try/see.

1. Skydiving
- not sure if I would dare to, but I want to!
Imagine the feeling of free falling through the sky.
Would make me feel so alive.

2. To be happy with what I have achieved in my lifetime.
No matter how small it may seem to others.

3. I want to go to,
- Hawaii
- Brazil
- South Africa
- Australia
Many more places I'd love to see!

4. Find a job that I love and be happy with what I am doing.
Not feeling pressured to take a job I don't enjoy or feel comfortable doing.

5. Have a family, and be the best mother I can be.
Always be there for them and never judge them or make
them feel like they can't talk to me about things.

6. Help people in need.
Not sure how to do this, but some kind of charity.

7. Live at the countryside!
- I want a little house in the middle of nowhere with lots of fields around
and maybe even a little river close by.
Would love to have some peace and quiet around me :)

8. I would love to live in USA one day.
- Maybe when I'm old and grey I'll be living there :p
Even if I had a chance to live there for a few years, I would!

9. Be a true friend, a loving mother and partner.
- Always be there for the people I love and care about.
Love them unconditionally.

10. Write a book.
- I want to write about my life and experiences.
Even if it never gets published I intend to write it one day.
The blog is just the start of it all :)

These are not in a specific order. I am sure I will add a lot more :)
What would be on your bucket list? :)

..Roll the dice..

Sometimes it feels like I am rolling the dice when it comes to my life
and making decisions for myself. I don't always get what I expected.
If number 6 is the best to get then I'd say my luck is not the best.
I usually roll an average of 2.
Maybe I'm exaggerating :p

We make our own luck, by making the decisions we believe are right for us.
I have made quite a few mistakes in my life, but I guess it's all about learning from them.
I usually follow my heart rather than my brain.
Guess that's one of the biggest mistakes I do.
I should listen to my brain more :p

I tend to trust people too easily. I like to see the good in people, even though it might
just be what I want to see, and not what's really there.
And I usually end up getting hurt.
But maybe there is a meaning for all that.
I like to believe that me seeing the good in people is not a naive trait, but a good one.
Maybe the people that take advantage of me will one day wake up and think twice before
they hurt someone else.

I can always    :)

I don't give up on people easily.. I always try to give them more chances, sometimes more
than they deserve.. But I have learnt to accept when it's time to let go.


..Lower your expectations and you wont risk getting too disappointed..

People have too high expectations in life.
No matter what it may be, most people
expect too much, too fast.
And then they end up disappointed.
So if you lower your expectations from the beginning,
the risk of getting disappointed is lower.
It's not easy to change the way you're thinking.
But if you give it some time it will come natural.
We all want to be happy with things in our lives, but the only
person that can change things is ourselves.
If you find yourself in a situation where you think everything is
going perfect, but you get this feeling that it might be too good to be true..
Take a step back.
Don't over analyze things. It always makes it worse.
Just give yourself some time to enjoy the good times while they last,
because anything could happen tomorrow.


I love football.
I don't know many women who would say that they do.
But I've always watched it since I can remember.
My dad,brother and cousins all used to play it.
And it was a normality for me to watch Italian football with my dad on Sundays :)
I've always loved AC Milan.
Through good or bad I've supported them.
And now that I've lived in Manchester for almost 2 years I've started to support Man United.
Great team! Brilliant players and an awesome coach :)
I've been to a few games and it's an amazing experience.
Watched the Sunday game against Aston Villa and it was quite intense at times.
But I wont bore you with details :P
But I felt I needed to mention this young lad called Federico Macheda, also called Kiko.
He is only 17 years old, he is italian (hehe) and he scored the final goal!
Which made it 3-2 for United.
I am looking forward to seeing more of him in the future :)

Hope to see him tonight against Porto :)

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