Viva Las Vegas Part 2

Feels like it will be too much with loads of pictures in one go :/ And I'm rubbish at using photoshop to make it look all fancy :$



On our way into the Venetian,nice waterfall

The lovely Wynn Hotel and the new Encore in the back 
Inside the Venetian

The Mirage

Love this picture :)

 The Lion Habitat at MGM Grand

Viva Las Vegas Part 1

God, where to start? It was a very frustrating trip we had on our way there. Lots of drama. But we got there in the end... A day and a half late :( Missed the snow that they had there too ha ha..
We had an amazing time and I miss it already! Can't wait till we go back (which we definately will) So much more to see and do!
Plenty of shopping was made :p and sightseeing through all the lovely casinos.
Here are some of the 300+ pictures we took :D

  waiting for our flight which was delayed 5 hours...
 California... Yup, we ended up there for a night :/ (not great! )
finally in Vegas! That's New York New York
Our hotel :) EM GEE EM :p
Excalibur, awesome on the outside... but.. Rubbish inside

my favourite part of the room! had 1-2 baths every day! :D miss it ♥

 Ad's first go on the slot machine's. Where we spent quite a few $1 bills haha

    Paris!! Lovely hotel :D
 Happy and on our way to do some serious shopping :p  


Hmm, we went to watch Twilight  on Saturday after I finished work. I have read all the books 1-4 in English and I love every single book. The first and the last are my absolute favourites so far. And I have wanted to watch the movie since it came out in Sweden. BUT it did not come out in England till the 19th of December, when I was in Vegas. So my expectations were huge when I sat there and waited for the movie to start. I KNOW that books are always better than movies.. I did not dislike the movie. But I expected a lot more. Not sure what, but something was missing. The movie was okey, but not brilliant. The actors were good, the movie had it's fun moments :)

Oh my

I have been bad at updating this blog of mine :/
The internet at the hotel in Vegas was not free so we did not bother with it till the last day.
And since we got home I've not had the energy to start writing and posting all the lovely pictures we took.
In work today :( booo! So I will do it all when I get home later on today!!
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas :)

 Picture out of the newspaper. That was from the day we were supposed to have been in Vegas.. But because of the snow we had to land in California instead :( and we lost a day and a half in Vegas. (thanks to bloody thomas cook! grrr )

Cherry Monday

Another week starts. My weekend was very intense and upside down. Partying, 40th birthday celebrations.drinking, singing and dancing. Tears.. Work phones that don't work. Nails asked to be painted in black but they look blue! And utter pain. Few of the things that my weekend involved.

Yesterday was probably the day I enjoyed most. Well until the pain came. Went out for breakfast and strolled around town for a bit with all the christmas shoppers (nightmare) then back home. Spent some time in bed medicating myself. And then I spent a few hours on some games :) Feels like back in the days when I used to spend a lot of my spare time gaming! :D

 Started playing this few days ago, I quite like it.
 Such a funny game :)
 Counterstrike, my all time favourite game that I used to play TOO much.

Now I'm back in work and eating lovely cherries. Yummy! Only 2 days til Vegas!

Oh I watched a hillarious movie yesterday called Elf. It's pretty mad, made me laugh quite a lot. It's from 2003 with Will Ferrel playing the lead role. He is so funny! I recommend this silly christmas movie.


Today it's Lucia or St Lucy's day (sounds funny in english). It's celebrated every year in Sweden on December the 13th.
I always used to be a "tarna", never lucia haha. oh well. Was nice to be a part of it :) Here is an old picture of me and my oldest friend who lives in Switzerland now. This is from kindergarden and we were "tarnor". 

Back in the 80's haha

haha that's a funny Lucia :P  miss my mums "lussebullar".

Hope you all back home have a lovely Lucia x

Bag me one

I want a new bag for when I go to Vegas. I got my clutch's, but I want one that I can carry over my body while we are out at night. I won't have to worry about loosing it and all that. These 2 are a possibility, will have a look in Miss Selfridge tomorrow after work.

this one or  this one?
I think I prefer the first one. Hmmm will see tomorrow :p Might find a complete different one. SOoo typically ME :D

Cheer up

I would not mind one of these ( or all :p ) But  I'm keeping my hands off the shopping at the moment. Less than a week when I can spend lots of $'s haha.

a kooky ring, I like! Nautica nice
cool goggles I got the matching ring ♥
I'd have these in silver plating
So 80's!

All of these are from 

Singing the blues

I have a really bad day today. Why? Not sure. Work is doing my head in. All they do is moan and talk **** about everyone.
Can't be bothered with DRAMA!  

Not long now till we are on our way to Las Vegas and some relaxation time! :D the thought of that cheers me up :p
I spent some time on forever21's website last night. And there are sooo many nice things I want! I just hope they have what I want in store when I get there. This dress would be nice to have in my wardrobe

Healthy Sunday

Woke up about 9.30 am this morning. Looked freezing cold out there when I looked through the window, still no snow :(
I wanted to go to Trafford Centre today, but Ads did not haha. He came up with a really great idea. "Do you want to go to Bannatyne's? " he asked me. Hmmm go to the gym on a sunday morning.. Why not!? Haha. Yes we went there, it's pretty cool there (bit expensive) has a nice pool though and jacuzzi and sauna :D Spent nearly 3 hours there. Was very refreshing and after that we went to the Walkabout (Australian) and had a huge meal. And a quick stroll through the
 X-mas market. I got some baklava haha, hope it tastes good... Probably not as nice as my mums...

Came home and we were both knackered so we had a nap.. 2 hours long! Woops. Then I watched the lovely movie
Miracle on 34th street (the re-make, I do love the original one too)


Long day today, woke up slightly hungover and walked to work. Winter cold today, love it! Just wish we had snow :/
We went and watched Madagascar 2 today it is hillarious!! One part made me laugh so much I almost cried. I strongly recommend it.

 he is the best!!! hahaha. Watch it people!

This is what I was wearing today.



Friday Night

Last night I was out with the girlies from my old job. It was L's birthday celebration. We started out in Revolution (of course :p ) where we had quite a few cocktails. Yummy. And from there we went to 42's where the music was awesome and we danced quite a lot :D A really good night out. I was not allowed to bring my camera out with me ( i always end up breaking it :( ) so I don't have any pictures while we are out. But these pictures were taken just before I went out.

Love ♥ this dress which I bought when I was back home.



I like this cute tee


All from

I like

I have not been in mood to blog lately. So I thought it was best to leave it.
Found these lovelies in Topshop.

 Might get these for New Years Eve
These are pretty, but not sure what I would wear them with. Loveli though!

Less than 2 weeks till we are off to Vegas :D Can't wait.

 Grand Canyon

This is awaiting me.. I am a bit nervous about the helicopter ride, but I'm sure it will be an amazing experience. 

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