Reminisce December 2010

I wrote a blog post last year about things I was hoping for in 2011. 

Lets see what I actually achieved.
* Good health for me, my family and the people I care about =
Well. I had a nose op which made me able to breathe again!
Then we got told one of Adams uncles might have cancer..
We still don't know what the results are.. 
So not sure what to say about this topic..
* Trips! We are hoping to go back to our beloved Vegas :)
but it's unsure at the moment due to some things we might be going through =
We did end up in Las Vegas :D For my 30th b-day! Loved it!
* Move in to the house!! And have a lot of fun making it look the way I want it haha ;)
Decorating bit I mean. =
We moved in, but we still have a while to go until it's fully finished :)
But I've loved living in it so far and each time that we make some changes it looks so much better.
* Go see Katy Perry live at the the Apollo here in Manchester in March!!! ♥
If I can manage to get tickets. Fingers crossed!! =
I actually saw her twice this year!! :D Lucky meeeee ♥
* See Glee live at the MEN Arena (Manchester) in June!!
It would be amazing to see them LIVE. =
This did not happen :( Was gutted, but the tickets were just so expensive.. 
Hope to see them live one day.
* Have a baby.. =
First time we tried the IVF it failed.. Not giving up though!

* Have a wonderful time with family and friends and just be happy with myself, my life and what I do =
Well this one is a tricky one. I've had a wonderful time back home this year.
And I've had fun with friends too :) Happy with myself and what I do?
I suppose.. Could have done so much more though to make it even better!
I'm going to make another list for 2012 soon.

All in all it was an okay year. Had it's ups and downs. Not over though! 
Still got the best month to go? :P


Do I have to say more??

I want this hat so much :D Would make the winter so much more fun!!
Absolutely adore it!
I loved carebears when I was a kid! ♥
Look at this!! 

I'm an Eighties child!! :D 

Gonna order this one.. Without a doubt!


I know I'm rubbish at blogging lately :(

Not sure why this is happening, but it's been going on for almost 2 years now.

And I used to love to blog. I do miss it! A lot.
Guess some of it has to do with time.. I work a lot and I can't access the blogg whilst I'm at work.
Not allowed. Apart from when you're on your lunch break.. And that's when I eat! Ha..

When I get home I'm always too tired to blog and at the weekends I just have other stuff to do..
I'm making up excuses I know! This didn't use to stop me in the past.

Another "reason" is that people stopped commenting.. Not sure why..
I can see that people are coming in daily to view my blog, but no one is leaving any traces.

Is it because the blog is in Swedish?? And you don't know how to comment?
Or you just don't want to?
Well if you don't know how, you won't be able to answer :P haha.

But I do love to blog when I know someone is actually appreciating it and leaving me a trace..

Just a hi! :D

This is how you comment..

Click Kommentarer below the blog post.. (Means comments)

Namn aka Name: Fill this in with your name :)
If you click the box "kom ihag mig" that means remember me. For next time..

E-post aka e-mail: Does not need to be filled in

URL: no need to fill in

Kommentar: YOUR COMMENT :P

And at the end you CLICK "Skicka kommentar", which simply means send comment!

Voila! Done!

Now please leave a footprint ♥

(Pic is my foot print from when we went to Wales a few years back)

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