LoonyLan 8

8th of february we went to Narborough again. To meet up with our internet friends :)
3 nights of drinking and playing silly computer games haha.
It was great to meet old friends and there were some new faces aswell :)

We had a lot of fun. Sunday afternoon we spent outside in the sun playing football.
My team won with 6-1 (my bf was on the opposite team :p) I scored the last goal :D
we also played penalty shoot outs. I WON :D so proud :p

Here are some pictures from the weekend 

image55 smile :) image56 this is how you play pool 
image57 hahaha dont ask

image58 crazy football  
image59 :p 
image60 board of shame 

image61 all of us :D image62 my swings :p image63

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