Food for thought

This is in Swedish and it says

'At one point you will realise that there are people who are still in your heart, but not in your life' 💔

10 years of loving you

10 years ago I met my other half.

I could probably write a whole book about our 10 years together, but all that matters is that we are still together. 

I loved you then, I love you now and I will love you always. 

Day 3

Today I had to leave my daughter at nursery for an hour as she starts on Monday for three hours a day. 

I was so upset and worried this morning.

We got there for 9 am and she seemed a bit shy at first. She said she wanted to dress up. So got one of the Princess dresses on her. I then had to leave for an hour as they wanted her to settle in without me.. I went across the road and had a coffee, was so worried she would have been crying for me. An hour later I walked back in and stood and watched her for a minute and she was fine!

She saw me and said 'hi mamma' with a big smile. They told me she had been great and not cried when I left. 
So proud of my little girl. Think it was more me being worried!

Can't believe she is starting nursery. 
Felt so many mixed feelings today, but I know it's the right thing to do.

My little baby girl is growing up...

Day 1 and 2

I want to get back to writing, so decided I will write something daily.
More for me than anyone else.

Day 1 (Yesterday as I only just thought of it today)
We left Sweden yesterday morning. I don't know when we will be going back which is quite sad.
I have however realised that I won't be taken for granted anymore. Or allow others to choose when they want me in their lives.
From now on I will be more selfish and think of me and what is good for me.
So if you message me and you don't get a response, then that means I've decided you're not going to be part of my life anymore.
Day 2
I am feeling hopeful that 2017 will be a good year.
Not sure why, but it's a feeling. We shall see if it's right or wrong.
I want to make sure I enjoy the things I love more. Start reading more, going out for hikes again.
Be in the now and not think about what has been and what will be.
I won't let people take advantage of me anymore. 

My world

No more words needed ❤

Go F*** yourself

You know who you are.

Why settle?

I know a lot of people who settle for someONE rather than THE ONE.

I really don't know. I know it can be difficult to end a long relationship if you have commitments like a mortgage, a child maybe, but in the end is it worth being with someone who you don't feel completely happy with? Someone who you argue with constantly?

I can't say that my relationship is perfect, far from it, but I do love my other half. We have had our ups and downs, but I truly feel he is the ONE. He makes me laugh, he cares for me and is there for me no matter what. He doesn't lie to me and he respects me. He would never tell me what I can and can't do. I wouldn't tell him he could not go out a Saturday night if he wanted to. Why? We both work hard and provide for our family, our daughter.
We still do things as a family.

Don't settle ladies and gents. Life is so short. Don't waste time and energy on someONE. You deserve the ONE.

Knowing your worth

No one but you yourself can make you feel worthy. As if you have a purpose. Too often we look for others to make us feel good. We crave acknowledgment from our loved ones, people we work with and even from people we don't know.

Why do we do this? It feels good to know that someone likes you or thinks you're doing something well, but that feeling is almost always very brief.

What we should be doing is tell ourselves how good we are at certain things. Whether it be in work or our family life. Only when we truly believe we're good enough will we feel good.

How do we do this? That's the ultimate question. I don't know. I too often want people to acknowledge that what I do IS good, but when they don't I get upset. They don't know that I'm upset and therefore they can't make me feel better.
I know it should be enough for ME to know I've done well, but lately it's not been that easy.

I want to do something that is so difficult and could make or break me, but the way I feel right now would it be the right time?

Time is forever, but I'm not.. Do I wait or do I go for it?

Quote of the day

Saw this on facebook. It's a Swedish saying.

'You only need one lie to question the truth'...

So, so true..


I've not been listening to a lot of music lately, not sure why. Suppose it's time?
Don't have time to listen to music anymore. I normally listen to a Bosnian radio channel when I do dishes or clean the house :) As this music always makes me happy.
There are songs that I like, but they don't have any real meaning.

Then there are songs that I love, songs that tell a story.
The lyrics are so apt and hit me hard when I listen to these songs.
Here is one of them.

New blog!

I've done it. 

Only early doors and I have to sort the whole thing out when I get a chance, but I have got a new blog now which I will be using from now on. 

You can find it by clicking on here  

Hope whoever used to read my blog will follow me over there. that is the link if it doesn't work by clicking on the link above. has been good to me over the years, but I really needed an English blog. 

See you on the other side.

New beginnings

Quick post.

I'm working on a new blog!
Will post link as soon as I get it working and I've actually written something..

I need this! Been too long.

Can't believe I'm writing again

So it's been over 3 years since I last blogged.
I can't really say why I stopped, think I lost the "want".. It's hard for me to put this feeling into words.
I used to feel I had to write, this need to write, pretty much everyday, but when I changed jobs back in 2010 that was made quite difficult as I couldn't blog whilst in work and when I came home I was just too tired.
Life took over (boring)..
Okay quick re cap of what's happened to me the last 3 years..
I'm a mum!!!
It finally became true, our hope turned in to a miracle.
Our baby girl Adriana was born 09/12/2013. I will post more about this another day.
It will take some time to try and put those feelings down in writing.
All I can say for now is that she is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me.
I was blessed with the most beautiful little girl and she's making me a better person each day I wake up next to her.
Nothing else in the world matters more than her. I don't want for anything else. She completed my empty shell and I am now full of love and hope for the future.
Since I last blogged I've also said good bye to my late nana who sadly passed away last year in cancer..
We said good bye to my other half's uncle Dennis 2 years ago, also cancer.. Life is unfair, cancer is unfair..
We miss you and love you forever.
I've changed jobs, had to make a hard decision for the sake of my daughter. Will see where this career will take me.
Hope whoever still reads this blog is doing well and I shall do my best to keep it up.

A pic from our trip to Turkey in May. This is my little cheeky monkey <3

Our 1st Halloween pumpkin

I love it!! ♥
It was a bit tricky to make, but so worth it. Can't wait to put it outside tomorrow for when the kids
come trick and treating. I got loads of candy for them! I don't like dressing up and all that..
But I do like decorating the house and giving out candy to the kids! :P
Next year we will be making more pumpkins and thinking of trying some more difficult designs.
Our adorable place mats that we bought at Disney world :)
Wish I could have them out all year long..
Yes, I'm a big kid ;)


It's been a long time since I last wrote something on here..
I can see some of you still check in daily..

Why don't you leave a comment?

Should I start blogging again??
You tell me..


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