Being me

Can't believe I'm in the same situation again.
People think I'm crazy, too picky maybe even too demanding..
But I disagree. I just KNOW what I want and won't settle for less.

Have listened to others for far too long. I am doing what I want from now on.

Not letting people put me down.

I made a decision and it feels so good. So right.
Sometimes you just have to take the leap.. And believe. In yourself.

I believe in me.

Breaking free ;)

Me and the Italians

Few weeks ago I went out with my favourite Italians :D
We always have so much fun together.
They came to ours first and I made them play singstar :P
They'd never done it before!
So it was even funnier to see/hear haha ;)

We had so much fun for a few hours.
Laura made home made cocktails. And they were bloody strong!
By the time we went out we were all pretty much drunk :P

We met up with 2 other people in town and went down to the Village for a few hours.
Crazy night!

Few pics from that night ;)

Laura is confused haha bless her :P and Marta is amused too


Always have fun with these girls.
And they are always there for me when I need them.
Love you girls!! ♥

Jiggy nights out

The one thing I love about Traveljigsaw (my new-ish) job,
is all the crazy and wonderful friends I've met :)

Last week I went out with a lovely bunch.
Some of them were Portugese, Brasilian, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Swedish and even
English :P We took over Slug and Lettuce on Deansgate hehe. The bartenders were
quite amazed by all the languages we were speaking amongst each other.

I had a lovely time. It was Katherines leaving do.. I can't blame her for leaving.
But I will miss her alot! Hope to see her again soon :)
And I wish her all the best in the future.

Here are some pics from the crazy night. (We started at 4pm haha)

Me and Kat ♥

Me, Bianca and Christina

Rodrigo, Kat, Bianca, Mara, Christina, Me and crazy Amaro

The crazy bunch

A very crazy, but fun night! Can't wait for next time :D

Randomz 6

My crazy Italians :D I have found 2 new soulmates in these 2 girls.
They are so lovely and as crazy as me! :P ♥
This was 2 weeks ago when we were out with some other crazy Italians and a Spaniard :)

Same night :P


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