Tomorrow morning we will be off! I can't wait.

This week has been so long, didnt think it would ever end.
I've not packed yet... I hate doing it..
I wish I could just leave it :P Not taking loads with me as I will most certainly be doing a bit of shopping
whilst we are there.

Our flight leaves at 11am, so don't need to wake up stupid o'clock.
We're going to the lounge again as it's so much easier to chill out before a long flight and have all the
drinks and food for free. Airports are always so bloody expensive. May as well take advantage of the lounge.

Bringing my Ipad so will be playing games on the 8 long hour trip..
I really don't like flying that long, but I haven't got a choice as I really want to go :P

I just hope we get a chance to relax on this holiday as a lot of it will be doing the touristy things like
museums and other historical things! I shall update my blogg when I'm back as I want to remember it when I grow old :P

I have really neglected my blogg last 2 years. I'm quite disappointed with myself.
I shall become better at it again..

Oh, we've added on one more thing to do whilst we are there. We will be going to a place called
Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey.
It's a huge amusement park with the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world..
I am so excited! and scared haha! We've been to one before in California and we loved it.

Cya later!

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