Just a thought

"I love you, but I have to love myself more"...

(It came to me over the weekend...)

Until we bleed

This song makes me feel something I can't explain with words..
Or I could, but people would think I'm weird. And maybe even crazy ;)
Not that I mind what people think, but I think this feeling is somethig I should
keep to myself.. For now..

We danced to this song today in our street dancing class. It was more of a contemporary
dance today, but it suited me! I really liked it :)

Enjoy it.

"I'm naked
I'm numb
I'm stupid
I'm staying
And if Cupid's got a gun, then he's shootin'

Lights black
Heads bang
You're my drug
We live it
You're drunk, you need it
Real love, I'll give it

So we're bound to linger on
We drink the fatal drop
Then love until we bleed
Then fall apart in

Randomz 4

Mamma and Adelina ♥

Love this pic. I was so happy this day :) In Disneyland/Anaheim last summer.

My bath tub in MGM Grand/Las Vegas. First time we went. I loved it!
I had 2 baths a day! Haha :X 

Race for Life update

I have decided to do the 5k Race for Life in July. It is here in Manchester.

Too many people die of cancer.. I think most people knows someone that has been affected by it.
One way or another..

I can't explain it to you how much this cause means to me personally,but also for my family and friends.
I think we all know the importance of this race and I am proud to be a part of it.
I will do my best to raise as much money as I possibly can. And I will run the whole 5k.
That is a promise I intend to keep.

What I ask from all of you now is to help me raise as much money as we possibly can.
Together. Any amount is more than welcome.

If you want to help me and support me in this, please take a look at my website.


All my love,

Karolina xX

PS. I have already got £249 donated for the cause so far.
I am so greatful to you guys.

Thank you Daidai and Phil, Shaun, Josh, Carrot stick, Kev, Rico, Kan, Batj, Motsman,
Lupetto, G3!ST
and Eggi, vielen dank, Arrow hvala puno, Matthias/Kojak tack,
thank you so much Higgy :) 
 Thank you Slippery Lizard :D

I won't let you down!

R.I.P Diane ♥ I'm doing this for you.

Random thoughts

Ok, I got so much I want to blog about, but not had a chance..
A lot of stress at the moment.. I know I should be "happy" at the moment.
I got a new job.. And things are finally looking better for us..
But.. There are still some things that bug me...
And sometimes my old enemy D comes back and haunts me..

I'm currently waiting to hear back from something that could be a dream come true....
And I've waited since last Friday.. I am very impatient! I know I keep saying it...
But people, you have no idea how impatient I am.. So I'm kinda all over the place and
can't seem to calm down. Not till I get an answer. Even if it's a negative one..

Till then I probably won't blog as I usually do. Just some random pics and maybe the odd post.

I do have loads that I want to share with you when my head is all clear and I've got the answer :)
Hope you (even if it's only 1 or 2 readers hehe) will still be here then ;)

Random pics of the day are:

Metallica last February here in Manchester :D It was my first time. 
I hope I can see them again. I loved every minute of it. 
(Ads didn't haha bless him)

Haha, this is a horrible picture :X I should be ashamed!
It was when we were out on a hen party last year. 
I love the hat :P  

Randomz 3

This is my all time favourite picture of me.. I don't know why, but I love it.
It was taken one night about 2-3 years ago at a friends place.
We had a girls night in, here in Manchester and we put make up on and did each others hair.
And this is what I looked like. I love how my hair looked like in curls. I wish I could do it myself!
And I loved the make up too :D

The Oscars 2010

I'm so tired today. Stayed up till 5am this morning watching the Oscars..
Yes, I'm crazy. But it IS something I've done for years..
It was worth it in the end. To finally see a female director win an Oscar for best Director.
The first ever woman. Well done Kathryn Bigelow. Beating your ex husband James Cameron ;)
And The Hurt Locker was the big winner! 6 whole Oscars. Best picture!! :D

We watched it the other week. I really liked it. It's quite intense. Funny at times and
totally horrible. Some scenes were horrific.. Showing the true face of wars..

Back to the Oscars..
I was not impressed by it this year. It all felt so rushed..
I don't like it when they rush the winners. It's bad. Too many commercials..

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were the hosts. They were quite funny.
Some of the things they said made me laugh out loud and think "he didnt just say that?!".
But my all time favourite will always be Billy Crystal. He always felt so real.

The winners this year were quite surprising. I won't go into too many details.
But I do want to watch a few of the movies that were nominated for Oscars.
Still not seen Precious & The blind Side with Sandra Bullock.

What about the dresses? :P Used to be so much fun to see the red carpet.
I did not see many "wow" dresses last night.
My favourite was J.Lo!

Just fabulous in that dress. I'd love to have that dress :P

Maggie Gyllenhaal. I'm not sure about this dress.

Sandra looked so classy. Lovely.

Jeremy Renner starring in The Hurt Locker looking very smart :p
He took his mum with him to the Oscars. Aww!

Queen Latifah looking fabulous! :D Love it.

Miley Cyrus looking adorable.         No idea what Charlize Theron was thinking..

Lovely Gabourey Sidibe. She looked beautiful.


Zoe Saldanas dress is quite different. I like it. I think!
Do I really have to say something about Taylor Lautner? He is handsome.. :X


I love this woman. Sarah Jessica Parker ♥ Adore her!
But this dress was not very flattering on her.

Rachel McAdams. I like it, but I don't?  Same with Vera Fermigas dress.
It looks Wow. But the colour? Not sure.

Adorable Kate Winslet. Always a win! She always has something beautiful on.
Well done :p

Till next year Oscars!
Congrats to all the winners! ♥

Time for the Oscars

Finally, that time of the year! :D
I've been watching the Oscars for years.
I used to stay up and watch it all the time back home.
And I have continued the tradition here in Manchester :D
Can't wait to see all the winners and beautiful dresses ;)
Who will win the best movie award? We shall see.
Quite a few movies that can win "the best picture".
10 whole movies this year! Avatar, The Blind Side, District 9, An Education, The Hurt Locker, Inglourious Basterds, Precious, A Serious Man, Up, Up in the Air.
I've seen quite a few of those. I really liked Avatar, Up, The Hurt Locker and Inglourious Basterds.
Which one is your favourite?

I'll update tomorrow morning ;) I will be too busy watching it tonight! 
I got Coca Cola, liquorice candy and some nuts to keep me company! :D

We miss you D

We lost Diane on Thursday February 10th..
She had gone in to the hospital less than a month before because she had 
problems breathing. 2 weeks later they tell us she has cancer. Nothing they can do.
A week later she is gone.. 

It has been very hard on Ads and his family, but on me too.
They have lost so many close to them already.. It makes it all so much harder. 

Diane was an amazing woman. She always made people smile and laugh out loud.
She was the soul of a party. Loved to dance and have a laugh. 
Her favourite song was Dance the night away by Mavericks.
And they played it at her funeral. The funeral was the best you could have wished for,
for someone you love. She was sent off in style and there were so many of us there to say good bye..
Till we meet again Diane.

My fondest memory of Diane is when I spent my first Christmas in England on my own.
She made me Christmas dinner and took me in. Made me feel like one of the family.
My heart aches when I realise that she isn't here anymore. But I know that she will be
watching over us all and that she has found peace. No more pain.

We love you and miss you always Diane






RIP Diane x

Randomz 2

The cutest teddy EVER! :D

It was huge! Look at me next to it haha.

My bestest friend ever treated me to a Spa treatment earlier in the year.
Was lovely! ♥

Patience pays off

People who really know me, know how impatient I am..
It's not something I'm proud of. Not at all. I hate it about myself.
And I end up stressing out when I can't get what I want straight away..

I've been miserable for a very long time. Alot of bad things have happened the past few months..
And I did not think anything good would ever happen to me or my loved ones again..
It's easy to fall into "darkness" if everything around you is falling apart.
Usually you have at least one good thing that keeps you going..
I felt like I didn't have anything at all.

I won't go into too many details, but I have finally given my notice in where I have been working
for the past 18 months. I've been unhappy there for a while and I've tried to make things work,
but there has been too much that has gone against me and I had to give up in the end.

I'm sad that I had to quit.. But I feel I was forced. Won't bore people with the details..

I have been offered a job where I think I'll be happy and learn alot :) Only time will tell.
But I have not felt this good about myself for a very long time.

When I got the news yesterday I ran down a long corridor just to tell Ads about the news.
And then I jumped up and down like a maniac. Him and his friend got a good laugh :P
And I haven't stopped smiling since..

I've decided that I won't let anyone put me down again.
I will keep saying what I think and feel, no matter what the consequences are..
Life is too short to just get on with it.. It's not right.
Just wish more people were like me.

Here are a few pictures that show just how happy I feel at the moment.
I hope this feeling will stay with me for a while.

Some crazy nights at roller disco ♥ I miss it!

And this last one is just one of my favourite pics :p

I've been sober for 9 weeks!! Yep! :D I'm so proud of myself :P


This picture makes me smile :D I think I will start with a random pic daily.
Old or new pics.

I've had an amazing day. Will write about it tomorrow.
I'm too tired at the moment.
But it's good news for me. For once! Been too many bad things happening lately..

The bed is calling me! Til' tomorrow!

Mini me :D In Bosnia.. ♥

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