New beginnings

Quick post.

I'm working on a new blog!
Will post link as soon as I get it working and I've actually written something..

I need this! Been too long.


I've been using a website called Picnik for my collages sometimes.

I only used the free part, but the premium one is much better, but costs a bit.
Got an e-mail today saying they will be closing it down in April :(
Quite sad as I do like to use their service. Only good thing is that they're now
offering the Premium feature for free! So if you want to be able to do some cool
collages for free then click on this -----------> Picnik
I've just made this collage using the Premium feature :) 

Nice isn't it? 

Zlatan Ibrahimović

I got his book as a Christmas present from my mums cousin when they visited us.
I started reading it the other night and I can't put it down. Read it at work when
I'm on my lunch break and at night when Ads is sleeping. 

I'm totally engrossed with it.
Never liked him in the past. I thought he was a diva and didn't like the fact
that he played for the Swedish national football team as his dad is Bosnian and
thought he was a traitor.. It's silly really, but that's how most Bosnians feel about it.
Now I know that he was portraid as a diva by the media and that most of it was BS.
I actually respect him as a person now and a footballer. 

If you like to read biographies and like football, then I do recommend the book to you :) 

I'm reading it in Swedish. Think it was the right choice for this book :) 
Makes more sense to me to read it in our "native" language..

Xmas dress

I've been looking for a new dress to wear for Xmas.
Did not want to pay over the top for a dress I might not wear very often.
I first wanted a green one as it's one of the festive colours, but then I checked
Gina Tricot's website the other day and saw THE dress I was looking for.

And it's a LBD - Little Black Dress - which means I can wear it to pretty much anything!
Plus you can dress it up for different occasions. I asked my mum to check the store whilst
she was shopping today and she found it! I will have it on Monday when she comes to see us!
Sooo happy!! :D

Xmas tree

Here is our first Xmas tree in the new house :)

The last 4 years I've had my mini black one that I still love and I even put
it up this year.
I wanted a real tree, but they are quite expensive and I found this one that I like!
It was difficult to find the right baubles to put on. Indecisive as I am :$
We had some Coca Cola baubles that we bought in Las Vegas :)
We have a bit of everything on it now. I love it!!
I opted out of tinsel.. Could not decide on a colour and think it could have
overkilled it a bit.
Can't wait to put all the presents under it later this weekend.
Oh and I got a mini one too :) 
So cute!!

They're all wrapped and ready to be unwrapped again.. Haha

Xmas feeling

I started getting giddy about X-mas few weeks ago. I know it was way too early!
But I just could not help myself. I bought all of the presents and wrapped them back then.

Only need to get Ads' dad one thing and something for Ads and it's all done :D

Very pleased with myself this year. I've been so organised! I did not want to rush
around last minutie in the shops with everyone else.. No way.
There is one thing missing though to make it feel like its really X-mas time..
And that is.. Wait for it...

Where is it?? I really love snow (even tho it caused me so much pain last year...)
Without snow it's not really X-mas.. Not for me at least.
I hope it shows up soon.
This is what I want!
And here is our first real tree (well it's fake, last few years we've only had our mini black tree)
Can't wait to put the X-mas presents under it!! :D

Xmas Shopping

Some people might think it's too early to start the christmas shopping..
(Including Ads...)
I started my christmas shopping last Friday! And I've spent hours online
tonight looking for personal gifts for my loved ones :)
I've already found a bit. Still got a few more to go.
Why is it always so hard to find something for the men in the family??

I have NO idea what to get Ads' dad and 2 brothers... Argh!!
Will have to think of something...
And it's Ads' 30th b-day in about a month.. No idea what to get him :/

Always so much easier to buy things for girls :P
Because I know what I'd like haha ;) 

Has anyone else started their christmas shopping??

My Christmas wishlist is not long :P

1. Would love for my mum to come here for Xmas!!
2. A onepiece... Didn't like the look of these before.. 
But I'm so cold lately and it would deffo keep me warm!
3. A new watch. I love the one I have, but want a casual one.

That's all :)

TV Shows

I've started watching some new TV shows that I like. 


I really like it. It's dark and twisted. 
Like me :P haha
It's about a girl that has a dark secret and only one thing on her mind.
Revenge. Awesome :) 


This is not a new show, but I only recently started and finished watching
Season 1. And I absolutely loved it. So smart, funny and oh so....?
I can't wait for season 2!
You just can't help liking the gentleman on the left :P
Can you? ;)
It's about lawyers. Not gonna say more. Watch it!
Love Bites

Watched season 1 a while ago and I really enjoyed it.
It's hard to explain this one.
It's about a few people that don't know each other,but their lives are connected somehow.
It's funny and romantic :) 

There is one that I've not started watching yet, but I'm going to watch the 1st episode this
weekend. (1st episode was out last week)
It's called Once Upon A Time. From 2 of the Producers of Lost!
I have high expectations on this show..
I've counted the shows I'm currently watching and there is more than 20!!
I know.. I'm crazy.. But I do love my shows.. 

I'm still so behind on some of them as I missed a lot whilst on holiday.
But I want to save some for when the winter holiday starts and they stop
the shows for weeks and weeks..
Oh and I have to mention one more!
It's not new.. But it's one of the best shows ever!!
You should watch it f you like zombies.. Well you should still watch it!!
The Walking Dead

Season 2 started few weeks ago. And it's just so AWESOME!!
I was going to put a picture of one of the zombies on here, but it might
scare some people off :P They make them look so scary it's untrue!
Have a look! You won't regret it.

Reminisce June 2008

Going to start posting some old pics from old blog posts I've written the past years.
First one up is when I went roller disco in June 2008 :) 
I loved going roller disco, we had so much fun and had quite a few good laughs in there.
Here are some pics.
We used to fall a lot :P Not me haha! Only when someone dragged me with them :p
The girlies. I do miss them!
I wish I was that slim again!! And I miss my nails too :X

Weekend fun

My weekend was not too bad. I worked Saturday, but only 4 hours.
And chilled out for the rest of the day. We had a walk in the park and went
to Mc Donalds for ice cream. Yummy.

On Sunday we went to town and had Nandos. I ♥ Nandos ;)
And I got a bargain! (If you ask me..)

I could not believe it when the girl at the till said £10.98!
Because they had loads of the 2nd movie and they all said £9.99 so I thought
they'd made a mistake when they put the label on, but I still got it for £4.99 :D
HAPPY ME! I wasn't going to question it haha ^^

And we treated ourselves to these.

2010 wrapped up Part 3

So to the last 4 months of the year.
September which is usually the month I hate the most..
But this time it wasn't! It was a great month :) Why?
Had some lovely nights out with loved ones and good friends.
I discovered Hurts. A wonderful band and I love their music now :)
If you don't have the latest album "Wonderful Life", then get it!!
But the best part of September was when we went to Orlando, Florida!
Had the best time ever :D 

Some of many wonderful pictures/memories :)


Was still in Orlando the first week and after that I just felt a bit down and wanted to go back.

I fell in Love with Katy Perrys song "Peacock" and could not stop playing it!
Constantly :)


Had a few more lovely nights out :)
I love you ♥
And we went back to Sweden for a few days.
I wish we could have stayed longer. That is something I'm hoping for this
year. To go back more often and stay longer!


First day of this month I fall and fracture both elbows.. :(
Worst thing that could have happened to me. 
I was signed off work for 6 weeks... 

I could not move, sleep or do anything on my own for a few weeks.
First few days Ads had to take time off work to help me eat and other
things I rather not mention here. I don't know what I would have done
without him. I love him forever and I will always be grateful for all that
he has done for me ♥
The bruises frw weeks after the fall. Had them on both elbows
and they have only now disappeared...
I spent weeks on the sofa just trying to be as still as I could.
Went to physio therapy and I did the exercises they told me to do..
It was painful, but I had to if I wanted my arms to go back to normal.
But I also had a wonderful week in December. When we finally got to go
to Tenerife. I did not think I would like it there, I wasn't even excited about it
at first.. I felt a bit bad about it.
But as soon as we got off the plane I was swept away by the scenery and most of
all the weather!! 
I had an amazing 10 days there and I will post a blog about it tomorrow, with lots of pics!

All in all this year has been a mixture of bad and good,
but with quite a few precious moments that I will cherish forever.

Hope you had a great year and I hope this new one will be an even better one!!
Here is a sneak peak from Tenerife ;)

Some of my X-mas pressies

We exchanged presents yesterday as most of us will be in Tenerife tomorrow :)
I did not want anything special for Christmas as I had my laptop a few weeks ago!
But here are a few of the things I got :)

The iPhone takes crappy pics! But oh well.
These are only a few of all the lovely pressies I've had :)
Thank you everyone xX ♥

Bits and bobs

Bought two things on Saturday when I went out to get some things for the holiday.
I was supposed to buy myself a pair of flat espadrilles to walk around Orlando in :)
And also two new nail polishes.
I did not come home with either of those.

Instead I ended up with this.

Excuse the horrible orange background, it is our gaming mouse mat haha. (Me and Ads are Geeks!)

The eyeshadows are just amazing. The colours are so nice!! Bought it for £5.99! Bargain!
Just think of it as 50p a colour haha. (That's how I think of it :P )

And the ring.. I just fell for it! So big and cute! Not the ring I'd usually wear as it's a bit too girly for me :P
But it will be nice to some of the clothes I'll be wearing whilst on holiday.
Only cost me £1.50!! May as well have been free haha.


I used to love watching this show. I think most people I know did.
I've heard a few people say they never watched it.. (Weirdos!)

My favourite character in Friends has always been Ross.
He is so funny.

Which character is your favourite?

This episode is my favourite one :D
Always makes me laugh no matter how many times I've watched it.

Tried to find one on Youtube that actually let me upload it to the blog, but there wasn't any..
Just click the link ;)

"One Mississipi, two Mississipi", three Miss... SPLASH hahaha

Ross :"I barely even got to three Mississipi".. :P

Nice one Ross ;)

Chandler knocking on the door and says that he did it wrong too :P

Ross: "Really? Did you count Mississipily?"

Love Friends!! ♥

If I was a man?

Ads thought it was funny to try and see what I'd look like with a moustache haha.
He has an app on his iPhone and he tried it one night.
This was the result.

What do you think?

I think I suite it ^^ hahaha.

I remind of that footballer back in the days.

Carlos Alberto Valderrama (Apart from his blonde hair haha)

A true legend.

My future little house

That's the house we are buying. It's not huge. I wish! :P
But it will do for our first house. Never ever thought I'd own a house in my life.
(Ok we have one down in Bosnia, but it belongs to the family.. And there are alot of issues
around that house.. So it's not the same..)

This will be our little investment for the future. I was not too happy about the location at first,
but it is only 10 mins further down from where we are at the moment. Still close to town.
(Walking distance for people like me who aren't too lazy and can't stand English busses :P hehe)

It used to be a 4 bedroom house, but the first owners made the bathroom bigger
and used one of the rooms for it. So there are 3 bedrooms. And the back garden is quite big too.
I don't have green fingers like my mum so I want to dig all the green stuff out and deck it!
Maybe put some stone in. No plants or grass or dirt lol!
Only if my mum comes and helps me out :D

I want to get in there NOW!! I want to start working on it and show you the progress.
Will be fun to see before and after pictures. People will be amazed! ;)

But unfortunately there are still some issues revolving the house.. (Not our end..)
Long story.. So we have no idea when we will be moving in :(


Randomz 2

The cutest teddy EVER! :D

It was huge! Look at me next to it haha.

My bestest friend ever treated me to a Spa treatment earlier in the year.
Was lovely! ♥

Patience pays off

People who really know me, know how impatient I am..
It's not something I'm proud of. Not at all. I hate it about myself.
And I end up stressing out when I can't get what I want straight away..

I've been miserable for a very long time. Alot of bad things have happened the past few months..
And I did not think anything good would ever happen to me or my loved ones again..
It's easy to fall into "darkness" if everything around you is falling apart.
Usually you have at least one good thing that keeps you going..
I felt like I didn't have anything at all.

I won't go into too many details, but I have finally given my notice in where I have been working
for the past 18 months. I've been unhappy there for a while and I've tried to make things work,
but there has been too much that has gone against me and I had to give up in the end.

I'm sad that I had to quit.. But I feel I was forced. Won't bore people with the details..

I have been offered a job where I think I'll be happy and learn alot :) Only time will tell.
But I have not felt this good about myself for a very long time.

When I got the news yesterday I ran down a long corridor just to tell Ads about the news.
And then I jumped up and down like a maniac. Him and his friend got a good laugh :P
And I haven't stopped smiling since..

I've decided that I won't let anyone put me down again.
I will keep saying what I think and feel, no matter what the consequences are..
Life is too short to just get on with it.. It's not right.
Just wish more people were like me.

Here are a few pictures that show just how happy I feel at the moment.
I hope this feeling will stay with me for a while.

Some crazy nights at roller disco ♥ I miss it!

And this last one is just one of my favourite pics :p

I've been sober for 9 weeks!! Yep! :D I'm so proud of myself :P


This picture makes me smile :D I think I will start with a random pic daily.
Old or new pics.

I've had an amazing day. Will write about it tomorrow.
I'm too tired at the moment.
But it's good news for me. For once! Been too many bad things happening lately..

The bed is calling me! Til' tomorrow!

Mini me :D In Bosnia.. ♥

Lil' bit of everything

I'm still here.
You might see that if you follow my Tweets.

Weekend was quite relaxing.
Went to Ikea. I can't describe the feeling when I see the blue and yellow building..
It actually feels like home. It's ridiculous I know... But to me it's like being in our Ikea
in Stockholm. It looks the same and it's so Swedish. ♥ it.

Sunday was spent at the cinema. We finally watched Avatar.
And I loved every minute of it. Not the way some people do..
I just loved the story about "the people".. Their love for their land and heritage..
I can relate to that.
Beautifully made.

And then we went to Nandos. Not mentioned it for months!
Was delicious.

My crazy best friend has decided that we are going on a little trip sometime in spring.
It was between Paris, Barcelona, Milan and Italy. Some people might think: "Milan is in Italy".
Yes.. I know that. My friend didn't! Till I explained it all to her. She can make me laugh so much.
The things that girl says.. I sometimes wonder how she made it into uni ;) ♥
Ok I won't bully her too much.
We think we will be going to Barcelona..
(Her choice. Why? They have pools on the hotel roofs there) 
Even though I'd love to go explore Paris.
To see the Louvre would be an amazing experience.

We shall see where we end up.

The Louvre

The Eiffel Tower


Where would you go? If you had to choose between Paris and Barcelona.

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