Tomorrow morning we will be off! I can't wait.

This week has been so long, didnt think it would ever end.
I've not packed yet... I hate doing it..
I wish I could just leave it :P Not taking loads with me as I will most certainly be doing a bit of shopping
whilst we are there.

Our flight leaves at 11am, so don't need to wake up stupid o'clock.
We're going to the lounge again as it's so much easier to chill out before a long flight and have all the
drinks and food for free. Airports are always so bloody expensive. May as well take advantage of the lounge.

Bringing my Ipad so will be playing games on the 8 long hour trip..
I really don't like flying that long, but I haven't got a choice as I really want to go :P

I just hope we get a chance to relax on this holiday as a lot of it will be doing the touristy things like
museums and other historical things! I shall update my blogg when I'm back as I want to remember it when I grow old :P

I have really neglected my blogg last 2 years. I'm quite disappointed with myself.
I shall become better at it again..

Oh, we've added on one more thing to do whilst we are there. We will be going to a place called
Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey.
It's a huge amusement park with the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world..
I am so excited! and scared haha! We've been to one before in California and we loved it.

Cya later!

It's a wonderful life

At times...

So I've not blogged since I had the bad news. Which is in IVF terms a BFN or for people
that don't know what that means a Big Fat Negative.. We had our last 2 frozen embryos
transplanted and I had the test on the 16th of March.. It was another negative. Our 3rd..

I can't explain what I felt that day or the first two times. I'm not going to try.

We now have a 3 month break from it all before we can start a new fresh cycle.

So we wanted to take the opportunity and do something that we've wanted to do for a few years now.

On the 27th of May we will be flying to Philadelphia and stay there for 3 nights.
From there we will pick up a car and drive to Atlantic City for another 3 nights and then
onto Washington DC for 3 nights :D It does not end there.
Our last destination is New York City!! We will be staying there for 5 nights.
I am so excited!! The tickets are all paid for, so are the hotels.
Now we need spending money and then we're off!! :D

Another adventure with my love Adam. Without him I would not be able to smile or have hope
that we will one day be parents. Without him I would not be going places I'd only dreamt of.

Here are the 4 hotels we will be staying at :)

This is in Philly. A Marriott hotel. We got this for free as we've been saving up airmiles.
Saved us a fortune!

A casino as well as hotel :) So we will feel like we are in Vegas :P

The Henley in DC. It doesn't look anything special on the outside, but inside it's really nice.

And last, but not least The Jewel (facing Rockerfeller Center).
This one cost us as much as the 3 hotels would be combined!
But it's in a great location and rooms look clean!

I can't wait to go away. Will be taking lots of pictures and might be blogging when I'm there.
Depending on the internet connection.

Any of you been to any of these cities?
Would be nice to hear what you think and if you have any tips of what to see and not miss.

My 30th B-day Part 2

I had the best b-day a girl (woman??!!) could have ever wished for.

The most amazing time of my life :D 

And it was spent with the best boyfriend in the world and in my favourite city.
Las Vegas ♥

We had the weather on our side for the first few days and then the temperatures
halfed! We were all in shock. Even they were (Weather channel people)
But it perked up again after a few days. 
Did get our fair share of sunshine :) 

We also had a chance to do some of the things we've not done when we'd been there
before. We went and saw David Copperfield live :D He is the best illusionist in the world.
It was amazing!! No pics were allowed :/ But trust me when I say that I was like "WOW"
more than once :P
We went to a show too! It's called KÀ, it's one of those Cirque Du Soleil ones.
It was magical. Breathaking. Again no pics allowed :( 
But I would definately go back and see that same show as it was amazing.
We went to a German beer house. Where there is October fest every day haha.
That was one of my favourite nights. We spent a fortune, but it was worth it :P

I did a lot of shopping :$ We did say we weren't going to go mad!
But I got loads of $'s from my family and Ads' family so I could afford to go crazy :P
Here are a few pics to start it off.
Ads started spoiling me on the flight to Las Vegas.
My face when I saw the Champagne must have been priceless :P ♥
Enjoyed it a bit too much!
We got upgraded when we got to Las Vegas.
(For free.. I won't tell you why lol. It'll put people off from going to the hotel we stayed in)
To a room with a strip view and balcony :)
When I woke up in the morning, September 30th I was so giddy!
It was my b-day!!! :D
Ads gave me his present. It's private :$
And I opened all the cards I got from his family. 
He went and bought me my first pumpkin spice latte to start off the day!
It was delicious.
Some of my b-day cards :)

Our view from the balcony the first morning we woke up. My b-day!
Awww ♥
We spent some hours at the pool and then we went shopping :P 
And had our first REAL Coca Cola. God it's delicious over there!
Doesn't taste anything like it anywhere else in the world :(
Bought the sparkly pink Toms that I'd wanted all summer! Happy days.
New dress too :P (From Forever 21)
My B-day Cocktail :D Was yummy-licious!
Me with a cocktail and Ads with his favourite beers :P
Had an amazing day and night :) ♥

Want to go back :(

We've been back in rainy Manchester since Monday.. 
I am feeling so down at the moment :( 
I want to go back to our beloved Las Vegas!!
Had the best time of my life.
Will post pics and all that soon.
I was just too busy having fun to blog whilst I was there :P
But hoping to start blogging more frequently now that I'm back to reality. 

I've spent so much money over there and came home with LOADS of nice things.
Pictures to come! :D
Here is one taken from our balcony..
And one of the pool (and my toes haha!)
image description#
(Effect made with iPhone app called Instagram


Tried to post this earlier today from my phone, but it didn't work..
My holiday officially starts now!!!
We fly out tomorrow at about 12.30pm.
We have a 11 hour flight to look forward to :X
But it's gonna be worth it we land in Las Vegas!!! So excited!!
I've not packed yet.. I always leave it till last minute.
Not bringing much with me there as I intend on buying loads whilst I'm there :p
I should have free Internet on the room so will try and blog every other day.

Can't believe I will be back in our beloved Las Vegas tomorrow
and that I will wake up in Las Vegas on Friday and it will be my 30th b-day!!!!
I've now packed :) And I'm ready to go to sleep haha.
Just want it to be tomorrow morning!!

Almost time

Only 3 more sleeps till Sweden!! And 9 more sleeps till Las Vegas!!
Am I excited?? Helllllll YEAAAAAH!! Haha. I can't wait to go home on Friday.
Gutted it's only for the weekend, but that's better than not going!

Gonna have lots of yummy food and pre birthday cake :D 

Next 3 weekends will be abroad. 1 in Sweden and 2 in Las Vegas :D

I'll be blogging more whilst I'm there. As long as I got access to internet in the room.
Whilst Ads is having his naps I'll upload some pics and blog about our days :)
It's going to be fun for me, but hope that whoever reads my blog will enjoy it too!

Shopping - Las Vegas

I could write a book about the shopping in Las Vegas :P

But then again I love shopping in US of A :$
If you go there, you got to bring lots and lots of $'s, because you will want to buy
a lot of things!! :P
Some of my favourites shops are:
1. Forever21
I love this shop. It's so cheap it's stupid!
Love their clothes. You can find loads of nice things in there. 

2. Victorias Secret
I love their underwear! Especially the panties. 
The best quality underwear in the world!
Plus they are so nice/cute/sexy.
I shall be spending loads of money in there :P
3. Abercrombie & Fitch
I've blogged about this brand before. 
I love their clothes. Shame it's a bit expensive. 
But the quality is good. 
Hope to find a bargain in there this time around!
Some of the best malls I've seen:
1. Fashion Show Mall
This mall has it all.
All the best brands you can imagine. Not too posh.
Quite down to earth. 
And they've opened a new Forever21 shop there that I've not seen yet!
Can't wait!!
2. Miracle Mile (Planet Hollywood)

This one is pretty good too. You can find some bargains in here if you look around.
3. Forum Shops at Caesars
They have all the posh shops ie Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc...
But also a really cute (too bad it's small) Marc by Marc Jacobs shop.
And a big Juicy Couture shop.

Las Vegas Premium Outlet

If you don't care about buying things that are a few seasons old.
You will be able to find loads of bargains here. That's a promise. 
We always go there. More than once haha.
And we always end up coming back with bags and bags of things.
They've got a new Steve Madden shop there. Can't wait!!
(A shoe designer!! If you don't know what that is....)
I can't wait!!! :D
There are loads more shops, but these are my favourites ;)

Best Candy Places - Las Vegas

I love Candy :D Do you?!!

I'm sure you do ;) 
Everyone loves candy. I also love chocolate.
But I will class that as candy as well in this post.
Thought I'd let you know of some places where to find the best sweeties ;)

I've not been to all of them. YET! But will make sure I go this time :D
Didn't know about some of them... Until now.
1. Fuzziwig's Candy Factory

Found this one in Anaheim 2009. And was like ah-ma-zed with all the candy in there!!
They got anything you could imagine or want! Too much to be able to choose from!
I don't like it when I have too much to choose from haha :)
2. M & M's World

The name says it all! :D Perfect shop for everyone that loves M & M's.
I know I do! Awesome shop. You can't miss it.
They have some M&M characters outside the shop.

3. Godiva Chocolatier

Anyone that loves chocolate, will know about Godiva. 
They make some of the most delicious chocolate in the world. 
It's expensive, but it's worth it :) I shall visit this shop. 
Even if I only get a few bits and bobs from there.
4. Sugar Factory

I can't wait to go to this shop. I've only seen it online, but they have some really cool candy!
Like these.

These are sooooo meeee!! Sparkly lollipops!! :D Do I need to say more??

Places To Eat - Las Vegas

Okay, I'm going to list some of my favourite restaurants in Las Vegas :)

And a few places I've not tried yet, but will do in 4 weeks time!

Top 3:

1. Cheesecake Factory
It's at the Forum Shops at Caesars.
You might wonder why is she listing Cheesecake Factory?
It sounds like a place that sells Cheesecake.. Well it's sooo much more :)
They do have the most amazing cheesecakes ever! They are to die for.
And it means a lot coming from me.. I've never been a dessert person..
But their food is amazing too.
I usually have a pizza with 4 different slices. Ah-ma-zing!
So delicious it's untrue. Ads loves their pastas. 
The bread they serve you whilst you order is brilliant too!
2. Tony Romas
You can find it in Freeman Street (Old Town)
They are famous for their Ribs. And they are delicious!
They got plenty more to offer, but you should go somewhere
else if you want pasta and food like that. 
It would be a waste not to have the ribs! 
Fingerlicking good haha :p
3. Il Fornaio
Which you can find in New York New York Hotel/Casino is one of my favourite Italian restaurants.
Their food is just amazing. I have their calzone :) Because I love pizza!! Hehe.
Ads has tried different things. I usually stick to the same things :X
Oh and their bruschetta which you dip in olive oil is spectacular.
There are a few other places that you shouldn't miss if you had the chance to go.

I do like Dennys for their breakfasts. It's an old style diner. 
Some people don't like it.. But I love their pancakes with syrup and butter.
Uh oh, just thinking of it makes me hungry :P
Planet Hollywood had some good food, but it's cool to just go there as they have all these
old things from movies you've seen :) Quite cool!
Hooters.. Famous for it's boobs haha :P 
The food wasn't anything special, but it was funny to be there. 
Just to be able to say you've been ;) And if you like boobs, then it's a bonus for you.
Some places we will be going to are:
1. Wicked Spoon Buffet
It's a buffet that I've read lots of good reviews about. 
And the pictures from this place look so delicious.
It's at The Cosmopolitan.
2. Hash House A Go Go

Found the name quite amusing :P But the menu looks pretty cool too!
You get lots of food at this place. 
I'm not a big eater, but I shall try! ;)
3. Hofbräuhaus

A German restaurant that Ads wants to try. 
Think it's more for the beer than the food haha ;) 
Nah, the food looks pretty good too. We saw it on a programme
about Las Vegas and it looked cool!
4. Maggiano's Little Italy

I can't wait to try this place out. I love Italian food more than any other.
I am going to try their Ziti. I've never had it, but I've heard about it before.
Especially from watching Sopranos :P haha.
I shall let you know what I thought about these 4 places.


It looks like we won't be going to San Francisco :(
Ads has been looking around and he noticed that a lot of the hotels were sold out.
And some other ones that aren't anything special were very expensive. 
So he asked around on Twitter and was told that 45,000 people were going there
for some convention and it falls around the dates when we wanted to go :(

So the hotels know they can charge a lot more than normal for basic rooms.
And he was told it will be very busy at all the main attractions so if we only have 2 days
there it will be tough to fit it all in. So we've decided to leave San Francisco for this time.

We will be going there in the future :) 

We do want to go to LA now though. (Well it's more me than him haha)

We'll see how it unfolds. Only 4 weeks (tomorrow) till take off!!! :D


We will be in Las Vegas from the 29th of September till 9th of October.
We've done 1 week twice before and that was great.
Not sure why we chose to go a bit longer this time.
The longer the better I suppose! :)

But Ads is a bit unsure now. He is thinking it could be a bit too long.
And he thinks we should try and go somewhere for 2 nights while we are there.

Las Vegas is in the middle of nowhere.. You have to drive 4 hours to get anywhere.
So we've been thinking of maybe flying somewhere as it's quite cheap and doesn't take long.
Where did we think of going?

Well it's between Los Angeles and San Francisco :)
We've done LA 2 years ago, but San Francisco has always been a place we've both wanted to go to.
So we would either go back to LA and go to Six Flag/Magic Mountain for one day and the 2nd day we would go
back to Disney for a full day and then back to Vegas.
Or go San Fran and spend few days around Alcatraz, Fishermans warf/Golden Gate etc.

Decisions, decisions..
What would you do??

Hotel booked

Ads booked our hotel on Sunday morning.
He got a great deal! The same hotel is now well over £900.
We got it for £780 ;) Bargain!
Which one we chose? I'll tell you in a min :P

Ads is always looking around for holidays. It's what he does best!
Well besides building PC's and stuff like that.

He usually gets us really good deals when he books our holidays.
This year our flights were quite expensive, but we are flying with Virgin
and it's a direct flight. 10hrs 35 mins. And you get all your drinks and food for free
with them, so it's good :)

The hotel as I said was a bargain.
We opted out from the new and very modern Vdara.
It doesn't have a casino and the pool is not the biggest.

We also opted out of Trump as it's a bit off the strip and looks remote and
again the pool is small.

So which one did we go for?

Signatures at MGM Grand :D

We love it down that end of the strip. (South)
Our first stay was at MGM Grand and we like the casinos around that area.

Oh and look at the pools... That lazy river is going to be my favourite place during our
holiday :D

Look out for..

A Las Vegas Guide! :) 
One of my readers gave me the idea.
Tack/Thank you L :D

I will start it tonight. Will be posted over the weekend.

I'll make sure I cover as much as possible.
Let me know if there is something special you'd like to know.
(Pic from Google)
Collage made by me

Where to stay?

We've paid for the flights to Las Vegas. 
We go on the 29th of September (day before my b-day).
And we are flying with Virgin. First time we fly with them. 
Looking forward to it :) We got the lounge too before we fly.
Which means 3 hours of quiet before take off. And free drinks and food ;)
But the drinks and food are free on Virgin flights too.

The flight takes about 10 hours 35 mins. 
It's quite a long one, but hoping I'll cope.

The big question for us now is what hotel to stay at.
We've previously stayed at MGM Grand and Mirage.
But we want to try something different. 
We had kinda decided on TI (Treasure Island) as we found a good deal
and it's on a quite good location and the rooms looked alright and the pool is nice.
But then a day later Ads started mentioning Vdara, Trump, THE hotel (Mandalay Bay)
and Signature at MGM.
So I spent several hours looking at Tripadvisor and looked at all the pics.
I don't like reading reviews.. People usually moan about the silliest things..
One person said the bed was too soft at Vdara. Are you for real???
And a woman complained on free internet access as she had her iPhone with her..
Here are some pics of the hotels we've been looking at.
Which one would you prefer? :)
Signature at MGM
I just love this bathroom... 

TI  (Treasure Island)
The pool is nice
I'm not bothering showing THE Hotel (Mandalay Bay) as we both agreed we don't want
to stay there.

Ads has checked the prices again and TI has come up more expensive now,
so we might actually go for either Signature at MGM or Trump.
But I still fancy Vdara :X 

Decisions, decisions.

Going Back To.....

Las Vegas!!!!!!!  ♥
Me and Ads are going back to Las Vegas for my 30th B-day!!! 

We leave on the 29th of September, back on the 10th of October!
I'm so excited and giddy it's untrue!! :D

It was top 2 on my b-day wish list!! 
I couldn't possibly ask for anything else now :P
I am soooo happy!!! It's been over 2 years since we last went in June 2009.
And we have been longing ever since to go back to our beloved Vegas.

Aaaaaaah!!! Thanks to my wonderful bf! I love him to bits :D ♥
Thank you again!! xX
Some of my favourite moments in Vegas.
Got many, many more!! :) 
I can't wait!!! :D

Paris to Barcelona to Salou?

Just something we are thinking of maybe doing in August.
Depending on what our situation is like. 

Found cheap tickets to Paris and from there to Barcelona.
Found a beautiful hotel in Barcelona for a great price. 
We would stay there couple of nights before heading to Salou.
A lot of Ads' family will be there for 2 weeks. His uncle is celebrating his
50th b-day whilst over there, so we might go for a week.
We shall see how things pan out.
Would be fun though. Always wanted to go Paris and Barcelona.
Salou? Never heard of it before, but I do know there is a beach :P
(All pics from Google)

Tenerife - New Year 2011!

So we spent New Years Eve in Tenerife :) There was 24 of us all together.
Mad night to say the least ;)

The pics will do the talking!

My fabulous dress :P I could barely breathe in it.. The things we do to
look fab.. Haha. God I love to be tanned!!! It suits me soooo good ;)

Princess Belle :)

She makes me look black haha love it! ;)

They brought out party bags haha and everyone started acting out :p
I look like Zorro gone vampire clown :D

Ernesto! :)

Ads trying his hardest haha

He managed 3 here!!

Statue of Liberty vibe :P

Happy New Year 2011!!
There were loads more fireworks, I caught this at the end.
Was too busy wishing everyone a Happy New Year and dancing of course :P

Long Island Ice Tea. Yummy!

The day after New Years Eve the lads went to watch United play football at
the United bar. No women allowed haha. So I walked around a little town
next to the one we stayed in.

Borrowed Beckys hat.

Miss being able to wear almost nothing at all!!

And when most of the guys went to the water park I stayed back as
I don't like water slides at all. But I did do something I've wanted to
try for a while :)

You wonder what this is?

Fish SPA! It's like a foot massage :) I'm not ticklish so it was very
relaxing for me. Doubt a ticklish person could stand it tho :P

Our favourite Italian restaurant. (We ate there 3 nights!)
They make the best Calzone! The proper way.

Look at her face haha. She is soooo cheeky!!

Our last day me, Ads and his mum and dad went on an excursion.
I wish we had done it a day before, as I really wanted to relax our last day.
But it was a great experience. I learnt so much about Tenerife and the
Canary Islands. We went to Mount Teide which is a dormant volcano.
Next time we go to Tenerife I want to go to the top!! :D

Here are some pics

That's Teide in the background, it was supposed to be freezing up there
at times, but we were lucky :)

I love climbing rocks haha


Its skin was really weird.

Garachico, a small town that I fell in love with :)

Our last night. We had a delicious Indian banquet for 2.

I can't wait till we go back. Tenerife was amazing :)

Tenerife X-mas & New Year 2010/2011

So we went there on Christmas Day. The night before we had Ads'
uncle and our friend Ernie over for drinks and some snacks :)
We all got pretty merry ;) And then we started singing on my singstar.
I absolutely ♥ Singstar!! Only when I'm drunk and at home haha.
That was fun :)

But we had to wake up at 5 am next morning to go to the airport.
Ernie called us at 4.15 am asking if we're awake (he was going with us) haha.
I was awake at 4am :o Think I was too giddy/nervous..

We took our car and got to Manchester airport for 6am. It was like -12 degrees
when we left.. We had the free lounge, but I was too hungover from the night
before to drink too much Haha ;) Had a glass of rose.. Was Christmas morning after all!!
We were the loudest in there.. You'd think it was a funeral..
So I put Shakin Stevens on my iPhone and played "Merry Christmas Everyone"!
Haha, that woke them up :P

We flew with Thomsons... And the seats were too small, not enough leg room for me or
Ads. We are both quite tall.. And we did not sit next to each other!! For 4hrs.. Not happy.

But when we got out of the plane and I felt the hot, warm air outside I was smiling
and I realised that "THIS is LIFE!". What a completely weird experience to be in a hot
country when it should be freezing. As soon as we got to our room I put my bikini on and
forced Ads to walk to the beach with me haha. And then we had to get ready for X-mas dinner..
I am happy I had steak... The rest of them had the "English X-mas dinner"...
They weren't too pleased. But in the end we all had a fab day/night :)

Here are some pics! Might do another blog post as this one is massive :$

First day :)

"Christmas dinner".

Me and Will :)

The lil rascal! Janae :) ♥ She said I gave her beer! I did NOT! Haha.
Next morning she came to me and said "Remember last night when we
were drunk!" Hahaha, she is so cheeky!!

My future mother and father in law :) ♥

We won a music Quiz and this was our prize haha

I felt very pretty this night :)

I thought this was hillarious :P

They're so cute and adorable!! :P

We played card bingo.. But we didn't win. Close though!

Ads failing to raise one eyebrow :P hahaha

But I show him how it's done :P

Caught the 2011!! It kept flashing and most pictures only show "20" haha.

Tomorrow I'll post more pics, the New Years Eve ones :D and many more.
God I want to go back when I look at these pics :$

Merry Christmas!!!

Or Feliz Navidad!! (Spanish ;) haha)

Having a cup of cappuccino before we head to the airport.
I will try and blog whilst I'm away, but not sure where or if they'll have a good
wifi connection anywhere.

Have yourself a very MERRY CHRISTMAS with your loved ones today :D
Be nice to each other, eat and drink! ;)

Why thank you ;)
I'm quite giddy now!!!

Florida 2010

Okay, I really need to finish this before I go to Tenerife. 
I never used to be so bad at blogging and updating,
but this year I've had Zero motivation.
Hoping it'll be a better year next year! :)

Here are the rest of the pics from our amazing and wonderful trip to Orlando.
I wish I was back there when I look at these pictures :)
Such an amazing place to be with loved ones ♥

If you ever think twice about going there, don't!! Just do it! With or without kids.

It's a wonderful/magical place to be.

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