Places To Eat - Las Vegas

Okay, I'm going to list some of my favourite restaurants in Las Vegas :)

And a few places I've not tried yet, but will do in 4 weeks time!

Top 3:

1. Cheesecake Factory
It's at the Forum Shops at Caesars.
You might wonder why is she listing Cheesecake Factory?
It sounds like a place that sells Cheesecake.. Well it's sooo much more :)
They do have the most amazing cheesecakes ever! They are to die for.
And it means a lot coming from me.. I've never been a dessert person..
But their food is amazing too.
I usually have a pizza with 4 different slices. Ah-ma-zing!
So delicious it's untrue. Ads loves their pastas. 
The bread they serve you whilst you order is brilliant too!
2. Tony Romas
You can find it in Freeman Street (Old Town)
They are famous for their Ribs. And they are delicious!
They got plenty more to offer, but you should go somewhere
else if you want pasta and food like that. 
It would be a waste not to have the ribs! 
Fingerlicking good haha :p
3. Il Fornaio
Which you can find in New York New York Hotel/Casino is one of my favourite Italian restaurants.
Their food is just amazing. I have their calzone :) Because I love pizza!! Hehe.
Ads has tried different things. I usually stick to the same things :X
Oh and their bruschetta which you dip in olive oil is spectacular.
There are a few other places that you shouldn't miss if you had the chance to go.

I do like Dennys for their breakfasts. It's an old style diner. 
Some people don't like it.. But I love their pancakes with syrup and butter.
Uh oh, just thinking of it makes me hungry :P
Planet Hollywood had some good food, but it's cool to just go there as they have all these
old things from movies you've seen :) Quite cool!
Hooters.. Famous for it's boobs haha :P 
The food wasn't anything special, but it was funny to be there. 
Just to be able to say you've been ;) And if you like boobs, then it's a bonus for you.
Some places we will be going to are:
1. Wicked Spoon Buffet
It's a buffet that I've read lots of good reviews about. 
And the pictures from this place look so delicious.
It's at The Cosmopolitan.
2. Hash House A Go Go

Found the name quite amusing :P But the menu looks pretty cool too!
You get lots of food at this place. 
I'm not a big eater, but I shall try! ;)
3. Hofbräuhaus

A German restaurant that Ads wants to try. 
Think it's more for the beer than the food haha ;) 
Nah, the food looks pretty good too. We saw it on a programme
about Las Vegas and it looked cool!
4. Maggiano's Little Italy

I can't wait to try this place out. I love Italian food more than any other.
I am going to try their Ziti. I've never had it, but I've heard about it before.
Especially from watching Sopranos :P haha.
I shall let you know what I thought about these 4 places.


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