Food for thought

This is in Swedish and it says

'At one point you will realise that there are people who are still in your heart, but not in your life' 💔

10 years of loving you

10 years ago I met my other half.

I could probably write a whole book about our 10 years together, but all that matters is that we are still together. 

I loved you then, I love you now and I will love you always. 

Day 3

Today I had to leave my daughter at nursery for an hour as she starts on Monday for three hours a day. 

I was so upset and worried this morning.

We got there for 9 am and she seemed a bit shy at first. She said she wanted to dress up. So got one of the Princess dresses on her. I then had to leave for an hour as they wanted her to settle in without me.. I went across the road and had a coffee, was so worried she would have been crying for me. An hour later I walked back in and stood and watched her for a minute and she was fine!

She saw me and said 'hi mamma' with a big smile. They told me she had been great and not cried when I left. 
So proud of my little girl. Think it was more me being worried!

Can't believe she is starting nursery. 
Felt so many mixed feelings today, but I know it's the right thing to do.

My little baby girl is growing up...

My world

No more words needed ❤

Go F*** yourself

You know who you are.

Why settle?

I know a lot of people who settle for someONE rather than THE ONE.

I really don't know. I know it can be difficult to end a long relationship if you have commitments like a mortgage, a child maybe, but in the end is it worth being with someone who you don't feel completely happy with? Someone who you argue with constantly?

I can't say that my relationship is perfect, far from it, but I do love my other half. We have had our ups and downs, but I truly feel he is the ONE. He makes me laugh, he cares for me and is there for me no matter what. He doesn't lie to me and he respects me. He would never tell me what I can and can't do. I wouldn't tell him he could not go out a Saturday night if he wanted to. Why? We both work hard and provide for our family, our daughter.
We still do things as a family.

Don't settle ladies and gents. Life is so short. Don't waste time and energy on someONE. You deserve the ONE.

Lady Gaga!!

I am going to see her LIVE again!!!! :D

On 9th of September here in Manchester!

I really can't wait. I'm so excited. Her last concert was one of the best ones
i've ever been too so I know she won't disappoint me this time either ;)

I got my tickets delivered yesterday. Only ordered them last week :D

Going home!

2 weeks tomorrow it's time to go back to Sweden :D I can't wait!!

Not been home since September :(

Going for 5 days so a bit longer than last time.

Will have enough time to meet my family and friends!

And eat lots of yummy food and of course do some shopping too ;)

This is what I'm looking forward to the most though..


After seeing my family of course ;)

It's also my little sisters 10th b-day whilst I'm there :D
Can't believe she is 10. Remember when she was a little baby.
She is growing up too fast!!
Hope she likes my present that I will be getting her!! :)
She is 10 now, so can't buy her anymore dolls and stuff.
But she isn't in that stage either when girls like Justin Bieber for example haha.
Maybe few more years to go :P

I can't wait to get on the plane!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Home sweet home :)

Missing you

Yesterday it was 2 years since we lost Diane to cancer.
It feels like yesterday...

I missed you yesterday Diane, I miss you today and I will miss you every day till
I see you again ♥

Here are some of the pictures I love the most of Diane :)
They always put a smile on my face.

5 years

Yesterday was 06/02/2012.

06/02/2007 was the first time I met Adam in real life :)
And that was the day I fell in love with him.
Might sound corny and silly, but it is the truth!

We have been through a lot since we met. Heart ache, happiness, sadness.
And much more...

He is not only my boyfriend. He is my best friend.
The only one I can trust completely apart from my mum.
I would not have been able to do half the things I've done in the last 5 years if it
wasn't for him. I wish we have another 50 together :D

I look forward to having his babies and seeing the rest of the world with him :D

Here is a picture I just made.
The picture of us to the left is 5 years ago and the one to the right is from Jan :)
I think we have changed a lot.

I love you Adam. Then, now and forever ♥

And here is a song that I thing is fitting for us.

X-mas 2011

Here is a collage from Xmas Eve and Xmas Day 2011.

My mum came to visit us for a week and her cousin came with her.

It was lovely to have my mum here :) She spoilt me rotten!
Made loads of lovely food! Best xmas dinner everrrrr! :D

2 weeks to go!

My mamma is coming to see us in 2 weeks time! :D

I can't wait to show her around. It will be interesting for sure. 
She doesn't speak English... So I will be translating all the time..
As per usual..
Oh well, will be worth it! She is coming here with her cousin.

We've been stripping the walls in the spare bedroom and need to wallpaper it now,
put flooring down and throw a bed in it :) 
We bought a bed last week and I got my favourite wallpaper.
I can't wait to see it all finished. 
Bit stressed though.. 2 weeks to get a lot sorted out. 

We can do it though!

I just want my mamma to come and see us :) 
She will be cooking Swedish Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.
Soooo looking forward to that. As I don't like English Christmas dinner :$
Me and my mamma ♥

My 30th B-day Part 1

I am going to post a lot of pictures and different blog post from our trip to Las Vegas.

But I want to start with my B-day back home in Sweden.
As I spent the weekend before we went to Las Vegas back home in Sweden :D

It was a lot of fun and I can't thank my mamma enough for making it perfect for me.

My yummy B-day cake :D
No, I'm not 3 years, but the whole cake would have been filled with candles... -_-
hahaha. So 1 stands for 10 years.. You do the maths ;)
Me, Ads and my cousins daughter :)
Mamma, Ads and Adelina
Me, mamma and my lil brother (yes he is younger than me!!)
Me and my mamma ♥
Me and my auntie that spoilt me rotten!! :D
Me, lil sister and her mum :)
My dad, me and my nana :)
Ads, me and my cousin Kevin :D
I can't thank them enough for making my pre B-day amazing!
Love them ALL to bits xx ♥

Only One Thing

Flying home to Sweden tomorrow night!
Our flight leaves Liverpool airport at about 8pm. 
We will be landing at 11.20pm local time. 
Aaaaaah!! So excited!!
My mums paid for both our flights and I'm so greatful to her ♥
She wanted me to come home for my 30th b-day, but it'll be spent in Vegas
so she said I should come the week before! :) 
She has made all my favourite food and desserts. 
Can't wait to see my family and EAT :D haha xx
Soooo happy!! Been so excited all day.
Only working half day tomorrow. 
Then straight home to do some cleaning and get going to the airport!
There is only one thing I want with me back from Sweden. 
And it's this poncho. I do wish it will be in the shop when I go there on Sunday.
Only in Sweden for the weekend so won't have time to shop at all, but
going to one of the malls local to my mums and fingers crossed they still have this in stock!

Missing You

I am missing someone so much today :'( 
Wish she was here today on her day. 
Diane, it's your b-day today and I wish I could hug you and wish you
a Happy B-day. It's so unfair. We miss you every day. 
Words can't explain how much you are missed and loved D.
I miss you so much ♥


I am going home to Sweden and my mamma for my 30th b-day.
Well a week before my actual b-day. Will be flying there late on the 23rd,
and only have 2 full days to see my lovely family ♥ But it's more than enough :)

I can't believe I will be eating princess cake for my b-day! :D Yay!!

This is a princess cake. It's a traditon in Sweden to eat one of these for your b-day.
Delicious!! :D Can't wait!!! So excited. And then when we get back to England,
I'll only have 2 days before we go to Las Vegas!! Perfect 30th b-day!!
(And people who know me... You know I don't like September month.. )

But this one time I actually look forward to it. Fingers crossed it all works out..

Could I?

Spoke to my mum yesterday. She was asking me if I could come home before
we go to Las Vegas. She said she'd pay for the flights.
I really want to go!! She said it would be for my b-day :P

We leave for Vegas on the 29th and my b-day is the 30th.
So we would have to go the weekend before. Only one problem..
I'm working that Saturday. Have to see if I can swap it or get it off!

We'd go on Friday 23rd and come back on the 26th. So would only have 2 full days.
It will be intense, but I've done it before.
And it would be worth it to spend my "30th b-day" with my family ♥

Going to speak to my manager tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!

Me and my mum for my 20th I think... God... That feels like a life time ago.
I was a totally different person back then... I'd love to go back and speak to my old self!

And I'd love to have that flawless skin and hair :P haha

Coca Cola

People who know me really well all know that I love Coca Cola!
It's my favourite thing in the whole wide world.. 
If I had to choose between Coca Cola or Chocolate for the rest of my life
I would choose Cola! (and I love Chocolate) haha.


I have now started to collect some different Coca Cola bottles.
Ads bought me these 3 few weeks ago.
They're designed by Karl Lagerfeld. How cool is that?
Uber cool!!

And today I found these in Selfridges.
Another 2 limited edition bottles :) Especially made for the 125th Anniversary.
I'm going to try and get lots more different bottles :D
Do you like Coca Cola? ♥

Lotso Hugging

I must be one of very few women who don't like V-day. 
Not sure why I don't like it, never have :/ Just think it's silly. 
Why should you only be romantic and show your love with gifts once
a year? I love my bf all year round, don't need him to buy me
gifts/chocolates/cards on a set day of the year. Would much prefer a gift
when I lease expect it. But that did not stop him from getting me something anyways..
He always does that even though I've told him not to!! Grrr!!!
Okay I sound awful now :P But I did ♥ the gifts he got me!
Especially this one! As I've wanted it since Christmas haha.
Lotso Hugging bear!! He is so cuddly and he smells delicious!!! I looooove it!!
(He is from Toy Story 3 IF you haven't seen it ;) Haha)
And he also got me these. 

We love Disney movies :D We now have 18 Disney Blu rays!! :p
Yes, we are big kids!!!


To be this tanned and happy again. I would love to be somewhere warm right now.
Where the sun shines all the time and you don't have to worry about freezing if
you go out at night. Laying on the beach hearing the waves and the sea is one of the
most calming things for me. And then jumping in the cold-ish water to cool down and
just release all the tension you might feel. That is life. I want to be tanned!
Like in this picture. I feel so pretty when I got a tan like that :$

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