My 30th B-day Part 1

I am going to post a lot of pictures and different blog post from our trip to Las Vegas.

But I want to start with my B-day back home in Sweden.
As I spent the weekend before we went to Las Vegas back home in Sweden :D

It was a lot of fun and I can't thank my mamma enough for making it perfect for me.

My yummy B-day cake :D
No, I'm not 3 years, but the whole cake would have been filled with candles... -_-
hahaha. So 1 stands for 10 years.. You do the maths ;)
Me, Ads and my cousins daughter :)
Mamma, Ads and Adelina
Me, mamma and my lil brother (yes he is younger than me!!)
Me and my mamma ♥
Me and my auntie that spoilt me rotten!! :D
Me, lil sister and her mum :)
My dad, me and my nana :)
Ads, me and my cousin Kevin :D
I can't thank them enough for making my pre B-day amazing!
Love them ALL to bits xx ♥


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