Xmas Shopping

Some people might think it's too early to start the christmas shopping..
(Including Ads...)
I started my christmas shopping last Friday! And I've spent hours online
tonight looking for personal gifts for my loved ones :)
I've already found a bit. Still got a few more to go.
Why is it always so hard to find something for the men in the family??

I have NO idea what to get Ads' dad and 2 brothers... Argh!!
Will have to think of something...
And it's Ads' 30th b-day in about a month.. No idea what to get him :/

Always so much easier to buy things for girls :P
Because I know what I'd like haha ;) 

Has anyone else started their christmas shopping??

My Christmas wishlist is not long :P

1. Would love for my mum to come here for Xmas!!
2. A onepiece... Didn't like the look of these before.. 
But I'm so cold lately and it would deffo keep me warm!
3. A new watch. I love the one I have, but want a casual one.

That's all :)


I'm at it again :$ I never get enough looking at new clothes!

This time it's some things from Gina Tricot (Of course)

I like this top and these cute shorts. Would wear them with black tights and my new
Steve Madden platforms! Love it!

Really love these colours. I want the cardigan and the US top a lot!
Might have to ask my mum to get it for me :) 
Wish there was a way for me to shop on Gina Tricot from England!! :(

Katy Perry 2011 - Part 2

I'm going to watch Katy Perry LIVE again!!!
Twice in one year :D I'm so excited!!
Ads got me the tickets the other day. 
Last time I went was in March and she performed at the Apollo.
This time she is coming to the MEN Arena and I got Standing tickets!
I'm gonna be dancing and screaming throughout the concert :P
Not sure what to wear. Last time I went I was inspired by her song "Peacock".
Might do a different theme on Monday.. It's Halloween after all ;)

****Starts thinking about an amazing outfit****
Last time :)
Peacock make up :)
I ♥ Katy Perry!!!

And Ads for getting me the tickets again :D Thank you!

TV Shows

I've started watching some new TV shows that I like. 


I really like it. It's dark and twisted. 
Like me :P haha
It's about a girl that has a dark secret and only one thing on her mind.
Revenge. Awesome :) 


This is not a new show, but I only recently started and finished watching
Season 1. And I absolutely loved it. So smart, funny and oh so....?
I can't wait for season 2!
You just can't help liking the gentleman on the left :P
Can you? ;)
It's about lawyers. Not gonna say more. Watch it!
Love Bites

Watched season 1 a while ago and I really enjoyed it.
It's hard to explain this one.
It's about a few people that don't know each other,but their lives are connected somehow.
It's funny and romantic :) 

There is one that I've not started watching yet, but I'm going to watch the 1st episode this
weekend. (1st episode was out last week)
It's called Once Upon A Time. From 2 of the Producers of Lost!
I have high expectations on this show..
I've counted the shows I'm currently watching and there is more than 20!!
I know.. I'm crazy.. But I do love my shows.. 

I'm still so behind on some of them as I missed a lot whilst on holiday.
But I want to save some for when the winter holiday starts and they stop
the shows for weeks and weeks..
Oh and I have to mention one more!
It's not new.. But it's one of the best shows ever!!
You should watch it f you like zombies.. Well you should still watch it!!
The Walking Dead

Season 2 started few weeks ago. And it's just so AWESOME!!
I was going to put a picture of one of the zombies on here, but it might
scare some people off :P They make them look so scary it's untrue!
Have a look! You won't regret it.

My 30th B-day Part 2

I had the best b-day a girl (woman??!!) could have ever wished for.

The most amazing time of my life :D 

And it was spent with the best boyfriend in the world and in my favourite city.
Las Vegas ♥

We had the weather on our side for the first few days and then the temperatures
halfed! We were all in shock. Even they were (Weather channel people)
But it perked up again after a few days. 
Did get our fair share of sunshine :) 

We also had a chance to do some of the things we've not done when we'd been there
before. We went and saw David Copperfield live :D He is the best illusionist in the world.
It was amazing!! No pics were allowed :/ But trust me when I say that I was like "WOW"
more than once :P
We went to a show too! It's called KÀ, it's one of those Cirque Du Soleil ones.
It was magical. Breathaking. Again no pics allowed :( 
But I would definately go back and see that same show as it was amazing.
We went to a German beer house. Where there is October fest every day haha.
That was one of my favourite nights. We spent a fortune, but it was worth it :P

I did a lot of shopping :$ We did say we weren't going to go mad!
But I got loads of $'s from my family and Ads' family so I could afford to go crazy :P
Here are a few pics to start it off.
Ads started spoiling me on the flight to Las Vegas.
My face when I saw the Champagne must have been priceless :P ♥
Enjoyed it a bit too much!
We got upgraded when we got to Las Vegas.
(For free.. I won't tell you why lol. It'll put people off from going to the hotel we stayed in)
To a room with a strip view and balcony :)
When I woke up in the morning, September 30th I was so giddy!
It was my b-day!!! :D
Ads gave me his present. It's private :$
And I opened all the cards I got from his family. 
He went and bought me my first pumpkin spice latte to start off the day!
It was delicious.
Some of my b-day cards :)

Our view from the balcony the first morning we woke up. My b-day!
Awww ♥
We spent some hours at the pool and then we went shopping :P 
And had our first REAL Coca Cola. God it's delicious over there!
Doesn't taste anything like it anywhere else in the world :(
Bought the sparkly pink Toms that I'd wanted all summer! Happy days.
New dress too :P (From Forever 21)
My B-day Cocktail :D Was yummy-licious!
Me with a cocktail and Ads with his favourite beers :P
Had an amazing day and night :) ♥

My 30th B-day Part 1

I am going to post a lot of pictures and different blog post from our trip to Las Vegas.

But I want to start with my B-day back home in Sweden.
As I spent the weekend before we went to Las Vegas back home in Sweden :D

It was a lot of fun and I can't thank my mamma enough for making it perfect for me.

My yummy B-day cake :D
No, I'm not 3 years, but the whole cake would have been filled with candles... -_-
hahaha. So 1 stands for 10 years.. You do the maths ;)
Me, Ads and my cousins daughter :)
Mamma, Ads and Adelina
Me, mamma and my lil brother (yes he is younger than me!!)
Me and my mamma ♥
Me and my auntie that spoilt me rotten!! :D
Me, lil sister and her mum :)
My dad, me and my nana :)
Ads, me and my cousin Kevin :D
I can't thank them enough for making my pre B-day amazing!
Love them ALL to bits xx ♥

Want to go back :(

We've been back in rainy Manchester since Monday.. 
I am feeling so down at the moment :( 
I want to go back to our beloved Las Vegas!!
Had the best time of my life.
Will post pics and all that soon.
I was just too busy having fun to blog whilst I was there :P
But hoping to start blogging more frequently now that I'm back to reality. 

I've spent so much money over there and came home with LOADS of nice things.
Pictures to come! :D
Here is one taken from our balcony..
And one of the pool (and my toes haha!)
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