Till we meet again

I'm sipping on some rose and waiting for time to pass.
I'm too giddy to sleep at the moment.
Even if I tried.... I'd just lay there in bed and think about stuff.

So instead I'm listening to Hurts album and having a few glasses of a lovely rose.

My holiday officially started at 6pm :p

We are flying out at 11.45am tomorrow.

We will be in Orlando around 4pm local time. Which is about 9pm UK time and
10pm Swedish time!

Can't wait to have a real American Coca Cola. Hahaha. That's the first thing I'll be getting :P
After that? Not sure! :D

I hope I'll be able to blog whilst I'm there. Will try and sort something out.

Yes, I'm saying this to myself haha!

Cya later ;)

(Pics from Google)

Prince of Persia

I loved this movie!

It was funny, well made, interesting and just good.
No more to say :P

Watch it if you haven't already.

It gets ♥♥♥♥+ out of ♥♥♥♥♥

(Pic from Google)

2 nights sleep and 1 day in work!

Till I go away!!!!

Florida here we come! :D

I can't believe it. It's still so surreal. Got most of the stuff packed already,
all the $'s have been ordered and received, we have most of the park/attraction tickets.

All I need now is tomorrow to go as smooth as possible..

My last day in work for 2 whole weeks. I do enjoy my job (most times), but I really need a break.
It's not like me to have no summer holiday or any other holiday..
I've only been home once this year, and that was for 2 days :(
So this holiday is well deserved. We've not had the best year.. It started quite badly and all
we want now is a good holiday. To switch off and enjoy ourselves.

I can't wait!! :D

I won't be bringing our laptop as it needs a new battery, but I will try and blog once in a while.
I will be taking loads of pictures as usual ;)

Few pictures from last years trip to US of A. (I love that country so much)

Love Minnie :p

At a Baseball game :)
I love cotton candy haha.

Grand Canyon.. What an experience.

Our favourite place (Ok, my all time favourite place.)
If I had to choose one place where I could go forever and just one place.
I would choose Las Vegas :) ♥

Get him to the greek

Amazingly funny movie. I mean it!
It almost made me cry several times :P

I'd recommend it to everyone!

This scene was hillarious :D

Jonah Hill is a an awesome actor and funny as f*** :P
Russel Brand was pretty hillarious himself, you can't help but liking him in this role.

Watch it!

It gets ♥♥♥♥♥ out of ♥♥♥♥♥!! 

Matty: Man, that opening party was incredible. Check out the pictures on myspace. There's one of me eating cheese off some girl's titties.
Aaron Green: Please just lie to me and say I didn't miss another awesome party.
Matty: You missed an awesome party. I woke up with glitter on my dick.


Jonathan Snow: I'm responsible for your talent, son. I wrote all your songs off the tip of my cock.
Aldous Snow: Yeah, I just don't get how talent can be contained in one's spunk.

Lmao!! You got to watch this.

Quote off IMDB's website and pics from Google!

Wonderful Life

Beautiful song by Hurts.
Did not know about them until a friend of mine told me to listen to one of
their songs called Illuminated. I like both of these songs. They're different.
Maybe you'll like them too.

"Time waits for no one"....

Good old list

Mood: Tired and excited

Clothes: My comfy mens bathrobe (womens ones are too short!)

Hairdo: Getting ridiculously hard to sort out. Messy!

Doing: Nothing.. Should be sleeping, but can't. Listening to music.

Wanting: Things I can't have..

Hear: Leontina (balkan music)

Will: Be positive and not give up.

Should: Sleep

Yesterday: Was yet another rainy day in Manchester

Today: It rained like there was no tomorrow

Tomorrow: I have another eventful day of work to look forward to..

Waiting for: Next week! (Holidaaaaay)

Wishing: For something very little,but oh so precious.

Wondering: Why me

Last party

Ok last weekend I went out for a friends B-day, we work together so a few people that
were in my training came too and some new people I've not met before.
All in all a great night as I ended up coming home just before 5 am and had to wake up at 9 to go hiking :X haha.
Was well worth it tho ;)

Only took a few pics, because I was too busy dancing and being social! :P
Some of the pictures won't make it on here.. Why? They're just too mad ;)

First place we went to and had quite a few drinks.

2nd place (Good old Revolution). I'm the tallest person every time I go out :(
No matter who I go out with.. They're all short!! And I feel stupid, so I bend down,
and then I look silly in pictures.. I won't be doing that no more! I will stand straight!

Don't ask :P hahaha, these two are totally mental.

Last place, called Poptastic and it's in the Village (and the best!!)
Totally wasted. (Most of them ;) not me!!!)

I love going out in the gay village, because you don't get harassed by boys haha! :D

I am going out tonight (Again!). Not sure what I will wear as I got nothing left!!
And not feeling too great, but it is a close friends B-day and I don't want to miss it!


Been watching quite a few movies the last few weeks. Some good, some really bad.

Last movie we watched was Iron Man 2. I was expecting more from it for some reason.
It was okey, but not as good as I expected.

3 ♥'s out of 5.

Love Scarlett :P

We also watched Grownups. I thought it would be a rubbish movie, but I kinda liked it.
It had some big names in it like Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade,
Kevin James, Rob Schneider amongst others.

I thought it was quite funny at times, not "so funny you cry funny", but got a few "ha-ha's" out of me.
A feel good movie.
I'd recommend it.

It also gets 3 ♥'s out of 5.

One of the worst movies I've seen in a while was Clash of the Titans, I know it's not a new movie,
but we thought we'd give it a go.. Utter waste of our time..

It only gets 1 ♥.

Also watched The Expendables... I love Jason Statham (hot!) and Jet Li, but there were some other heavy names involved too.. 
The film was just ridiculously bad!! Sylvester Stallone, writing and directing...
Guess that speaks for itself..
And what has he done to himself? (Sylvester Stallone) He looks like 100 operations gone wrong.. 

Some of the scenes were quite good, but they reminded me a bit too much of Rambo 4..

It only gets 2 ♥'s.

Have you seen any of them? Did you like some more than me? Less? Tell me ;)

Dreams coming true!!

I am going swimming with dolphins!!! Yes I am!!! :D I am the happiest person right now!
Ads told me today because he thought someone would slip and tell me before my Birthday!
I've always loved dolphins, since I was a kid and I used to watch Flipper!! Haha.
They are such amazing and beautiful creatures and swimming with them will be such
an awesome experience!! :D

We are going to a place called Discovery Cove in Orlando on my Birthday!! 3 weeks tomorrow!!

They have a tropical reef and a place called the Aviary where they have loads of beautiful birds
like Parrots! :D I have always wanted a parrot :p

Can't wait to take loads of pictures!!

Can't wait!! :) It looks beautiful.
You get all inclusive. Breakfast, lunch, free drinks all day (including beer) and fruit!!

So cute! I want to feed them too!

Nights out

It feels like I've been going out every weekend. And I still got 2 more nights out before the holidays!

It's been fun though :) Only problem was finding what clothes to wear! :p
I didn't drink few of the times we went out as I felt like I needed a break from it.
Saved loads of money too! ;)

Here are some pics from 2 weeks ago.

From a night out with Adams sister and family.
It was hers and his brothers gf's B-day.
Was fun until later on when we went to a Chinese karaoke bar... What a horrible place.

Me and Janette, one of the B-day girls.

One angle, taken from his sisters cam.

Different angle, my cam :) ♥

Meeee and his sister :) The other B-day girl!


I hate iTunes... Honestly.. First time I decide to be a "good girl" and actually BUY a song what happens??
It bloody erases ALL my songs on my iPod.. Yes. Every single song!!!
I have no idea how that happened or why :( I have tried several things to try and get them back on my phone,
but it's not working!! I need my music!!!!!

 <---------------------- ME!!!

(Pictures Google)


My iPhone is broke :( and I have tried everything in my power to sort it out.. I am waiting for Ads
to come home as he has had the same issue not long ago and I'm hoping he will have a solution for it..
One thing though.. Even if it gets sorted out I will have lost everything :( My contacts, pictures,apps....
Everything. I want to cry :(

(I'm an idiot cuz I never backed my stuff up...)

My half day today and I've spent it on trying to sort my bloody phone/iTunes out... What a waste.
Just want to throw it out the window and never see it again!!!

Bits and bobs

Bought two things on Saturday when I went out to get some things for the holiday.
I was supposed to buy myself a pair of flat espadrilles to walk around Orlando in :)
And also two new nail polishes.
I did not come home with either of those.

Instead I ended up with this.

Excuse the horrible orange background, it is our gaming mouse mat haha. (Me and Ads are Geeks!)

The eyeshadows are just amazing. The colours are so nice!! Bought it for £5.99! Bargain!
Just think of it as 50p a colour haha. (That's how I think of it :P )

And the ring.. I just fell for it! So big and cute! Not the ring I'd usually wear as it's a bit too girly for me :P
But it will be nice to some of the clothes I'll be wearing whilst on holiday.
Only cost me £1.50!! May as well have been free haha.


Victorias Secret is another favourite store of mine in US of A.
I usually buy quite a few things in there :D
They have the nicest underwear ever :$

But I also fancy a pair of their comfy trousers this time. And maybe a set of nightwear.
I don't sleep in pyjamas.. But they're comfy to wear whilst you're at home, chilling!

These are my favourites. The yellow pants are so me! The colour is so awesome.

Their lipglosses are so good I have a couple already and I love them.
Hoping to go home with at least 2 of the things above. Let's see how it goes ;)

Victorias Secret

Forever 21 again

I will be bankrupt by the time I come back to England from our holiday in Florida :P
There are so many nice things in this store it's not even true. And lets not talk about the prices.
Too cheap!! :D But the quality is quite alright for the price. I've paid more for some things in other stores
and they've not lasted as long as some of my clothes from Forever 21.
I just hope it will all still be in the stores in 3 weeks time!! :D (or at least some of it haha)

My favourites out of these items is the bag. It's gorgeous, just the colour I want.
The long black maxi boob tube dress.
I like the shorts and also the red sweater with flowers.
Let's face it, I want all of it ;)

Forever 21

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