New lovelies

I bought these the other week when we were out shopping for a suitcase.
We ended up with a Samsonite (was a bargain).
And I got these beautiful flip flops! 
They cost a bit more than I would usually pay for flip flops, but they are
just too adorable. Right?
I can't usually wear flip flops, they hurt between the toes.. I hope these are going to be okay.
Either way they will be worn!! hehe


I love Lady Gaga as you already may know ;) 

This is one of my favourites at the moment,

Enjoy! ♥

Hotel booked

Ads booked our hotel on Sunday morning.
He got a great deal! The same hotel is now well over £900.
We got it for £780 ;) Bargain!
Which one we chose? I'll tell you in a min :P

Ads is always looking around for holidays. It's what he does best!
Well besides building PC's and stuff like that.

He usually gets us really good deals when he books our holidays.
This year our flights were quite expensive, but we are flying with Virgin
and it's a direct flight. 10hrs 35 mins. And you get all your drinks and food for free
with them, so it's good :)

The hotel as I said was a bargain.
We opted out from the new and very modern Vdara.
It doesn't have a casino and the pool is not the biggest.

We also opted out of Trump as it's a bit off the strip and looks remote and
again the pool is small.

So which one did we go for?

Signatures at MGM Grand :D

We love it down that end of the strip. (South)
Our first stay was at MGM Grand and we like the casinos around that area.

Oh and look at the pools... That lazy river is going to be my favourite place during our
holiday :D


I'm filled with sadnes. Utterly overwhelmed with sadness.

I read something on Twitter yesterday and I decided to ignore it.
I didn't want to know. I'm not being selfish/cold or ignorant..
I just can't take bad news very well. It's a fact and since my depression a few years
ago I decided to stop reading newspapers and watch News on TV...
I've stood by that decision until today..
Ads mentioned Norway last night too. I said "I don't want to know".
This morning I went online and started reading one of Swedens newspapers online.
I read that 84 people have been killed on an island.
Most of them young people. Kids really. That have barely had time to live their lives yet.
And they were all gunned down by a crazy person.
I have since read a surviving girls blog post and I cried so much whilst I read it.
I can't imagine what she would have been going through when she was laying on the ground
pretending to be dead when her friends were shot down around her. It makes me
so sad and I can't believe it. But it's all true :'( 

I wish I could do something.. But I'm miles away and I feel so helpless.
I hope the guy gets what he deserves, but listening to some Norwegian news they said that
the longest prison sentence in Norway is 21 years...
21 years in prison for killing so many young people? For leaving their families and friends
without their loved ones?
Where is the justice in that??

As that was not enough bad news today..
I only just read that Amy Winehouse has been found dead..
First on Twitter. I thought it was a bad, bad joke or something. 
Then it was there on BBC news and Sky News..

Poor young, brilliantly talented Amy. Why did you have to get involved with drugs and shit?
Your music will live on, but we will never hear anything new from you :'( So sad.

RIP to all of the people killed in Norway and Amy Winehouse.
My thoughts are with you.

Katy Perry

My favourite Katy Perry song :D

I love this song soooo much. Maybe because I love Las Vegas so much? ♥

I remember when she sang this live in March. It was so good and I was
jumping up and down screaming my head off :D



If you want to know what I'm up to whilst I'm not blogging then you can follow
me on Twitter!! It's more fun than blogging. As it's easier to access on the phone :)

And I usually tweet more than a few times each day!
You can see it on the right hand side on here

------------------------------------> see? :P

If you don't have Twitter yet, then you should go get it. NOW!
It's so much fun to follow your favourite artists/actors/friends etc and
see what they get up to. So much more personal than Facebook..
Hate Facebook!!

Just click "Join the conversation" to get to my Twitter acc :)

And you don't have to join twitter to be able to read my Tweets :)


I have not been in any mood to blogg this week.
I'm back in work now and I have been doing 9.5 hour shifts all week so
when I come home I've just had my dinner and then chilled out for an hour
and gone to bed. Not been able to sleep either which has made things worse...

But I'll be finishing my Las Vegas guide and update some more over the weekend!

Have an awesome Weekend everyone!



Abercrombie & Fitch
I remember when I first walked into one of their shops.. 
I was overwhelmed by the perfume in there (and loud music).
But the smell. So much perfume. The whole shop was filled with it.
It's quite darl in there and cold. AC is running on high. 

But as soon as you start looking around you see all these beautiful clothes
hangng up or on tables. You touch the tees. And the hoodies. And then the
sweaters.. And you think WOW. The quality of these clothes is amazing
They feel wonderful. But the price is not so wonderful. The clothes are quite
expensive.. Abit too much for my liking. 

But if I had enough money to spend I would buy some of these things.
Who knows.. Maybe I'll end up with 1 thing when I go Las Vegas ;) 
We shall see..
Love this.
I got a grey pair. And they're so comfy.
Their sweaters are ah-ma-zing!

If I could choose one of these things it would be the hoodie just above :)
I'd love a nice, comfy hoodie as I keep using Ads' and he doesn't appreciate it haha


Vctoria Secret is my favourite lingerie shop in the world.
Hands down.
The quality of their underwear is so high and so comfy!!
I would buy new things every month if we had a VS shop here in Manchester.
Ads wouldn't like it though haha. They are a bit pricey at times, but it's so worth it!
As they last so long and they wash really well.
(Ask anyone who does the washing in your home what I mean.. )
They also have make up and other stuff they sell. And I love their lipgloss'.
Here are a few things I'll be looking out for when I go there in September :)
My favourite Lipgloss.
Would like to try these.
I need a new bronzer. Mine is almost gone. Might give this one a go.
Nighties. Pretty :)
You can never have too many undies ;) ♥

Look out for..

A Las Vegas Guide! :) 
One of my readers gave me the idea.
Tack/Thank you L :D

I will start it tonight. Will be posted over the weekend.

I'll make sure I cover as much as possible.
Let me know if there is something special you'd like to know.
(Pic from Google)
Collage made by me

Shoes 2 Adore

I love shoes. I'm sure most women do ;)

If I could buy a few pairs whilst I was away I would like some of these.
All from Bakers.
They're all quite different. I'd love all of them haha :p
But if I had to choose it would be the 1st 2 pairs or the last pair.

What do you think?

Where to stay?

We've paid for the flights to Las Vegas. 
We go on the 29th of September (day before my b-day).
And we are flying with Virgin. First time we fly with them. 
Looking forward to it :) We got the lounge too before we fly.
Which means 3 hours of quiet before take off. And free drinks and food ;)
But the drinks and food are free on Virgin flights too.

The flight takes about 10 hours 35 mins. 
It's quite a long one, but hoping I'll cope.

The big question for us now is what hotel to stay at.
We've previously stayed at MGM Grand and Mirage.
But we want to try something different. 
We had kinda decided on TI (Treasure Island) as we found a good deal
and it's on a quite good location and the rooms looked alright and the pool is nice.
But then a day later Ads started mentioning Vdara, Trump, THE hotel (Mandalay Bay)
and Signature at MGM.
So I spent several hours looking at Tripadvisor and looked at all the pics.
I don't like reading reviews.. People usually moan about the silliest things..
One person said the bed was too soft at Vdara. Are you for real???
And a woman complained on free internet access as she had her iPhone with her..
Here are some pics of the hotels we've been looking at.
Which one would you prefer? :)
Signature at MGM
I just love this bathroom... 

TI  (Treasure Island)
The pool is nice
I'm not bothering showing THE Hotel (Mandalay Bay) as we both agreed we don't want
to stay there.

Ads has checked the prices again and TI has come up more expensive now,
so we might actually go for either Signature at MGM or Trump.
But I still fancy Vdara :X 

Decisions, decisions.

Who are you?

I know I have a few readers..
But you don't comment?? EVER?!!
Why is that?
I remember when I used to be quite active on here and posted new blog posts daily.
You used to comment back then..
What's changed?

I do blog mostly for myself. This is my diary :)
And I'm going to be able to look back on it when I grow old, and my future
children will be able to read about their old mum haha :D
It's a great thing really. Sometimes I get sad as I don't blog as much as before..

Anyways! I do still want you guys and girls to leave some footprints on here..
If only once or twice?


I know the blog is in Swedish.. But it's not difficult to comment.
Below each post you see something that says : "kommentarer" click it and then put your
name in "Namn" and where is says "kommentar" just below, you write your comment...
And then press "Skicka kommentar" which means send comment. 

SO lets see some comments please??? :D
If only a "hi" or somethng... That'd do me :p

Going Back To.....

Las Vegas!!!!!!!  ♥
Me and Ads are going back to Las Vegas for my 30th B-day!!! 

We leave on the 29th of September, back on the 10th of October!
I'm so excited and giddy it's untrue!! :D

It was top 2 on my b-day wish list!! 
I couldn't possibly ask for anything else now :P
I am soooo happy!!! It's been over 2 years since we last went in June 2009.
And we have been longing ever since to go back to our beloved Vegas.

Aaaaaaah!!! Thanks to my wonderful bf! I love him to bits :D ♥
Thank you again!! xX
Some of my favourite moments in Vegas.
Got many, many more!! :) 
I can't wait!!! :D

Lazy Song


Sometimes we all need one of these days. Right?!
Well I'm having 2 weeks of these. 
Dr's order!!

Nose op

I'm gonna keep it short as I'll just get upset again if I write too much about it.
Monday morning at 7.30 am Ads took me to Trafford General Hospital for my operation.
After an hour waiting they said to all of us waiting that all the partners/family members
would have to leave and they would contact them when we have woken up from the surgery..
I was outraged. So was Ads. We both thought he could be there before I went under and when I woke up..
I was not happy about this at all. Quite upset really.
I was scared and nervous.
They took me down and got prepared and all that. And then it was time to go under..
It was a weird feeling waking up. Hearing a lot of people talking around me.
Took me a while to get round.
They then took me back up and put me in an examination room next to the waiting area..
This room had no windows and the doors were wide open. I was on the bed they had took me
down to the operation. It was a hard and very uncomfortable bed... I was there for an hour thinking
what is going on. Dr came to see me and said I had been bleeding heavily.. 
I knew what he was going to say next.. "You gotta stay the night".. 
I wanted to cry. I had to call Ads myself. The nurse on duty was a right b****..
Another nurse helped me to the toilet and she went "Oh my God".. I was like what?

Looked at my back in the mirror and that ugly dressing gown they give you at hospitals
was soaked with blood at the back..

They did not have a bed for me and it took them 5 hours to get me one.
And I was in that room on display for 5 hours... Aching and sweating as it was boiling in there..
Not gonna bore you with anymore details. All in all it was a horrible experience and I would not go back
to that hospital again.

Next day when I saw the Dr I asked if they got everything.. He said they had done most of it, but because
of my bleeding they had to stop.. So they did not clear all the sinuses. Typical.. 

Im now at home and I have been spending past few days in bed recovering. My nose is constantly running
and I've used up so many tissues :X Can't breathe at the moment. I hope it gets better soon! I want to go back to work and normality.
Here are some pics from the op...
Be warned, some of it is yuki.
The pillow, covered with my blood. Yuk!!
Hate these things...
Breakfast in bed? Tea was yuki.
Can they do anything right??
Loveli flowers Ads mum gave me :) 

I don't know what I'd do without Ads. He took care of me after I woke up and
brought me everything I needed. I love you so much Adam ♥
And thank you for helping me out with everything whilst I'm recovering. 
You're my star!! Xx

I'm alive...

Will post a blog post in a few days 
But here is a pic of me yesterday... Sorry if it's not a nice one!

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