Katy Perry 2011

Wow.. That's all I got to say..

I've only been to maybe 2 other concerts where I've enjoyed myself as
much as I did last week when I saw Katy Perry LIVE!!!!
She was amazing and so stunning and totally AWESOME!!!

I jumped around! I sang as loud as I could and it was one of the best nights ever!
I can't wait to see her again in October! This time at the MEN Arena.

Here are some pics!!

I had a Katy Perry inspired Make up :D Ala PEACOCK :P
I am quite surprised how nice it looked haha

And here are some pics of the lovely and talented Katy Perry ♥

I wanna see your Peacock!!! My favourite song ;)

Someone threw her a bra and she put it on the head hahaha she is MAD.

Getting ready to turn into a....

PEARL.... Love that song.


Only thing I would have preferred is if I had a standing ticket as I was quite far away from the stage.
Ads made a mistake when he bought the ticket, but we will deffo have Standing ones in October!!
But it was still amazing!


I have none whatsoever.
And today I did something really stupid and now I'm devastated..
Why can't I just wait for things to happen in it's own time?
What is wrong with me?

I don't know.. Can't go into it at the moment. Will blog about it next week...

I'm such an idiot..
And I now want to tattoo the word Patience onto my body more than ever..
Need to find a design and a place to put it...

I'm a complete IDIOT.

New hair cut

I did it! I found a hairdresser yesterday and I said:
"Only a trim please". And the girl asked me whilst washing my hair:
"Would you not want some layers?"

And that's that.. I always fall for peoples suggestions.
Or maybe I just can't say no. Who knows.
So I said yes and then she started chopping my hair off..
Why do they always blow dry it extra big at the hairdressers?
I looked like a poodle when I left haha.

So have taken a few pics this morning when I've slept on it and made it
look less big.

Not the best pic quality and I hate taking these types of pics..
But at least you can see the hair cut!

I do like it. It looks more lively now, and a few people said they liked it yesterday.
Ads did not see a difference haha.. Men..

What do you think?

Me in 2007

Here is a pic of me when I met Ads for the 2nd time.
I look so young and happy :)
I am still happy!! But not young haha :P

To cut or rather How to cut

I always have the same dilemma when I am going to cut my hair.
How do I cut it? Just trim it? Fringe it again?
And all the times I've had my hair cut in Manchester I've ended up
hating it :( It's true.. I miss my hairdresser in Sweden, but I don't go there
as often as I used to the first few years when I moved here.
Last time I cut the hair was in November.. It's time to do it again..

Here are some of the hairstyles I've had the last 4 years..

A male hairdresser ignored me totally when I said how I wanted it cut
and he cut it under my ears and said "Ooooh I loooove this! It's soooo CHANEL".
I was not very happy...

I liked this hairstyle, but the fringe... I love having a fringe, but mine never
stays straight. It has a bit of a parting in the middle and it annoys me..

I actually liked this length and the hairstyle looks nice, but my fringe..
All the times I've tried to grow it out.. So frustrating and takes forever.
I usually just give up and cut the fringe again.

My hair is naturally thick.. I liked this cut, but it was time consuming to fix it..
As it needed straightening a lot as my hair goes all frizzy and curly in the wet weather
we often have here in Manchester..

And last but not least..

Me 2 weeks ago.. I like having longer hair, but it's hard work and it really needs a trim.
So might just be a coward and trim it. We shall see what I end up with.
Going to town in a bit to see if I can find someone to cut my hair..

To be continued...


I found the carpet I wanted for my stairs and landing today!! :D
It's the perfect lime green colour I was looking for.
I went to a big carpet shop last week and the salesman was baffled when
I told him what colour I wanted.
He said: "It's hard to find that colour.. Don't you want another colour?"
Me: "No, that's the colour I want"..

And I usually get what I want ;)

So went to a little shop in Salford and saw it straight away! :D
I'm so happy! It's getting delivered tomorrow.
You will see pics when it's all fitted ;)

I also found some lovely wallpaper for 3 cupboards/storage rooms we got.
£5 a roll and it looks loveli! Quite a bargain haha so I was double happy today.

This is the best part about moving in to the house. Me decorating it the way I want it!

Like this kettle for example it will look soooo good in my new kitchen!

5 More Sleeps

Till I get to see Katy Perry LIVE at the Apollo here in Manchester :D
I can't wait to get dressed up nicely and get ready to P.A.R.T.Y!! :D
I am looking forward to hearing all of the songs.
This is one of the better ones :)
Enjoy ♥

No idea what I'll be wearing tho! Hmmm, might wear one of my new tops I bought the other
week at H&M and a nice skirt to go with it. We shall see.

For Japan

It's awful what happened in Japan. And I wish I could donate hundreds if not
thousands of pounds to help them, but I don't have that money, so I thought I
could at least donate £5 by buying this Lady Gaga bracelet. I know £5 is not enough,
but if we all donated £5 each it would be a lot of money in the end.

At least I feel I am doing something rather than just sitting there and doing nothing.
Click on the link if you want to help too. 

For Japan <------------------ Click on the link.

Spring clothes

I ordered some clothes a week ago. I don't usually like buying clothes
online as I can't try them on and my body is so awkward haha.
Here are a few of the things I bought. Pics are from the website.
I bought a bag that has the perfect spring colour :D I can see myself using it a lot!
Used it today :P When I saw it yesterday I wasn't too sure about it and even
thought of sending it back as it was much bigger in real life, but I like it now.
It's a clutch.
This top is a crop top so it's a bit short and I'm not planning on showing off my belly so 
I will be wearing it over other tops or maybe even dresses.
This top looks awesome on. I can see myself wearing it in summer over a bikini and some
cute shorts. Love it!
This jacket is not really my colour, but I could not help getting it.
The price was too good. And I can see myself wearing it over some slinky dresses
when it's a bit cooler at night this summer. Or with some nice trousers.
So many ideas for this haha.
A black linen top, it doesn't look too great on pic, but was nicer on.
Simple black top to wear over some shorts or a skirt. Nice basic summer top.
And my favourite thing of all the stuff I bought is this lovely dress.
I just adore it. The details on the sleeves. Amazing :) 
I can't wait to wear it when my skin is nice and tanned!! :D
I really wish it was spring now. I can't wait till summer, but I hope this spring will
be nice too before the summer comes and goes as it usually doesn't last too long!
Want to be able to wear all my new clothes :D

New Kitchen & Bed

Adam had a surprise for me yesterday.
He told me K would only be able to finish a bit of the kitchen this weekend.
But he had in fact done most of it! He had been at ours all week after
work and done so much :D 
My face when I saw it was like :O
And then I started screaming haha.

Still need the handles/splash back/wall and floor tiles and paint!
Oh and the washer and dryer and the fridge freezer :P
Okay a lot left.
The lovely splash back needs to go on there and the oven oh and a hood.
My lovely black sink :) I adore it. Don't love doing the dishes though haha ;)
But it will make it more fun with this sink? Maybe..
We also went to IKEA yesterday :D I know I've said it before..
But I DO love that place.. I know I'm a fool, but it does make me feel like home :$
We bought a kitchen table and chairs and also our new bed and mattrass! Yay!
Ads put the bed up today, I watched :P
Well I'm not allowed to do any heavy lifting and stuff for a while..
Here are the pics!! I ♥ it.
Need some bed side tables, but I could not decide on some yesterday..
Can't wait to sleep in it.. Soon I hope. Very soon.. Fingers crossed!!


I love this movie!!!
Watched it today and Oh My Gosh!!
It was so beautiful and awesome!!
(People might think it's just another happy ending movie),
but who cares!! 

It had everything! Awesome music performed by beautiful and talented 
Christina Aguilera ♥
A very hot man haha ;) Ok even 2 hot men. Shhhh!
And sexy girls. Hubba Hubba.
The dancers/actors were brilliant. 
I didn't want the movie to end.
I'm not a huge fan of musicals. I don't mind them, but this one was WOW.

Not seen it yet? I think you should.
Sneek peak (All pics off Google)
Woops forgot to mention Cher :)
Cam Gigandet - Also seen in The O.C where he played a bad boy
and in Twilight as James.
Eric Dane also known as Dr Sloane in Greys Anatomy or better known as "Mc Steamy" ;)

IVF Day 30

Yesterday was the last day of needles!! 
Well last needles I will have to inflict myself with..
I had 3 needles in total last night. The 2 I have had for a month as normal at 7pm.
And a last one called Pregnyl at midnight. My last one!!
It was such a relief when one of the nurses called me yesterday and finally
told me it would be the last one! :D

I had a scan again on Friday morning and they said that the follicles had grown more and
that it could be either Monday or Tuesday that they would collect the eggs..
I was hoping it would be Monday. They called me in the afternoon and said they
would go ahead with it on Monday. 

So tomorrow is egg collecting day and then they do their magic and hopefully
by end of the week they will put them back in me.. 
It all feels like a dream. I won't be blogging any more about this until I know what has happened.
I really hope it works the first time :) But we won't give up either way.

IVF Day 27

So we went back to the hospital today. I was almost 100% sure that last night
would have been my last night of injections. Felt confident about it.
Had a scan and then a nurse sat down with me and said:
"You have lots of follicles". Me:"Is that good?" Nurse:"Yeah!"
And then she was saying something about some of them being really good,
and some might be where they need to be by Friday and if not Friday it will be Monday.
She was talking about the egg collecting.. I was like "huh". Already?!
I kinda hoped it would be time for it, but didn't think it would be so soon.
The nurse advised me that the Dr would make the decision and they'd call me later in the day
with an answer. So I had to go to work and wait for a call.
Was late afternoon when I had a missed call.
She said they wanted me to keep taking the injections and I would have another scan on Friday..
I was like "noooooooooooooooooo!!".. Grrr.
I called them and she said that it will be Monday most likely
when they collect the eggs.. I really hope so..
I'm getting so excited now, but a bit nervous too.
I really hope it works out :$ I want it so badly..
I will always have hope ♥

IVF Day 26

I'm still doing the injections.. Feels like it's been going on forever..
The 2nd needle is the worst, but it feels like it's gettin worse by each day
that goes by.. I am pretty fed up with having to do this to myself :/

Had to increase my dosage of the 2nd needle (Menopur) on Friday and
then I had another blood test and a scan on Sunday.
Going back tomorrow morning.. For another scan.
I'm kinda hoping they're going to tell me that it's almost time for the
extraction.. I wish they're going to tell me it's going to be next week..
How awesome would that be??!!
But I doubt it.. I will keep you posted.
My poor belly is so sore and all bruised :S 
Let's see what happens tomorrow.
Fingers crossed!!

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