Almost time

Only a couple of hours till I'm going back home.
I still class it as home even though I've been here for over 2 years.
Manchester does not feel like home.. I don't think it ever will.
Something is missing it this city. At least for me.
If it was not for Ads I would not be here at all.

We are arriving to Stockholm Skavsta (airport) just before midnight.
Can't wait to wake up tomorrow and realise I'm in my old room in my mums flat :D
She will be in the kitchen preparing a huge breakfast (as usual) and I will be soooo happy!

Looking forward to spending as much time as possible with my family
and my friends that I've not seen for a very long time (too long).

I'm hoping my writers block will lift whilst I'm in Sweden.
Fingers crossed.

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends.

Leave me comments and I will try and blog from Sweeeden ;) 

Stockholm here we come! ♥

House of night

I have started reading a new series. It is about teenage vampires :)
I think it is meant for "younger people" hehe, but I still enjoy reading the books.
I've read the first 2 books in 2 weeks! :D I really like it!
The series is different from the Twillight books which I absolutely loved, but this one is quickly
becoming a favourite as well :)
I bought the 3rd and the 4th book this morning :D Have to save them for Sweden :P

I recommend the books to people who like to read books and like vampire stories.

I love to read books. Too much! Hehe, no I'm only kidding. You can't read too much :P
But I do read alot in a short space of time.
I like to read all types of books. Mostly I read about crime or forensic anthropology books :)
But I do enjoy a chick lit from time to time. And some vampire books.

I want to become a writer. It is a dream of mine. I have mentioned it before.
Starting a writing course in October. A smaller one. Learning how to write a novel :)
Just not sure what type of books I would like to write :/ Not really given it too much thought.
Hopefully I will know when the time comes :)

Do you like to read books? If you do what type of books do you like? Tell me :D


If I had a load of money I would buy these straight away.
Too bad I don't :( haha.
Maybe it is time to start saving up? But by the time I have saved up they would be gone :X
Oh well. A girl can dream ;)

This clutch would be with me all the time :P I just love it!

Love love love ♥

Oh my... Gosh..

Anyone have a couple of thousand pounds to spare? :P haha
They are all Miu Miu ♥


Is what I feel like.
Just so tired and fed up with stuff.
I have no inspiration to blog at the moment, so I will leave it for now.
Can't wait to go home on Friday. Going to stay away from the pc and just
enjoy myself.

Daniel Merriweather

Another beautiful song by this young man :) Amazing.

"But your not answering the phone,
I'd settle for a busy tone,
At least by that I know that you're okay."


Bought some pumps last weekend. To wear everyday, well apart from at work :/
Anyways! The laces have been done in two different ways and I'm too lazy to sort it out haha.~
Ads said: "Leave them like that, you're unique so it suits you".
Hahaha. That's one way to put it. Bless him.
And then Lou at work said: "That's cool leave it".
So yeah I will leave it :P

Here is what they look like
(Male shoes yes, I don't care they're comfy!)

Can you see it? haha yes I am very random :P

Oh and a pic of the new nails :)
 (Click on it to see it larger)

To my readers

Hehe. I don't have a great amount of readers (yet) :P
But the ones that I do have I want to thank you for reading it and especially you who leave me comments!
I appreciate it so much :D
Makes it more fun to blog when I get your comments and thoughts about the post I've written.
So keep them coming ;)
And give me ideas if you like about things you want me to write more about.

Lots of love Karolina/Ciri.

Saturday feeling

I'm sat in work with a slight hangover.
Last night was fun, Ads friend plays in a band and we got tickets to go see them.
Music was good. Quite a few bands were playing. Even got to dance a bit :P
Did not take the camera with me,but got a few pictures before we went out.

The dreaded haircut... Still don't like it and wish it would grow faster!!

Tonight we are going out for his cousins 30th b-day. Going to a really nice restaurant here in Manchester.
Called East Z East (no idea how it is pronounced haha) Not sure if we are going for drinks afterwards.
Wearing my new purple shoes! :D If my feet can handle it haha.

Love it when Ads has one of his brilliant ideas.
Phone call earlier.
Ads: "Guess what I'm doing"
Me: "You looking at buying something again?"
Ads: "No,looking at trips.."
Me: "When?!" Not December?"
Ads: "No,but I'm looking at an around the world trip"
Me: YES!!!! WHEN?!

Hahaha. Yes we love to travel :P
He thought about going to a couple of places around the world for 18 days (!!) but not till 2011.
So I thought we will be 30 that year, and we could go there for our 30th birthday :D
I am sooo excited! It's not certain yet that we will be doing it. We need to look into some things first.
Like how much it would cost us and which destinations we want to go to. But so far we agree on London-LA-Hawaii and then probably do Australia and Dubai :D That would be another dream come true to see some of those places.

Just have to start saving haha :P

 Hawaii, always wanted to go there. Would be a dream come true.

Kangaroo's in Australia! :D

Dubai :) Another place I've always wanted to go to.


Why is it that when you don't have any money to spend you find a load of things you want?
And when you do have the money you can't find anything?

It's almost always like that with me.
Maybe it's the fact that we love to spend money.

No matter if we need something or not.

But there is another problem with me when it comes to shopping.

I am the most indecisive person ever. Honestly. I can't make my mind up about

ANYTHING. People that know me are aware of this :P

I hate it! I wish I could go into a shop and just pick something nice up and go

"Oh that's pretty, I will get it".
Instead I go "Oh that is so pretty, BUT!" and my mind starts a war with itself haha.

Should I? Do I need it? But where would I wear it? Etc. It is so frustrating and annoying.

And most times it means when I actually DO decide on buying it, it usually is sold out :(


Today I got some money unexpectedly (another of Ads ways to pay me off hahaha)

And I have no clue what I want. Wish me luck!
Hopefully I will find something this time without a trouble ;)

Haha I can always hope :P

Justin Nozuka

Love this song...

Justin Nozuka-After tonight

Enjoy ♥


Haha yes I am blogging about wellies :P
I want a pair! You need them in this part of the country, where it rains almost every day!
So I have had a little look around and I want a pair of Hunter wellies :)
And yes you can imagine what colour I want ;)

My favourite colour :P

Purple are nice too :)

Think these are quite cool :D

My new lovelies

Bargain of the century! Well ok maybe a wee bit exaggerated :p
But I got these beauties for a silly amount. And I love them!
They are very high, so I do get very tall in them :P Oh well, not my fault everyone is short around me :/


I bought quite a lot when I was in US of A *chuckles*
But my favourite things were these 2 :P


My beautiful little clutch by Marc Jacobs♥ :D I wear it as a clutch,it fits the necessary things when I go out ;)
Absoulutely adore it. It is so me it's untrue :p

My beautiful Thomas Sabo bracelet is amazing :) I love my charms so much.
They each represent different things for me that are close to my heart.
Can't wait to add on more to the collection :P
Next one I'm wishing for is a red strawberry. It needs a bit of colour :)

I won't bore you with the rest of the things I bought over there :P
But it was LOADS :D I love going to America because it is so much cheaper there and the clothes are much nicer :)

Hollywood/LA Experience

We went on a bus tour to Hollywood & LA. I was not too impressed with it :/
I think they could have done it much better, but if/when we go back to LA we will get our own car and spend as much time as we want at the places we really liked and did not have enough time to explore. But all in all the experience was good and you got to know alot about the city which you would not have known if you went on your own. (Well depends if you had a guide book or not haha)

Here comes a few Collages I put together for you :P
I got plenty more pictures :X but these will have to do for now. People might be bored of me going on about USA all the time,but oh well ;)

Olvera street is where the oldest house in Los Angeles is. And they have left it exactly the way it was. Pretty awesome if you ask me :)
The house is called Avila Adobe. We had a look around it. I could imagine what it looked like back in the days :D

Some pictures taken from the bus. The 4th picture was when we were trying to get a shot of the famous Hollywood sign.
They never took us up there :( Rubbish really.
There will be some more pictures of it further down.
We walked quite a long way to get as close as possible to it.

Outside the Mann's Chinese theatre, and some of the stars.
I like the Absolut Vodka one :D And the Hollywood sign. Ehum.

Me outside the Kodak Theatre,where the Oscars♥ are held every year! Me with the Hoff star haha,had to be done.
Ads with the Heffner star,wonder why :P
Darth Vader & the Stormtrooper taking a stroll down Hollywood.
Marilyn Monroe and the King of Pop (R.I.P)

Couple more stars and me and one of my favourite actors hand/foot prints :D Al Pacino

A variety of pictures from Farmers market, where we had time to eat. I only had a pinkberry yoghurt ♥ Never tasted anything as delicious as that before. Wish they would get it here in England!
The grove is also there. A shopping place where the Hills people usually go and shop. (I don't watch it haha)
Some pics are from Beverly Hills and Rode Drive, where Julia Roberts got treated badly in Pretty Woman.
Even got a picture of the hotel they stayed in, in the film :p

Things I'm looking forward to

The next few months are not going to be very eventful,if you compare the last few ones.
Ok now I'm lying :P
I am going home to Sweden next week,which I'm soooo excited about.
Can't wait to see my family and friends again.

Especially my childhood friends.
It has been quite a while since we were all gathered.
One of us lives in Switzerland (she moved there 4 years ago to be with her boyfriend) and then I moved to England to be with mine 2 years ago (see a trend? haha) and the other one she is still in Sweden.
She is the one that is getting married in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to see them tie the knot :P

We are going to stay for about 10 days. First time in ages that we are there for more than a few days!
I will have time to do ALL the things I love to do when I'm back home.
Going to have long walks along the beach and the hills that I miss so much.
I don't have that here in Manchester :( It is all grey buildings and even more grey skies haha.

And I will be eating all my favourite food! My mum is one of the best cooks I know (and I know quite a few,most of my family are chefs or awesome at cooking,apart from me haha :P I just don't enjoy it...)

My favourite food back home is a pizza (of course) called Calzone. I've not seen one of those in England yet...
It's the folded one and in Sweden they fill it with ham and cheese and sometimes they have mushrooms too.
It is d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s! I would have that every day if I could! But my mum would not like it :P

Looking forward to going shopping aswell ;) A girl has to do some shopping!

But most of all I'm looking forward to spending some time with my loves ones.
My mum who I did not use to get along with when I lived back home.. Well we have put our differences aside now
and we can have nornal conversations (well most of the times). Going to take her to Djurgarden. It's lovely there.
Also looking forward to seeing my little rascal sister :) she is growing too fast. Feels like I'm missing out :(
 Me and my Mamma :)

I will take lots of pictures while I'm there and update daily so you can follow me back home :P



I hate the dentists. I have hated them since I was a kid and this horrible Swedish dentist drilled without any injections :(
Ever since then I've been terrified of them.
It does not help that I have a fear of needles,makes the whole experience 100000 times worse!
(not going to post any pictures of dentists and needles. Will make me cry haha)
Had an appointment today. Had to have two fillings on the right side. Going back next Monday to do the left side :(
Not happy! Can barely talk at the moment.
Why am I rambling on about this?
Because I have nothing better to tell you and someone told me I should. Blame you "Irish"!

Why don't you leave me any comments people? Let me know what you want to read and I will see if I can do it.
Need some inspiration.

Over and out.

3 favourite places

I love to travel. And I've been fortunate to be able to go on holidays quite a lot the last few years.
There is nothing better than going abroad and explore new places.
To learn about their history and do fun things :D
It's not all about shopping and sunbathing ;)
I'm going to list 3 of my favourite places I love to go to.
(Click on the pictures to see them larger)
Las Vegas
What an amazing place it is. I have been twice now and I love it more the more time I spend there.
The Casinos/Hotels are just amazing and soooo incredibly over the top.
The shopping is great too :P You wont leave without a huge hole in your wallet haha.
Weather was brilliant the 2nd time went. Sun shining all day long, and the temperature was hot all day long.
I would recommend people to go during the summer time. 
I will put some new pics from Las Vegas when I get home tonight ;)

Stockholm/Vårby Gård
Feels weird to think of Stockholm as a holiday place to go to. For me at least.
I'm born and raised there,so it is first and foremost home to me.
But the last 2 years I've been living in Manchester/England and I've only been back home the odd times to
see my family. Okay I'm more lucky than some people who have moved abroad. I usually go back 3-4 times a year.
I love spending time with my family.
And I love Stockholm city centre. Love walking around the streets in old town,see the old buildings and museums.
I miss having the option to go there whenever I want.
I guess you appreciate it more when you don't have it.
Food is so much better back home as well haha.
Drinking is very expensive which usually puts us off from getting hammered :P
Shopping is the same, but some of my favourite shops are still visited when I go back ;)


Bosnia ♥
My heart will always belong to this beautiful country. My parents are both from Bosnia.
I'm born and raised in Sweden. I don't class myself as Swedish. More as a Swedish Bosnian.
I am very proud of my roots. And I love the music from former Yugoslavia.
Some of my favourite food is from there :P
The people are lovely,genuine and crazy like myself haha.
And the country has some of the most breath taking views I've seen.
I have not been there since 2003, but I hope that I will see it soon again.

Siprage is where my parents are from. We got a house there.
Some of my cousins and one of my uncles still live there.

Sarajevo,capital city of Bosna&Hercegovina. Beautiful city with so much history.
Want to go back there.

Mostar, the ottoman turks built that bridge sometime in the 500's. It got destroyed during the war..
But it got reconstructed in the early 2000's with help from countries like Spain,Turkey, Italy, USA and Netherlands.
They even used some of the original bricks that they salvaged from the river.
Beautiful city I want to go back to one day.

5 things I rather do now

than spend the whole day in work.

• Lay in the grass somewhere looking up at the blue sky with an "ice latte" from Starbucks.


• Be at the beach (none around here though). Go swimming in the sea and lay on the beach listening to
my music and let the sunshine hit my face and body.


• Walk down the strip with a large cocktail in my hand :P (We are talking Las Vegas) ♥

• Sit on the balcony of my mums flat eating watermelon.

• Have a nice back massage. My poor body is aching at the moment.

Forever 21

Is my favourite shop in US of A :D
I absolutely love it ♥
They always have so many nice things and very affordable.
Decided to order some bits from there in September,for my birthday :D
Can't wait. I've already seen a few things I want!

Haha WANT this!

Not sure about this one. I like it, but I hate it. :/
Suits me doesn't it ;) (would go great with my Hope tattoo hehe)

Haha brilliant!

This one is soooo NOT me, but something about it appeals to me :/


It's mad how my mood can change when the sun is shining.
After we came back from US of A the weather in Manchester has been so dull and grey.
Constant rain. We've had the odd day of sunshine,but most of July was rainy :(
I was depressed for a couple of weeks after my holidays.
But I think it has settled now. I feel much happier now.
Might have to do with the fact that I'm going back home in less than 3 weeks :D
But also because the sun is "kinda" shining today :P
Makes me smile.

I usually don't like Mondays and people at work are all moody and depressing lol.
But I wont let them get to me!!

Keep smiling people. There might be some hope left for this English summer..
Let August be warm!

Not happy

With my new hair cut :/
I woke up on Saturday and decided to get my hair cut. I was going to have it done back home in Sweden in
a couple of weeks. But it had started to annoy me..
Went to town with my friend and we tried to get an appointment for me.
Found one. It was a guy that cut my hair. He was very friendly and talked ALOT haha.
I asked for a bob, but I guess I was not specific enough so it ended up much shorter than I had wished for :(
It is VERY short... And I kinda hate it :/
Hopefully it will grow fast..
Funny enough most people that I know have said they like it???
But yeah.. From now on I will have patience and wait till I can have it done by MY hairdresser who knows exactly what I like and want...

Yes it is Natalie Portman ;) not me! But that's how my hair looks like :X

My weekend was pretty good.
Was nice to have it off. Went to a partyon Saturday. Forgot the camera :/ Good thing though. Don't want to show my hair haha.
We finally got internet so I spent far too many hours gaming yesterday :P
Was great! Missed my online buddies ;)


I got the Internet back at home :D
They came and installed it yesterday.
So happy :D
My head is feeling quite heavy today,so I will blog later :p

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