Kelly Clarkson

Couple of weeks ago me and my best friend went to see Kelly Clarkson live here in Manchester.
She had bought me the tickets as a birthday present :D I was so happy to finally see her.
She is so talanted and it was one of the best concerts I've been to.

Ads treated me to a make up session, so I looked all pretty :)
I treated Usma to a lovely dinner at my favourite Indian restaurant, East z East because
it was her birthday few days later :) She loved it.

Kelly Clarksons songs are so amazing and I can relate to some of them so much.
I was dancing and singing along loudly! :P
I could barely speak the next day. I will deffo go see her again!!

Here are few of the pics I took.

My crazy,beautiful friend :P She made me take 100001 pictures of her!

♥ Nothing is Impossible ♥

I'll be back soon

(Pic from google)

The picture says it all..

Race For Life

I have decided to do the 5k Race for Life in July. It is here in Manchester.

Too many people die of cancer.. I think most people knows someone that has been affected by it.
One way or another..

I can't explain it to you how much this cause means to me personally,but also for my family and friends.
I think we all know the importance of this race and I am proud to be a part of it.
I will do my best to raise as much money as I possibly can. And I will run the whole 5k.
That is a promise I intend to keep.

What I ask from all of you now is to help me raise as much money as we possibly can.
Together. Any amount is more than welcome.

If you want to help me and support me in this, please take a look at my website.

All my love,

Karolina xX

PS. I have already got £244 donated for the cause so far.
I am so greatful to you guys.

Thank you Daidai and Phil, Shaun, Josh, Carrot stick, Kev, Rico, Kan, Batj, Motsman,
Lupetto, G3!ST
and Eggi, vielen dank, Arrow hvala puno, Matthias/Kojak tack,
thank you so much Higgy :) 

I won't let you down!


Life is unfair..

I am angry with life, with the world.
I am angry with the evil disease we call cancer...
The evil thing that takes our loved ones away from us.
Too early.. Far too early.. Before their time...

We've just been told that D won't make it.. There is nothing they can do..
It is cancer. We don't know how long she has left..

I just know that it is not fair..
Not on this family.. They have lost too many people already to that evil thing!!

I wan't to scream out loud!!
I want to tell people around me how cruel life really is!
The people who have no clue how lucky they really are..
That they have nothing to moan about..
Tell them to shut up when they talk about trivial things like who married who.
Who cares??!!!

I just care about my loved ones suffering... For what?
I'm so angry with life.. What is the point?

I feel so helpless.. I wish I could take the pain away... If only for a short moment..
Numb it all.... 

Lil' bit of everything

I'm still here.
You might see that if you follow my Tweets.

Weekend was quite relaxing.
Went to Ikea. I can't describe the feeling when I see the blue and yellow building..
It actually feels like home. It's ridiculous I know... But to me it's like being in our Ikea
in Stockholm. It looks the same and it's so Swedish. ♥ it.

Sunday was spent at the cinema. We finally watched Avatar.
And I loved every minute of it. Not the way some people do..
I just loved the story about "the people".. Their love for their land and heritage..
I can relate to that.
Beautifully made.

And then we went to Nandos. Not mentioned it for months!
Was delicious.

My crazy best friend has decided that we are going on a little trip sometime in spring.
It was between Paris, Barcelona, Milan and Italy. Some people might think: "Milan is in Italy".
Yes.. I know that. My friend didn't! Till I explained it all to her. She can make me laugh so much.
The things that girl says.. I sometimes wonder how she made it into uni ;) ♥
Ok I won't bully her too much.
We think we will be going to Barcelona..
(Her choice. Why? They have pools on the hotel roofs there) 
Even though I'd love to go explore Paris.
To see the Louvre would be an amazing experience.

We shall see where we end up.

The Louvre

The Eiffel Tower


Where would you go? If you had to choose between Paris and Barcelona.

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