...Inked for life...

Saturday morning I woke up early, and met up with my dear (crazy) friend
in town. We went for some breakfast. And then she walked with me
to Rambos. Hehe, it's a tattoo place :)
I had decided that I'd finally have a tattoo done.
I have chosen the word Hope.
There are many reasons for this.
But main one is that no matter how hard life has been,
I've not given up hope. I believed that it could get better.
And I wish more people would have some hope rather than
give up on themselves and the people around them.

This was just before, when my dear friend told me that she was not allowed
to go in with me while Rambo inked me for life!
I was very scared :x

This was just after haha, when we were sitting in a Cafe so I could catch my breathe.
It hurt quite a lot. I did not think it would hurt that much :x

And here is my lovely ♥
I am really happy with it :)
I love it more and more each day :p

My lovely man said something funny when he walked in on Saturday night.
(he was a bit drunk haha)

Ads: "You do know that it's real?"
Me: "Hmm, yeah?"
Ads: "Yeah, it's still going to be there tomorrow you know and forever."
Me: "Yes I bloody know it's real! The pain was REAL"
Haha, bless him.

... London Calling ...

Yep, looks like I'll finally find my way to the lovely city. :)
I've always wanted to go there.
I've been to the airport loads, even on the tube :p
But never walked the streets of London.
So I'm pretty excited :D
Going with a girl from work.
She used to live there so I'll have my personal guide :p

... Out Of Order ...

That's how I feel at the moment...
I've not been in the mood to blog for a few days.
Last night something horrible happened.
With a friend of mine..
Well this friend did it to himself..
I don't understand. How can I?
But I'm there for him, no matter what..
It hurts to see it happen.
Feeling so helpless..

Why don't they understand that the people they really hurt when they hurt themselves,
are the people around them.. The people who care about them..
I wish I could make you see what I see..
I wish I could take your pain away.

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