Day 1 and 2

I want to get back to writing, so decided I will write something daily.
More for me than anyone else.

Day 1 (Yesterday as I only just thought of it today)
We left Sweden yesterday morning. I don't know when we will be going back which is quite sad.
I have however realised that I won't be taken for granted anymore. Or allow others to choose when they want me in their lives.
From now on I will be more selfish and think of me and what is good for me.
So if you message me and you don't get a response, then that means I've decided you're not going to be part of my life anymore.
Day 2
I am feeling hopeful that 2017 will be a good year.
Not sure why, but it's a feeling. We shall see if it's right or wrong.
I want to make sure I enjoy the things I love more. Start reading more, going out for hikes again.
Be in the now and not think about what has been and what will be.
I won't let people take advantage of me anymore. 

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