The house, before decorating...

So we finally got the keys on Friday. I worked till 10pm so I told
Ads that he had to wait for me till he could go inside :P
We walked in together and looked around. I took some pictures
so I can remember what it looked like before we started
working on it.

We started stripping the livingroom walls yesterday and today.
Only did it a few hours because someone was too hungover (read Ads)

Ok be warned of these pictures :P

There is alot of work ahead for us, but we don't have loads of money to
do it all straight away so the priorites are:
1. Bathroom (you'll know what I mean when you see the pics..)
2. Bedroom (because that's where we will sleep and wake up, needs to look good!)
3. Livingroom (most time is spent in there and I need it to be nice)

No idea what they were thinking when they did this..
Yes, that is the ceiling :/
That's going as soon as possible!

This is the bathroom..

Pink mirrors!! This bathroom has not been changed since the 70's...
It is ALL getting ripped out!
And same wooden ceiling stuff as in the kitchen...

Bedroom.. That carpet... *Shrugs*

There are 2 more rooms, bit smaller.

That wallpaper and rug is going too :/

Did not take pictures of the garden will have to do it this week.

So this is the before pictures. The after pictures will have to wait
till it is all done! :) Might take a while, but it will be worth it in the end.

I never thought I'd be a home owner. But now I am! :)

My future little house

That's the house we are buying. It's not huge. I wish! :P
But it will do for our first house. Never ever thought I'd own a house in my life.
(Ok we have one down in Bosnia, but it belongs to the family.. And there are alot of issues
around that house.. So it's not the same..)

This will be our little investment for the future. I was not too happy about the location at first,
but it is only 10 mins further down from where we are at the moment. Still close to town.
(Walking distance for people like me who aren't too lazy and can't stand English busses :P hehe)

It used to be a 4 bedroom house, but the first owners made the bathroom bigger
and used one of the rooms for it. So there are 3 bedrooms. And the back garden is quite big too.
I don't have green fingers like my mum so I want to dig all the green stuff out and deck it!
Maybe put some stone in. No plants or grass or dirt lol!
Only if my mum comes and helps me out :D

I want to get in there NOW!! I want to start working on it and show you the progress.
Will be fun to see before and after pictures. People will be amazed! ;)

But unfortunately there are still some issues revolving the house.. (Not our end..)
Long story.. So we have no idea when we will be moving in :(



I am waiting for the house to finally be ours. To get it all finalized..
Thought it would have been ours by now.. But that is not the case.
We have waited such a long time and still no real news.
We know the seller and she has the same solicitors as us..
(They're just in 2 different locations.)
You'd think it would be straight forward right?
Well it's not! It could not be more complicated..

I just want to get in there as soon as possible.
I got so many ideas and I don't know where to start.
So many things that needs working on.

First of all we need to sort out the bathroom, because it is a mess.
It is our main priority. Everything else can wait.

I have a vision how I want it to look and I hope I can make it all happen.
Not going to rush it, but take our time. We will be in the house for a few years at least.
It's an investment. Not a place I want to stay in too many years though. 

Let's see if we get it this year! Would be very surprised! *grumbles*

They say I'm impatient... Of course I'm bloody impatient!!


Randomz 5

Almost 3 years ago. On the balcony of our first flat ♥

On our way to Grand Canyon. In a very small plane! :)

♥ ♥ No words needed for this picture

Come back to me

I have been quiet for a while. Not intentionally.
Not sure why to be quite honest.
I feel like I've lost the words that are stuck inside my head.
But I'm also scared of the things that are in there. Wanting to come out..

I don't know if I should share my inner thoughts with whoever might be reading this.

I didn't use to care about what people might think.
I don't really care at all. Because what really matters is what I think and feel.
It is my blog after all :)

I've had a very tough year so far and it's only been 3-4 months of it..
I have been fighting to come back to myself. To be who I used to be.

I shall try and come back very soon and start blogging the way I used to.
Because I do miss it. And I miss reading your comments. Even if you guys have been quiet too ;)

So if you want me to start writing again. Why not give me some ideas of things you want me to
write? :) Fair isn't it? :P

This song has been on repeat for a few weeks.. I love it..

"You say you gotta go and find yourself
You say that you're becoming someone else
Don't recognize the face in the mirror looking back at you

You say you're leaving as you look away
I know there's really nothing left to say
Just know i'm here whenever you need me i'll wait for you"..

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