Lady Gaga - Born This Way

I love Gaga :) And I love this song. The video is so insane it's genius!!!
Most people will probably think she is crazy, but I think she is amazing :)

Enjoy ;)

Katy Perry!!

I am going to see Katy Perry at the Apollo in March!!!!

Adam just gave me the ticket and I can't believe it!!!!
I am so happy that I could run around the block and scream out loud!
But I won't haha. I did jump up and down and scream when I saw it! :D

Here it is!!

♥ Soon I will be dancing and screaming/singing along with one of the most
talented and coolest artists in the world!!! ♥

*****Thank you my love for making me the happiest person in the world,
and for always giving me what I want the most! ;) I love you darling!!*****

Cool nails

Just bought Barry M's Instant Nail Effect and it is so cool!!

Look at before and after shot (poor quality as it's my crappy iPhone)

Cool right? :D I love it!! You can use any colour under the black and it will
make that effect. Awesome!! I'm going to be trying out different colours now haha

I also got a really nice yellow nail polish (normal one) :)
Going to wear it in spring! It felt like spring today. It's been lovely and warm.
And even sunny!!

IVF Day 20 - Syringes

Ok here is a pictue of the stuf I need for my daily injections.
I was going to take a proper picture of the needles, but didn't..
Maybe another day? Does anyone want to see this?
Or is it just me that cares about this? Ha, I'm crazy I know, but this is
the only way I know how to cope with this whole bizarre situation. 
And hopefully if everything works out I can look back at this and feel some kind of comfort.
And relief :)

Maybe even help others that will be going through the same thing as me.
The left one with orange "cap" is the one I've been injecting most. The one to the right is
the big one that hurts like a b*tch.. It's the "yellow cap" thingy that is the needle I use. 
The green one is to mix the powder and liquid.. Poor picture quality :/


I can not stand fake people. I just can't.
Why do some people feel the need to be fake? It's so transparent..
They look you in the eye and blatently lie in some way or another
when they smile at you or even talk to you.

I could not do that. If I don't like someone (usually a good reason for it)
then I don't talk to them. I just blank them out. And they usually know that
I don't like them. I'm not mean or anything I just don't make an effort to
be all nice and fake to them. Why waste my energy on people who are not
real? No thanks, not my style.
I rather be real than someone that would stab people in the back to get where
they want to go. Whether it's your personal life or professional life.
The last few months I've realised how many fake people there are out there..
And I don't know what to do as I can't say anything without being paranoid that
the fake person/persons will say something to get ahead of me.

Okay, rant over :) 
Just ventilating. Not done this for a while haha.

Old Karro

The old Karro. Who was she? Don't like it when people say I've changed.
I mean we all change, we kinda have to. Don't we?
I look back at my old blog posts and I remember certain things..

It seems like I was happier back then, but it was a different happiness from what
I'm experiencing now. I have more "responsibilities" now. That doesn't mean that
my life is less fun now. Or that I am a different person. Because I'm not.
People just don't see the "me" they're used to because I've changed a bit. 
Grown up a bit haha. I'm still the crazy me I always have been. 
Trust me, if you could see half of the crap I put Ads through :P 
He always sees the crazy Karro bless him. Sometimes I wonder how he can put up with me.
I can be quite mental at times :P
I am a very restless person and if I don't get to do silly things once in a while
(quite often) then I act out. Mostly in a very annoying way. 

So I'm trying to think of things I could do to get all the excess energy out of my system.
I miss dancing. Street dancing was so much fun. I loved it and it was good exercise too.
Might try Zumba when it comes out on the PS3. Heard good things about it :)
It's a dancing game. Fun and good for you!


I really hope I can go see Katy Perry at the Apollo in March :$
I want it sooooo badly!! It would make me so happy!!!! :)

I'm hoping that Ads will get me some tickets as he has been looking out for them
on Ebay. They're still quite expensive :/ But I want to see her LIVE!!
Would be so awesome to hear her sing "Peacock" live :D

I adore that song. It always makes me happy and I dance around and sing along LOUDLY
when I play it at home haha, if people could see me when I do it they'd laugh at me ;)
I also want to hear Pearl and many other of her songs.
Here is one I've not posted before.
"Thought that I was the exception
I could rewrite your addiction
You could've been the greatest
But you'd rather get wasted"

Why do women believe they can change a man? 
I'm sure we've all been there and tried that..
It does not work. If they don't want to change they never will,
but if you feel a need to change a man, then he might not be the one
for you.

Marry You

This guy knows how to sing about love and what women want to hear ;)
If only guys were like that in real life.. But they're not, so have to get over
it and face reality haha.
This song makes me smile and gives me hope. I've blogged about marriage before.
It's something I do want to do in the future, but I'm not bothered if it's a big one
and I'm not fussed about a white dress that costs thousands of pounds and I couldn't
care less where it will be. A beach or Las Vegas would do just fine :P 
I want Elvis (a lookalike ofc) to wed me hahaha. 

This song is how I'd feel on the day "it" happens. IF it even happens. 
It's not even on the cards yet, I just like this song!
♥ ;) "Just say yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah".

IVF Day 19

F*ck this!!! :'( Started the 2nd injection on Sunday... 
And it's a big b*stard! :/ Bigger than the other one..
It hurts to push it in my belly. The other one goes in easier, but it stings
when the liquid goes in, but this 2nd syringe hurts when going in the skin.
*Shrugs* I don't know how I will cope doing this for 2 weeks.. Just hoping it
won't be longer.. 

Got to go back to the hospital on Friday to give more bloods to see how I'm doing. 
If I'm producing enough eggs. If it's going too fast or too slow and take it from there..
I just want the day where they'll take my eggs do their "magic" and put them back in me to
be NOW.. Feels like forever away.. I know I've done well so far, but it's not easy.. 
I try not to think negatively, but it's one of the worst things I could put myself through.

On the flip side I do feel quite proud of myself. I never thought I could do something like this
being scared of needles and all.. So I feel some relief in that :)
Was so close to posting pics of the syringes :/ But was told by a reader that I shouldn't so I will
think about it.
Ok time for needles again.. Ads is preparing them and I'm freaking out as per usual. 
Going to treat myself to a hot bath afterwards even though I had a spider encounter
in the bathroom a few hours ago.. That's an entirely different phobia/story.
Bye for now..


I adore this song ♥
Listen to the lyrics..

IVF Day 16

People seem to think it should get easier to inject myself..
Just because I've done it 16 times so far.. They could not be more wrong.
It's still as bad as the first time I did it..
I constantly think about it. I dread 7pm.. Dread holding the syringe and
my hands tremble. I get all sweaty and I think "I can't do this"..
Squeeze my belly and hold the needle close to the skin and I start
panicing.. But then I jab it in my belly and squeeze the liquid inside. 
It always stings badly and then I quickly pull it out and throw the syringe away.
And that's when I usually start to cry :/
I'm not asking for sympathy. It's just what I do every day at 7pm. 
Tomorrow night I start the 2nd needle.. 2 needles at a time..
I don't know how I will do it... But I have to... Somehow..

Random thoughts

..I very rarely remember or think about you these days..

IVF Day 12

Not blogged too much about what's going on. As it's the same thing
day in, day out. I go to work deal with all the stress there and I've decided
that I need to care less.. It's not going to be easy, but I've realised that I don't get
paid enough to worry as much as I usually do! I will keep doing my job as I
always have done, with a smile on my face when talking to customers, but
not more than that.
It's not always the best thing to be as open and honest as I am..
Never wanted to become just one of many robots in a company.
Or someone that butt kisses to get to the top. I don't know how some people do it..
I have far too much integrity to be one of them..
The worst feeling is that I can't trust people at work..
I have a few people I trust, but the rest.. Not so much..

Trying to think positive as I need to be stress free..
The last few nights haven not been easy when I've had to inject myself..
I broke down last night.. It hurt so much so I had to stop and Ads asked if he
should do it for me instead.. But I was too scared and I should really do it myself..
But it's not the easiest thing to do.. Not if your scared of needles like I am..
I'm dreading Friday.. That's the day I might start the 2nd injection...
2 needles a night :/
I have been talking to a friend of ours who went through IVF and she has
the cutest little boy now :) She makes me realise that what I am going through now
is going to be worth it in the end.
I want to be a mamma! (Swedish for mummy). And I can't wait to make Ads a dad :)

Lotso Hugging

I must be one of very few women who don't like V-day. 
Not sure why I don't like it, never have :/ Just think it's silly. 
Why should you only be romantic and show your love with gifts once
a year? I love my bf all year round, don't need him to buy me
gifts/chocolates/cards on a set day of the year. Would much prefer a gift
when I lease expect it. But that did not stop him from getting me something anyways..
He always does that even though I've told him not to!! Grrr!!!
Okay I sound awful now :P But I did ♥ the gifts he got me!
Especially this one! As I've wanted it since Christmas haha.
Lotso Hugging bear!! He is so cuddly and he smells delicious!!! I looooove it!!
(He is from Toy Story 3 IF you haven't seen it ;) Haha)
And he also got me these. 

We love Disney movies :D We now have 18 Disney Blu rays!! :p
Yes, we are big kids!!!


Our bedroom is finally finished :D
All we need is a bed, some bedside tables, blinds and put up my mums curtains
that she's made us and it'll be all done! We put up the wall quote thing today.
I'm so pleased with it :) Love it. 
Can't wait to fall asleep in there. Will be so nice and peaceful.
Not having a TV in the bedroom. That's a big no no for me..
The bedroom is for sleeping and relaxing!

I'm almost done with the staircase as well. I have been working hard on it!
Been going there every other day to paint it. It has had 3 layers of under coat
already. Needs a last top coat and some sandpapering and it will be done I think.
Here is a before pic and some pics from today :)


To be this tanned and happy again. I would love to be somewhere warm right now.
Where the sun shines all the time and you don't have to worry about freezing if
you go out at night. Laying on the beach hearing the waves and the sea is one of the
most calming things for me. And then jumping in the cold-ish water to cool down and
just release all the tension you might feel. That is life. I want to be tanned!
Like in this picture. I feel so pretty when I got a tan like that :$

IVF Day 5

Still going strong. It's not getting any easier, but it has to be done.
Last night was the worst by far. For some reason it just hurt like hell.
I actually screamed out loud when I pushed the needle in my belly.
:S Not sure what happened then :( Was so unpleasent!

Felt really ill this morning, been feeling rubbish all day. 
Not sure if it's one of the side effects of the injections.
Good thing I only worked half day. Don't think I would have managed a whole day
in work. Took me several minutes to do the injection tonight as I was terrified
it would hurt again tonight.. Kept staring at the syringe in my hand and thought
"This is f'd up". And then I did it.. Was not as bad as last night thank God. 
Day 5 out of the way, but many more to go.
All that makes me cope at the moment is music. Been listening a lot to Bruno Mars'
album. His music is so good. But also Katy Perry and most recently Natasha Bedingfields
latest album. Her voice is so good and her lyrics are great too!
Her songs called "Neonlights" "Weightless" and Try are some of the best ones :)

If you want new music to listen to then get it and see what you think ;)


I love this beautiful song by Katy Perry.
It is such a forceful and meaningful song to me.
I can relate to it a lot as I used to be in a relationship with a guy that
did not treat me the way I should have been treated. A guy who used to make
me think I wasn't worth anything and I could not be me when I was with him.
But then one day I woke up and realised I could get out of the bad relationship and that
I deserve more and better than what I had been used to for so many years.
This song reminds me of that. The strength I had within me to realise I was and am a "Pearl".
Enjoy :) 

She is coming to Manchester in March and I am going to try to get some tickets. 
I would love to see her live at the Apollo. Would be so awesome!! :D 
Fingers crossed!

4 years <3

Me and Ads have been together 4 years today.
We officially met today in 2007. I landed at Manchester aiport and
I was sooo nervous. I'd only seen him on Skype and we used to
spend hours speaking to each other on the phone. 
I had loads of butterflies in my belly and I did not know what I would
say when I saw him. He was a bit late due to traffic, but then he was there.
He stood infront of me so tall and handsome and he had a cheeky grin on :)
I hugged him so hard and then we kissed :$ ♥
We have shared a lot together. Both happiness and sadness, but we are stronger
because of these things. And we are still so happily in love. 
I don't think I realised how much he loves me until I fractured both my arms.
He was there for me and he took care of me like no one else could have. 

I love you Adam Green and I hope and wish we will be together till we are old
and grey! :)

I have had such an amazing time with you my love. We have been to so
many amazing places and have had so much fun together! :D
Can't wait to explore the rest of the world together and everything else
that comes our way. I would not have changed anything.

Thank you for being you and for loving me ♥


Just ordered this ring!
Can't wait to get it :D
It's sooooo me it's untrue!!
I love skull rings :D 

Got it here
They have lots of cool and quirky jewellery there ;)

IVF Day 2

Last night I had such a bad pain in my shoulders and neck.
Could not sleep all too well and Ads felt the same this morning.
He thought we might have light wiplash. So we went to see the Dr.
They said it might be wiplash and that it will get worse for 7-10 days
and then it should wear off..

Not what we needed now. I am okay, but it does hurt my neck when I turn around
or when I look up. Hope it gets better asap! 

Spent a little time in the house again. The stairs are getting whiter, but I still need a few
more coats. I am proud of myself for doing it and not giving up :) It's not easy. 
But it will be worth it in the end!! :)

So I had needle number 2 an hour ago. Should really do it at 7pm, but Ads went out to
watch the footie. *Hmpf* So did it before he left. 
I cried after I did it.. Yesterday was different, I was "strong" infront of the nurse, but today..
It was just me, Ads and the needle.. It just hit me that this is something I'm going to be doing
for quite a while.. Seeing the syringe makes me all shaky..
I know a lot of people probably think
I'm being silly, I wish it was simple and that I wasn't terrified..
But I have always had issues with needles.
2 days down and many more to go, but I will do it!
Thought about taking pics of the needles, but not sure if I should :/

IVF Day 1

Woke up this morning really nervous. I went to sleep around 10.30pm.
I was so tired last night, but woke up rested. 
On our way to the hospital someone drove into our car. 
Was not too bad, but it was quite a bump. He admitted he wasn't looking..
I was in a bit of a shock and Ads was so angry and upset. Bless him.
Took the guys details and drove to the hospital..

I don't like hospitals. Especially the one I go to for the treatments.. 
Everyone in there want the same thing as me, and I can't help to wonder
who these women are. What are they thinking about, are they as scared, but
hopeful as me? Will they have a baby soon? Will I? All these things go around
my head. And then the nurse says my name: "Karolina Keric".

She take us to a room and she sits there and tells us what I am going to do for the next
month. I'm trying to take it all in, but it still overwhelms me. 

She then says: "Lets show you how you will be injecting yourself daily"..
She picks up a box with the syringes and some liquid stuff. 
Nurse: "Make sure there are no bubbles"... I'm just staring at her.. 
Nurse: "Shall I do it for you and then you'll know what to do tomorrow?".
Me: "No thank you, I should do it and you can tell me if I do it right.."

So I take the syringe and inject myself in the belly.. It was not very pleasant,
but it went quite fast. I was quite impressed with myself. But the thought of having
to do it every day for a month is quite disturbing! 2 weeks of these hormone needles
and then 2 weeks of some other stuff, but when I start the other ones I am still taking these ones.
Which means 2 needles a night for 2 weeks!!

I might take pics of all the stuff she gave me.. I got a huge carrier bag with needles and stuff.
Day 1 is over with.. She said I will start feeling different eventually and might get bad
mood swings.. Oh the joy.

But have to stay positive. Doing it for a good cause. Just hope it will work. 

The house - Kitchen

Some pics of our new kitchen that we ordered a while ago.
It's going to be here by the end of the month.
They're only sketches. It'll look much nicer in real life!! :)

Can't wait to get it fitted. It will be my favourite place haha.
I usually hate the kitchen, but it will be so pretty!!!
Plus all the drawers and doors have that "slow motion" thingy when you
open and close them. You know what I mean?

I just love that haha. I'm so easily pleased. I can do that over and over
again and not be bored. :D No more banging in the morning when Ads is making tea!!

I love my black sink! And the splashback is lovely too :D
So excited!! ♥

Not what I expected

I had a Dr's appointment last night. For my nose..
I've not been able to breathe through it properly for 7 months.
Yes, 7 whole months, going on 8.
So I had an appointment to see the Dr. I thought they'd do some
allergy test, like a prick test that Ads had few years back and they told
him straight away what he was allergic to. So I went there thinking it would
be pain free (I hate the Dr's..) After a quick check he said I need a CT scan?
I'm like errrr. For my nose?? 
Then they took me to a nurse who said "Are you ok around needles?"
Me: "Errrr why???" Male nurse: "We need some blood".
Me: "Errrrrr WHY???" Male nurse: "Allergy results".

ARGH!!!!!!! If I'd known I would have had loads to drink before...
But noooo no one told me.. And he had to stick me with a needle several times
until they got any blood off me :'( I hate the neeeeedles!!!!
Ok rant over... 

2 days to go till I start the IVF.. Guess I should be used to the needles by now?
But I'm not!!

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