Tried to post this earlier today from my phone, but it didn't work..
My holiday officially starts now!!!
We fly out tomorrow at about 12.30pm.
We have a 11 hour flight to look forward to :X
But it's gonna be worth it we land in Las Vegas!!! So excited!!
I've not packed yet.. I always leave it till last minute.
Not bringing much with me there as I intend on buying loads whilst I'm there :p
I should have free Internet on the room so will try and blog every other day.

Can't believe I will be back in our beloved Las Vegas tomorrow
and that I will wake up in Las Vegas on Friday and it will be my 30th b-day!!!!
I've now packed :) And I'm ready to go to sleep haha.
Just want it to be tomorrow morning!!

Only One Thing

Flying home to Sweden tomorrow night!
Our flight leaves Liverpool airport at about 8pm. 
We will be landing at 11.20pm local time. 
Aaaaaah!! So excited!!
My mums paid for both our flights and I'm so greatful to her ♥
She wanted me to come home for my 30th b-day, but it'll be spent in Vegas
so she said I should come the week before! :) 
She has made all my favourite food and desserts. 
Can't wait to see my family and EAT :D haha xx
Soooo happy!! Been so excited all day.
Only working half day tomorrow. 
Then straight home to do some cleaning and get going to the airport!
There is only one thing I want with me back from Sweden. 
And it's this poncho. I do wish it will be in the shop when I go there on Sunday.
Only in Sweden for the weekend so won't have time to shop at all, but
going to one of the malls local to my mums and fingers crossed they still have this in stock!

I Want it BAD

Dress is from Gina Tricot. Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.
I want this so badly ♥

Gina Tricot

I want all above!!! So me

Almost time

Only 3 more sleeps till Sweden!! And 9 more sleeps till Las Vegas!!
Am I excited?? Helllllll YEAAAAAH!! Haha. I can't wait to go home on Friday.
Gutted it's only for the weekend, but that's better than not going!

Gonna have lots of yummy food and pre birthday cake :D 

Next 3 weekends will be abroad. 1 in Sweden and 2 in Las Vegas :D

I'll be blogging more whilst I'm there. As long as I got access to internet in the room.
Whilst Ads is having his naps I'll upload some pics and blog about our days :)
It's going to be fun for me, but hope that whoever reads my blog will enjoy it too!

Forever 21

I can't stop going onto their website.
I just love their clothes.

Here are some of the things I hope will be in the shop when I go there!
Only 1.5 weeks to go!!! 11 more sleeps!! :D
I love the colour of this dress and it looks beautiful.
Not sure I could pull this skirt off, but want to try it on.
Really like the colour and the heel. Beautiful.
Same as above, but different colour. Wouldn't mind both ;)

Cute lil skirt. I want to match it with a bold colour top!
Maybe mustard? Cool!!

Shoes 2 Adore

Been looking online for shoes. I do love shoes.
Most women do right? :P
Found lots of nice shoes on Nordstrom's website.
They have a shop in Las Vegas, and I will deffo go there to try some out.
I'll most likely end up with 10 pairs of new shoes whilst we are there :p
These are some of the shoes I'd like to try on and most likely buy ;)

Beautiful. Designer - Jessica Simpson. 
I'd wear these at home because they look so fab!
Platforms. Designer - Steve Madden
I adore these. They got it all.
The patent black with the oh so "fashionable" animal print and a red heel.
A casual bootie with a twist. Designer - Jessica Simpson
Just love the shape of this show. And the colour is lovely.
Spiked heel - Designer - Jeffrey Campbell.

This shoe is so me!! I want it badly. Gonna look for it everywhere!!

Missing You

I am missing someone so much today :'( 
Wish she was here today on her day. 
Diane, it's your b-day today and I wish I could hug you and wish you
a Happy B-day. It's so unfair. We miss you every day. 
Words can't explain how much you are missed and loved D.
I miss you so much ♥


I like wearing bracelets when I go out.
I have a Thomas Sabo one and lots of charms to go with it. 
I do love it. A lot! But there is another one I like now. 
Only noticed it recently. I know it's been out for a while and everyone
likes it. It's not Pandora.. I can't stand them.. No, no.
The one I'm looking at now is Links of London.
And these charms are a few of many I'd want :) 

The bracelet
Do I have to explain this one? :P
Found this one adorable
Just love US of A :P

Shopping - Las Vegas

I could write a book about the shopping in Las Vegas :P

But then again I love shopping in US of A :$
If you go there, you got to bring lots and lots of $'s, because you will want to buy
a lot of things!! :P
Some of my favourites shops are:
1. Forever21
I love this shop. It's so cheap it's stupid!
Love their clothes. You can find loads of nice things in there. 

2. Victorias Secret
I love their underwear! Especially the panties. 
The best quality underwear in the world!
Plus they are so nice/cute/sexy.
I shall be spending loads of money in there :P
3. Abercrombie & Fitch
I've blogged about this brand before. 
I love their clothes. Shame it's a bit expensive. 
But the quality is good. 
Hope to find a bargain in there this time around!
Some of the best malls I've seen:
1. Fashion Show Mall
This mall has it all.
All the best brands you can imagine. Not too posh.
Quite down to earth. 
And they've opened a new Forever21 shop there that I've not seen yet!
Can't wait!!
2. Miracle Mile (Planet Hollywood)

This one is pretty good too. You can find some bargains in here if you look around.
3. Forum Shops at Caesars
They have all the posh shops ie Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc...
But also a really cute (too bad it's small) Marc by Marc Jacobs shop.
And a big Juicy Couture shop.

Las Vegas Premium Outlet

If you don't care about buying things that are a few seasons old.
You will be able to find loads of bargains here. That's a promise. 
We always go there. More than once haha.
And we always end up coming back with bags and bags of things.
They've got a new Steve Madden shop there. Can't wait!!
(A shoe designer!! If you don't know what that is....)
I can't wait!!! :D
There are loads more shops, but these are my favourites ;)


Do I have to say more?

I want this wedge espadrille so much!!
Beautiful. Would go perfect with so many of my clothes. 
Really want to order them... BUT...
They are from a shop I've sworn I won't order anything from ever again :(
Don't want to be a hypocrite.

Have to think about it.. They are too cheap NOT to buy them.

Best Candy Places - Las Vegas

I love Candy :D Do you?!!

I'm sure you do ;) 
Everyone loves candy. I also love chocolate.
But I will class that as candy as well in this post.
Thought I'd let you know of some places where to find the best sweeties ;)

I've not been to all of them. YET! But will make sure I go this time :D
Didn't know about some of them... Until now.
1. Fuzziwig's Candy Factory

Found this one in Anaheim 2009. And was like ah-ma-zed with all the candy in there!!
They got anything you could imagine or want! Too much to be able to choose from!
I don't like it when I have too much to choose from haha :)
2. M & M's World

The name says it all! :D Perfect shop for everyone that loves M & M's.
I know I do! Awesome shop. You can't miss it.
They have some M&M characters outside the shop.

3. Godiva Chocolatier

Anyone that loves chocolate, will know about Godiva. 
They make some of the most delicious chocolate in the world. 
It's expensive, but it's worth it :) I shall visit this shop. 
Even if I only get a few bits and bobs from there.
4. Sugar Factory

I can't wait to go to this shop. I've only seen it online, but they have some really cool candy!
Like these.

These are sooooo meeee!! Sparkly lollipops!! :D Do I need to say more??

Places To Eat - Las Vegas

Okay, I'm going to list some of my favourite restaurants in Las Vegas :)

And a few places I've not tried yet, but will do in 4 weeks time!

Top 3:

1. Cheesecake Factory
It's at the Forum Shops at Caesars.
You might wonder why is she listing Cheesecake Factory?
It sounds like a place that sells Cheesecake.. Well it's sooo much more :)
They do have the most amazing cheesecakes ever! They are to die for.
And it means a lot coming from me.. I've never been a dessert person..
But their food is amazing too.
I usually have a pizza with 4 different slices. Ah-ma-zing!
So delicious it's untrue. Ads loves their pastas. 
The bread they serve you whilst you order is brilliant too!
2. Tony Romas
You can find it in Freeman Street (Old Town)
They are famous for their Ribs. And they are delicious!
They got plenty more to offer, but you should go somewhere
else if you want pasta and food like that. 
It would be a waste not to have the ribs! 
Fingerlicking good haha :p
3. Il Fornaio
Which you can find in New York New York Hotel/Casino is one of my favourite Italian restaurants.
Their food is just amazing. I have their calzone :) Because I love pizza!! Hehe.
Ads has tried different things. I usually stick to the same things :X
Oh and their bruschetta which you dip in olive oil is spectacular.
There are a few other places that you shouldn't miss if you had the chance to go.

I do like Dennys for their breakfasts. It's an old style diner. 
Some people don't like it.. But I love their pancakes with syrup and butter.
Uh oh, just thinking of it makes me hungry :P
Planet Hollywood had some good food, but it's cool to just go there as they have all these
old things from movies you've seen :) Quite cool!
Hooters.. Famous for it's boobs haha :P 
The food wasn't anything special, but it was funny to be there. 
Just to be able to say you've been ;) And if you like boobs, then it's a bonus for you.
Some places we will be going to are:
1. Wicked Spoon Buffet
It's a buffet that I've read lots of good reviews about. 
And the pictures from this place look so delicious.
It's at The Cosmopolitan.
2. Hash House A Go Go

Found the name quite amusing :P But the menu looks pretty cool too!
You get lots of food at this place. 
I'm not a big eater, but I shall try! ;)
3. Hofbräuhaus

A German restaurant that Ads wants to try. 
Think it's more for the beer than the food haha ;) 
Nah, the food looks pretty good too. We saw it on a programme
about Las Vegas and it looked cool!
4. Maggiano's Little Italy

I can't wait to try this place out. I love Italian food more than any other.
I am going to try their Ziti. I've never had it, but I've heard about it before.
Especially from watching Sopranos :P haha.
I shall let you know what I thought about these 4 places.

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