Shopping - Las Vegas

I could write a book about the shopping in Las Vegas :P

But then again I love shopping in US of A :$
If you go there, you got to bring lots and lots of $'s, because you will want to buy
a lot of things!! :P
Some of my favourites shops are:
1. Forever21
I love this shop. It's so cheap it's stupid!
Love their clothes. You can find loads of nice things in there. 

2. Victorias Secret
I love their underwear! Especially the panties. 
The best quality underwear in the world!
Plus they are so nice/cute/sexy.
I shall be spending loads of money in there :P
3. Abercrombie & Fitch
I've blogged about this brand before. 
I love their clothes. Shame it's a bit expensive. 
But the quality is good. 
Hope to find a bargain in there this time around!
Some of the best malls I've seen:
1. Fashion Show Mall
This mall has it all.
All the best brands you can imagine. Not too posh.
Quite down to earth. 
And they've opened a new Forever21 shop there that I've not seen yet!
Can't wait!!
2. Miracle Mile (Planet Hollywood)

This one is pretty good too. You can find some bargains in here if you look around.
3. Forum Shops at Caesars
They have all the posh shops ie Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc...
But also a really cute (too bad it's small) Marc by Marc Jacobs shop.
And a big Juicy Couture shop.

Las Vegas Premium Outlet

If you don't care about buying things that are a few seasons old.
You will be able to find loads of bargains here. That's a promise. 
We always go there. More than once haha.
And we always end up coming back with bags and bags of things.
They've got a new Steve Madden shop there. Can't wait!!
(A shoe designer!! If you don't know what that is....)
I can't wait!!! :D
There are loads more shops, but these are my favourites ;)


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