Dreams coming true

Since I met Ads a lot of my dreams have come true.
He has done so much for me and taken me to places I've only dreamed about.

We have been to Las Vegas twice. And he took me to LA last summer.

He bought me tickets to go see Metallica and he went with me even though he hated every minute of it.
The list goes on of the nice things he has done for me :)

But on Friday he made yet another dream come true :D

He said he got me something. I had to sit at work for hours and think about what it may be.
I thought it might have been an iPad :P or a Sony Vaio mini.

When he said it's in his pocket I knew..
He had bought me tickets to go see Lady Gaga!!!

I still can't believe I will be seeing her LIVE in a few days time.
This Thursday at the MEN Arena :D I'm sooo excited it's untrue!

I did not want to put down the tickets for 30 minutes haha. Thought it would all be a dream!!!

I love Ads so much. (Not only because he gets me stuff, but because he knows me.
And he knows how to make me the happiest woman alive ♥ xX)

♥ Love, love, love, LOVE ♥

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