Just Tonight

I like Taylor Momsen. Didn't like her as Jenny in Gossip Girl.
But I was quite surprised when I heard her singing the first time. 
Her voice is good and I like this song :)


"And here I am watching the clock that's ticking away my time
I'm too numb to feel right now"

Miles away

Another old song that I love.
"I've heard this life is overrated 
but I hope that it gets better as we go"

"But all the miles that separate
Disappear now when I'm dreaming of your face"


An old song I love. I'm sure you've heard it before.
"Sad eyes follow me
But I still believe there's something left for me"

"Please come now I think I'm falling
I'm holding on to all I think is safe"


Been a while since I did this one last.
Mood: Bit confused
Clothes: My comfy skirt I wear around the house and a top.

Hairdo: Long-ish. Bit boring. Want a change!

Doing: Just relaxing on the laptop. Thinking.
Wanting: I want to know what the point is.

Hear: Creed- With arms wide open.. Suggested to me by someone.
Will: Be a mummy one day.
Should: Stop thinking about certain things.

Yesterday: Was my first day doing my new role. 
Today: I had my first full day and it went well. 
Tomorrow: I have a long day at work, but then off on Thursday.

Waiting for: A few things. A letter about some news. My nose op. 
Wishing: For something very little,but oh so precious. One day..
Wondering: What did I do in my past life to be so jinxed in this one?

Coca Cola

People who know me really well all know that I love Coca Cola!
It's my favourite thing in the whole wide world.. 
If I had to choose between Coca Cola or Chocolate for the rest of my life
I would choose Cola! (and I love Chocolate) haha.


I have now started to collect some different Coca Cola bottles.
Ads bought me these 3 few weeks ago.
They're designed by Karl Lagerfeld. How cool is that?
Uber cool!!

And today I found these in Selfridges.
Another 2 limited edition bottles :) Especially made for the 125th Anniversary.
I'm going to try and get lots more different bottles :D
Do you like Coca Cola? ♥

Day Of Madness

Honestly. I woke up all happy and excited this morning..
I thought it would be a good day..
How wrong was I?

Ads had booked a hotel for us in London last night for September.
3 nights for a really good price. He had asked a guy at work if he had any plans
and he had said no..
Ads then sent me a text during the morning saying we could not go the days we planned..
I was not happy about this. So we have to go for 2 nights instead and a week later.
Then the nurses at the hospital peed me off with some news they had for me.. 
About our next IVF treatment.. So that made me quite upset..
Rant over!
There were some good parts to the day though..
I was told for sure that I am starting my new role on Monday! :D
Oh yeah, I got a new role.
Did I mention that??
Well I do! Same company, but a different role :) I can't wait!!
Ads also bought me a new bag that I like a lot! And he took me for a lovely dinner.
So I can't complain too much :p
Just wish I was off tomorrow. Not looking forward to working till 4.30pm tomorrow.
Got a 50th B-day party to go to tomorrow night.

Here are a few pics of stuff I got today.
My new bag :)

Coin purse and make up bag :) I love the print.
Designed by Cath Kidston. I want all of their stuff!!

Day Off

Had a day off today as I'm working this Saturday.
Woke up at 7am.. Not by choice. Window was open so I got woken up by the
garbage trucks.. Why do they have to be so loud?

Got up, watched latest episode of Pretty Little Liars :) Happy it's back on!
Thought all my shows were on a break till September.
And then I got ready for town. Was prepared this time!
Comfy clothes/shoes and umbrella! Did it rain? NO!
The sun came out when I was on my way home though..
I'm a jinx. The weather gods hate me.
So do the health gods..
Okay I'm rambling now.
I bought a couple of vest tops for work and a new book.
Not much left of my current book.

Why is it when you got money to spend you can never find anything?
You know I'm right! Just strange isn't it?

This is what I looked like today.
I use an app to make my photos look cool :P It's called instagr.am.
Check it out if you got an iPhone.
This is what I would have preferred doing today though.
Chilling with an ice cold Kopparberg pear cider.. Yummy.
(Taken few weeks back)
Instead I had this! (Cold to drink, but it was delicious! Would have tasted even better
if the sun had been out)

Strawberry and cream Frappuccino from Starbucks.
Don't like the new logo!!
Preferred the old one. Doesn't even say it's Starbucks..

Just a bit empty

Life is a bit low at the moment. I don't like feeling this way..
Sometimes I get scared that I'll fall into D... again...
Not gonna let that happen! I will fight it every step.
The weather isn't helping at all. It's 12th of June and it's cold.
Back home in Sweden, they are having the best summer weather.
Jealous? YES!
I just want to be able to enjoy my weekends and have a nice day out.
Playing badminton. Going for walks. Sitting outside and just "being".
Feeling the sunshine on my skin. I need it. It's hard to explain what sunshine does
to me and what lack of sunshine does to me.. 

But I am still waiting for it. And instead of being outside and playing around or doing
something fun.. I'm stuck inside, just waiting for the nice weather.

Give me sunshine any day. I would be so much happier.
I was so warm this day. This is in Seaworld last September. I wanted to jump into the fountain :P
Christmas Day 2010 in Tenerife. I would love to be there right now.

The Hangover Part 2

I was looking forward to seeing this A LOT. So we went and watched it on Monday just gone.
We both loved the first movie so much that we had to watch it again :)
I think I'll be re watching it many a times.. One of the reasons why we loved it so much was
because it was set in Las Vegas ♥
But mainly because the movie was f-ing hillarious :P
I laughed out loud so many times and almost cried with laughter.

I was expecting something similar with the 2nd movie, but got a bit disappointed.
It had some funny moments, but no LOL moments (Laugh out Loud..)
All in all an okey movie. But I'm only giving it 3 out of 5 ♥'s
Have you seen it yet? Did you like it?

The monkey was funny :P And you got to love Alan!! :D

Wish List For The Big 30!

I can't believe I'll be 30 years old this September.. Eeeeek!!!
Hahaha :$ 

I don't feel like 30. Don't think I look 30 either ^^ :P 

But I am what I am. 30 years old on the 30th of September 2011...
Uh oh.

I have nothing planned as of yet, due to everything that is going on at the moment..
(Major surgery and IVF... )
But it won't stop me from wishing for a few things to happen on my big day :P
Here is my Wish List. *Hint, Hint, HINT* Hahaha ;)

The top 2 are what I want more than anything. Then the rest of it is not as important.
And in no particular order.
I want to be pregnant by the 30th of September 2011..
I know it might happen, but I do hope I will be..
Fingers crossed for me!!
I really want to go back to our favourite place in the world.
Las Vegas ♥

I want to go see Katy Perry Live again when she comes back to Manchester
later in the year. Would be so awesome!!
A Miu Miu bag... *Drool* Maybe not this one, but any would do ;) haha
Gift Vouchers so I can go shopping :P So much better than cash as I'd
probably spend the cash on food shopping or something haha :$
A lovel Spa Treatment would be nice too :) Love being pampered on my Birthday.
Loveli red roses! I love roses no doubt.. I'd love some ;) 

Spend time with my loved ones is another one I'd want..
But I doubt I'll be with my family for my 30th. 
No plans on going back for my B-day.
Would have been nice to have all my loved ones around me for the day..
Oh well. As long as Ads is with me I'll be happy ♥
That is my Wish List. Let's see if I get any of it ;) :P

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