Xmas dress

I've been looking for a new dress to wear for Xmas.
Did not want to pay over the top for a dress I might not wear very often.
I first wanted a green one as it's one of the festive colours, but then I checked
Gina Tricot's website the other day and saw THE dress I was looking for.

And it's a LBD - Little Black Dress - which means I can wear it to pretty much anything!
Plus you can dress it up for different occasions. I asked my mum to check the store whilst
she was shopping today and she found it! I will have it on Monday when she comes to see us!
Sooo happy!! :D

Xmas tree

Here is our first Xmas tree in the new house :)

The last 4 years I've had my mini black one that I still love and I even put
it up this year.
I wanted a real tree, but they are quite expensive and I found this one that I like!
It was difficult to find the right baubles to put on. Indecisive as I am :$
We had some Coca Cola baubles that we bought in Las Vegas :)
We have a bit of everything on it now. I love it!!
I opted out of tinsel.. Could not decide on a colour and think it could have
overkilled it a bit.
Can't wait to put all the presents under it later this weekend.
Oh and I got a mini one too :) 
So cute!!

They're all wrapped and ready to be unwrapped again.. Haha


Whilst I'm on the topic of make up.
Here is some of my favourite make up that I use.
YSL - Mascara and Touch Eclat concealer. Amazeballs!!
This is my favourite eye shadow palette from MAC.
I don't know what I will do when it's all gone :X
This is slowly becoming a new favourite of mine and I got it for a bargain!!
And then some things that I'd like to have in my make up bag.

Make up

I don't put make up on I put on some mascara for work..
Usually I'm too tired to bother!
When I go out I like to have my eyes all glammed up :P
I've never been one for lots of make up. Especiall not loads of powder and
stuff to make you look ridiculous..
Don't get me wrong.. When it's done "right", then it can look gorgeous..
But I don't see the need to do it every day. Such a waste of time and money.

I prefer to put some make up on when I go out and want to look and feel a bit prettier.
Because a nice eye shadow, a lipgloss and even some bronzer can make someone
look a bit prettier. A bit different. I prefer to be this at special occasions.
Here are some pics from when I felt pretty :) And it was mainly because of the make up.
This must be my favourite picture of me.
I was so proud of this make up :P All for Katy Perry :P
This is many moons ago.. Back in Sweden. Feels like someone else entirely..

Xmas feeling

I started getting giddy about X-mas few weeks ago. I know it was way too early!
But I just could not help myself. I bought all of the presents and wrapped them back then.

Only need to get Ads' dad one thing and something for Ads and it's all done :D

Very pleased with myself this year. I've been so organised! I did not want to rush
around last minutie in the shops with everyone else.. No way.
There is one thing missing though to make it feel like its really X-mas time..
And that is.. Wait for it...

Where is it?? I really love snow (even tho it caused me so much pain last year...)
Without snow it's not really X-mas.. Not for me at least.
I hope it shows up soon.
This is what I want!
And here is our first real tree (well it's fake, last few years we've only had our mini black tree)
Can't wait to put the X-mas presents under it!! :D

Luxury X-mas Wish List

If I was wishing for something this Christmas and the price didn't matter,
then this is what I would wish for :P
First pic - A bag from Proenza Schouler for £1210
Then a Crystal Head Vodka - Yes vodka! £70
The scarf... By Missoni £370
And the laptop case by Marc By Marc Jacobs £55
Some of the prices are absolutely insane. 
But wouldn't say no thanks if one of these were under my Christmas tree ;)

2 weeks to go!

My mamma is coming to see us in 2 weeks time! :D

I can't wait to show her around. It will be interesting for sure. 
She doesn't speak English... So I will be translating all the time..
As per usual..
Oh well, will be worth it! She is coming here with her cousin.

We've been stripping the walls in the spare bedroom and need to wallpaper it now,
put flooring down and throw a bed in it :) 
We bought a bed last week and I got my favourite wallpaper.
I can't wait to see it all finished. 
Bit stressed though.. 2 weeks to get a lot sorted out. 

We can do it though!

I just want my mamma to come and see us :) 
She will be cooking Swedish Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.
Soooo looking forward to that. As I don't like English Christmas dinner :$
Me and my mamma ♥

Life is unfair

Here we go again....
Another person that we love and care about has been diagnosed with the C word....
Why does it have to happen to someone that is so nice and caring?
I just don't get it :( 

It's almost 2 years ago (in February) since we lost D...
Now her brother has been diagnosed and it's not curable.
He only turned 60 this year.
I've only known him for a few years, but I know that he does not deserve this.

I'm so sad for Adam and his family. This keeps happening to them too often...
Don't know what to say or do. I feel helpless.
I want to scream out loud and cry at the same time.
Here we go again...
Heart ache and unfairness.
If you have someone you love, but you don't see them very often, pick up the phone
and call them. See how they are. Or go around and see them if you can.
Give them a big hug..
I don't know what else to write..
Life is just so f-ing unfair....
This is how I feel... Right now...

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