Day job versus passion

We are not all blessed with good fortune.
Imagine a world where you could work with what you enjoy the most and make a living on it.
Some (very rare) people do have all that, but us mere mortals, we have to get used to the "day job" and deal with it.
The bills wont get paid with Monopoly money unfortunately.
And sometimes you have to settle with having your passion as a hobby.

My passion is writing. I can't say I'm a talent. I know I got a lot to learn when it comes to writing, but it does not stop
me from doing it.
Another passion of mine is languages. I have an ability to learn new languages quite easily.
Some people tell me I should work with that talent, but it is easier said than done.

How many of us are stuck in a day job that we hate just because we are too "comfortable" with it?
It's easier to just go along with it rather than do what we really want to.
It's too risky to quit the day job (especially these days) and chase your dreams.

I have had enough of my day job, but I am doing something about it.
I'm going to start a writing course in October and hopefully write a novel one day.
Who knows, I might end up writing books for a living ;)
I might not even write one. 

But I am not going to think "what if?"
You should not settle with what ifs in life.
I rather have tried and failed than not tried at all.


When to cut back on web habits

Some people spend a lot of their time on the internet. For various reasons.
I have not had internet for about 8 weeks now and I can honestly say that even though it has been
frustrating at times it has actually done me some good too.
I used to spend far too many hours on the internet. Usually playing games.
Team Fortress 2 in particular.
I have spent hours and hours online ever since 2003 when I got hooked to a game called Counterstrike.
Some days I could sit and play for 8 hours a day (when I was unemployed). When I got a job I played after work and on weekends. I stopped going out because I had more fun gaming. I can honestly say that I got addicted.

Some people can't understand my fascination for these games. I don't understand it myself sometimes.
I don't play that much anymore. Couple of hours a day max. I felt it was time to start living in the "real" world again.
I still love to play games, but I don't feel the "need" to anymore.

That is just one of MY web habits that can take over someone's life. There are plenty of others.

Like Facebook.
Which I think is one of the biggest culprits at the moment. So many people spend hours on end on it.
I don't get the fascination for Facebook. It was fun in the beginning when it was new. When poking your friends was funny and then superpoking. Till you started getting poked every second by the same person.
Or when all the rubbish applications started popping up.

I go on Facebook to add pictures from various occasions and also to stay in touch with family members and friends who I can't see all the time.
The status thing is one thing that annoys me the most about Facebook. Some people I know update their status' 10 times a day.
Saying that they're about to clean,eat,brush their teeth etc. I DON'T want to know!! Haha.

I think it is time for us to stop being so addicted to the internet and spend some quality time with our loved ones for REAL rather than on the net. Before we end up all alone in a house with the PC as our only companion.

Tidied up

I've just spent some time tidying this blog of mine up.
Changed around the topics on the right side.
Some of them were in Swedish so I changed them to English.
Old posts are in Swedish and they're from when I started this blog 2 years ago.
Nothing interesting in that topic haha.

Trips is one of my favourite topics. I put all the US of A posts in there if you want to have a look in there.

Life is the more serious topic I got. I write things that I feel strongly about in there.

Love says it all doesn't it? :P

Random stuff has quite ALOT of random posts where I just rant about things I do or like or even dislike :P

Fun stuff is a lot of FUN stuff haha.

I don't know why I made a Cravings topic when most of it is fashion so it should probably go under fashion :/
Might have to sort that out some day.

Hope this will make the blog a bit more easy to read and find topics that may interest YOU.

I only have 1 request now. Leave me some comments! :P Makes it more fun for ME to know what you think about what I write.


I love this word. Took me a while to learn how to pronounce it. I like difficult words. I know,weird! :p

it means :

1.inclined to lustfulness

2.arousing sexual desire

3.indicating sexual interest or expressive of lust or lewdness

[Middle English, from Late Latin lascīviōsus, from Latin lascīvia, lewdness, playfulness, from lascīvus, lustful, playful; see las- in Indo-European roots.]
las·civ'i·ous·ly adv., las·civ'i·ous·ness n.

Anaheim Angels

Our third day in Anaheim was the one day we had NO plans at all. No tours or parks to go to :)
We were supposed to go to the beach on this day,but we did not have the best weather in California :/
It was warm,but the sun was hiding behind the clouds :(
So we decided to go do some shopping :D
I did not mind ;) hahaha.
Ended up buying quite a lot in Forever21, one of my favourite shops in US of A.
But we also went to a Baseball game! :D
It was really cool. The americans love their baseball and they make a whole day out of it.
Here are some pictures.

Leaving the hotel :P Wearing one of my new tee's.

 My hair was curly haha.

Before the game started,still early.

 Doing it the American way :D  Cotton Candy! Yummy :P


Hoooooooome ruuuuuun! They all go crazy when there is a home run :P Fireworks and all :D

  Me goofing around :P

We were there for hours. Was alot of fun :D Anaheim Angels won. Can't remember who they played haha :X

Next time we go to US of A, I want to go see an American Football game :D

In a couple of days I will post pictures from our LA&Hollywood tour :)

Hen party

Here are some pictures from Saturday night.
I was wearing one of my newest dresses. I look like Tarzans Jane in it haha.
And I was wearing 11 cm's high heels which made me very tall :P
I loved it!

Vicki and me at Las Iguanas drinking cocktails.

 Janette with her 2 drinks lol

Hahaha so true ;)

  The hen
(Click on pictures to make them bigger)

Letter to a 20-year old me

I got the idea of writing a letter to myself from another blogger called Marie. I thought it was a great idea.
This is what I wrote.

Don't cry little one,he wont hurt you much longer. I know it's hard to leave him and move on. But you will become stronger and fight back. You will realise your own worth and leave the pain behind you. You will be able to look into the mirror and see how beautiful you really are.

You are scared of being alone,but being with someone who makes your life a living hell is worse. The bruises he leaves on your body will faint and disappear,but they will leave emotional scars forever. Run now and become who you are supposed to be. A happy, loving person who believes in hope,love and happiness.

I want to tell you not to worry about life too much,especially love. You will fall in love,be loved and lose the ones you love. There will be times when it seems like there is no point to go on, to try and find love again,
but you will meet the most amazing man in the world. Who will love you and care for you like no one else.
Trust me!

Don't argue with your mum,yes she does get on your nerves sometimes (most times),but she is almost always right in what she says. She cares about you and wants the best for you. One day you will be able to talk to her without raising your voices and you will feel closer to her.

Don't hate yourself for what you will have to do. I know it was not your choice to do it. They made the decision for you. I know it is the worst thing that will happen to you.. Even worse than what he did to you. But one day you will have what you want, with someone who wants it as much as you do.  

Don't trust everyone you meet and who might be nice to you. They don't all want the best for you.
 Don't let others use you!
 People will want you to give up your true self to please them,but don't give up on your own happiness to please others! Be selfish! It will save you a lot of heartache.
Don't let them take you for granted. Tell people how you feel and if you don't like something say NO.

Don't cry over those silly boys. Let them cry over you. Be happy and have fun,be a proud,young and independent woman. Don't let anyone mess you about. If he does not want to be with you there and then, he probably never will.

Keep smiling girl,even when life looks dark and there is so much going against you. Have hope that things will get better, there is always hope for you young one. Don't give up.

Remember that there is only one life and we are here to live it fully and completely.
Dream about the impossible,because your dreams will come true.
Hang in there...


Finally going to get an iPhone. My contract goes out in September (Yay!!)
Adam has had one for over a year now and he loves it. I'm getting the new one and giving it
to him haha. He is the one that loves all the technical stuff :P I don't mind using the older version.
I've decided to get a cool case for it :P Found one I like.

What do you think? :)

Harry Potter

I love the books, but I also love the movies. I don't care what people have to say.
They are beautifully made and witty at times. I love the story about Harry Potter. It is brilliantly written and
it always kept me interested and wanting more. When I read the last book I felt sad, because it was the end of
an amazing story and a magical world.

We watched Harry Potter and the half-blood prince yesterday at the IMAX and the beginning was in 3D. The visual effects were awesome, wish the whole movie had been in 3D :P
I can't wait to see the last 2 movies. I might even re-read the books :)


Monday blueeees

One of those days. You wake up and all you hear is rain smattering against the windows.
You realise it is another Monday morning. Another grey,cold and wet day.
Does not help that you are in agonizing pain. You can barely sit up straight, but you have to get up.
You got work.. Sometimes I envy those people who can stay in bed all day if they wanted.. But only on days like this.
I could not cope it if I did not have a job, even if it is a job I don't really enjoy or love. But it is a place for me to go and make money. Money that we need to pay bills, buy food, clothes and amazing holidays :)
I'm rambling away now. I guess I just want to make myself aware of how lucky I am. That I do have a job. No matter how
rubbish I feel in the mornings.

My weekend was quite good. We went swimming on Saturday. Spent a couple of hours in there, and then we went to Manchester Museum :) Was nice and relaxing. When we got home I went straight to bed and slept for 2 hours haha.

I was going out for a hen party on Saturday night. I put my lovely dress on and got myself looking gorgeous ;) but the night was a complete disaster. What a waste of time if you ask me... Sad.but true... IF I ever get married I won't have a typical hen party like some people I know... Mine will be in Las Vegas and I will enjoy every minute of it! :P

I got pictures from the night out, but forgot to bring my USB cable to work. Doh!
Will upload them tomorrow.


I love Nandos ♥
It's a restaurant with a Portugese theme. They serve chicken and they are known for their Peri-peri sauces.
They are: lemon and herb, mango and lime, medium, hot or extra hot.
I used to go for the milder versions when I started eating there. I know I'm a wuss :P
But I have started having the medium now. I also love their garlic sauce. Yummy!
If you're one of those people who have not yet tried Nandos, then get yourself to the closest Nando restaurant and order!

I'm going there today after work with 2 girls from work. I can't wait :P

Beautiful Women

Decided to have beautiful,intelligent women on here once a while.
I already had Pink on a couple of months ago.
This time I chose Angelina Jolie.
I think Angelina is one of the most beautiful women in the world,not only is she beautiful,but she is an amazing mother,actress aswell as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN refugee agency. She has done so much for charity and children in need. She has an amazing family with 3 children of her own and 3 adopted. :) She is amazing if you ask me.
Here are some pictures that I like.

Love this picture. She looks gorgeous.




Monki is one of my favourite shops back home in Sweden :)
They have quirky,but nice clothes. My favourite pair of shoes are from there :D
Can't wait to go there in August. Hopefully some of these things will still be available to get.

This tee is so me :)
Just a cute top.
Love this shirt, perfect colours.

Want all 3 pairs haha :P ♥

Universal Studios

Our second day in California we went to Universal Studios :)
It was one of my favourit days while we were in US of A :D
Saw loads of fun things there. And went on some really cool rides.
They got a "Mummy" ride there which was quite scary,fast and AWESOME :D
Here are some pictures.

I felt at home here :P hahaha (Dream on Karolina)

One of the coolest rides I've been on. It's truly awesome! I was screaming all the way. Haha.

I look like one of them don't I? ;) haha

 Outside the Mummy ride.
 Just before we went in,it's spooky in there!
 Scary dinousar!  (click to see them larger)

 You guessed it....
Jurassic park,the ride! It's a very wet ride.
With a huge drop,hence why my hair is ruined haha.

We went on a backstage tour,which was so cool! We saw loads of things that they've used in actual movies,
and also the actual "places" where they did some of the shooting.
Here are a few of them.
 Car used in the Mummy movie.
 Back to the future :D
 Car from Fast and the furious,they made it dance to "Gasolina" haha :P

We were sat on a tour bus,minding our own business and then we ended up in a little place called Amity Island.
Do you remember it? Uh oh.

See it? Yes it's a shark!JAWS! Aaaah!
One of the guys got eaten up by it,I got it all on video! (only kidding ;) ) but it is the place where the movie got filmed :D

After that unpleasant experience we went to my favourite bit of the tour. Wisteria Lane,that's where Desperate Housewives is filmed ♥
Here it is! Driving in :P

Gabis house :)

Got loads more,but don't want to bore you ;)

As if Jaws was not scary enough... Where did we end up?
 Do you see it? Want a hint? -Crazy murderer...
She is actually sitting there still rocking in her chair.. I saw her and it terrified me!!

And there he is,Norman Bates with his latest victim. He saw us and came at us with a knife!

War of the worlds :O
The actual place where they filmed the crash!
  It was so real. Amazing.

Big dude! He looks scary,but he was not ;)

Scariest place ever... People dressed up as scary monsters etc. Even Adam got scared by Chucky!
I ended up running out of there crying hahaha.

Ads in Marge's hair :p
 And me hahaha,it does not suit me as well as it does him :p

The Simpsons :D My favourite picture from the entire trip :P

This is from a show based on Waterworld. I loved that movie when I was a kid.
And the show was spectacular. LOTS of fire,fireworks,water,water and more water :D

That's it for now. Quite a few pictures hehe :X Hopefully you'll like them ;) 
Next part of our trip took us to an all American Baseball game :D 
Pictures from there will come in a couple of days.


Fancy Dress Party

I survived my first fancy dress party :D
Never dressed up before :X  That meant I did not want to go all out :P
Although I did feel very comfortable dressed up as a sailor :D
Here are some pictures from the night.

Ads' mum,Janette and meee :D
Ay ay captain :P
The girls (some of us haha)
Danny to the right had the most hillarious outfit :P (click to see it larger)
Loved his outfit :P

Danny without the wig :p
Robert in the outfit hahaha

The dancing Queens :D
The cutest couple,awww :) Chandra&Danny
Janette,Lisa and moi :)
hahaha Danny changed to a dress :p
Birthday girl Janet :) 50 years old,she does not look it!
Adam dressed up as... himself! :P Boooo

All in all it was a crazy night. I had a lot of fun and I did not get too drunk ;) only plesantly :P

Going out on Saturday again,for a hen party :D What to wear....Hmmm.Here we go again!!


Not only has the work internet been a pain in the rear,but when I finally have some time over to upload the pictures
from Saturdays Fancy dress party,then the camera dies :/
Not my lucky technology day is it? (getting used to this now....)
Will have to do it tomorrow instead!
Keep an eye open for them tomorrow ;)
There are some pretty funny pictures coming up.

Other than that? We bought Virtua Tennis 2009 for the PS3 this weekend and we're loving it!
So much that we're arguing whose turn it is hahaha. Sad but true :P

Have you tried it? I recommend you to do it ;)

Utkast: I'm awake,but ...

I'm awake,but not. Haha.Had so much fun last night.I did not get as drunk as last time haha,but I'm happy about that!
Will write more about it tomorrow.And put up the pictures :P
But here is one for now :)


I bought some ice cream the other week and totally forgot about it.
I tried it last night and it was D.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s! :D
It's Haagen-Dazs Strawberry cheesecake.
I was not sure if I would like it,but I ended up loving it!
So go out and get it ;)

Yummy yum yum!


Going to put some of the pictures up from our US of A trip.
It has been 3 weeks since we came back so I guess it's about time.

First pictures are from Disneyland/Anaheim. We stayed in a really nice Hotel in Anaheim.


That Buzz Robot was HUGE!

Me fooling around,being a big kid.
Click on the smaller pics to make them bigger :)

Guess who? :P ♥

 Minnies house :D
The chair was too small for me! Hahaha
 Ads in Mickey's chair :D  It's like in the cartoons! :P
 Goofys car! Haha

 Snow whites castle :)   Making a wish,but I won't tell you what it was ;) Not till it's come true!

This was part one people :)

Our first day in Disneyland. Next time I will post pictures from Universal Studios that I loved sooo much!♥

I had the time of my life in Disneyland.People might think it wont be fun for people in our age,but they could not be more wrong.It is such an exciting experience. We went on loads of fun/wet/ rides. The americans really love the wet rides.
I was totally soaked after one of the raft rides :) It was fun though!
I felt like a grown up kid all day long. And I have not smiled so much before.
It was definitely a place where dreams come true :)

P'd off

This day started totally wrong.
Just completely cr*p....
I made a mistake... Like most human people sometimes do..
But it caused a tension I did not need... 

I've been thinking about my mood lately.
And the last few weeks I've been very down/mad and almost depressed at times.
Why? I miss US of A. I miss the sun. It's cold here at the moment. Always raining. Does not feel like summer at all.
Work is depressing me the most. I feel no motivation at all. Loads of stuff going down in work that makes it even worse.

The lack of internet is the worst though.. I feel like I can't do anything without it.
Can't update my blog with the pics from the trip. I can't play my game, which used to be the one thing that de stressed me
after a long, horrible day at work.

Sorry for being doom and gloom at the moment. Just hoping it will all turn around and I will feel more cheerful.

My friend sent me this and it made me giggle.

" Twinkle Twinkle Lickle Bub

Toddled down to her local Pub

When she got there who was there

Her friendly buddy called Shauny Bear

They laughed and giggled and just for while

Shauny managed to make twinkle smile

And do you know how he managed it:?

He taught that twinkle toes how to KNIT!!!!!!!!! "

Hahahaha,so funny :p


Things are happening to me now...
Don't want to go into too many details.
I don't want to jinx myself :)
But at the moment it is looking good for us.
Had some good news last night.
Tonight I'm going for something that might change things for me,
same thing tomorrow..
That's all I'm saying at this moment...

Change of plans

As usual when it comes to me and making my mind up.
Went to town thinking I was going to get a flapper costume..
How wrong was I?
I ended up buying a sailor one instead. Why?Because my lovely friend(hmmm)made me!
Only because it would take me forever to find the things I wanted for the other costume :(
And I had no time..
I will show you pictures after the party.
Hopefully I will look good :D
Maybe I can dress up as a flapper girl some other time ;)

got this to go with the outfit. You'll have to wait for the rest :p

Fancy dress party

On Saturday we are going to a 50th birthday party,and most of them are dressing up.
I've never dressed up before,not even at Halloween. It is not my type of thing.
But I have an idea! I got a dress that I've still not worn and all I need is a few things to go with it
and I will look like a 20s style flapper girl :D
I need a pearl necklace,a old style cigarette holder,a feather fascinator and some gloves!

I'm thinking something like this.

Think it would suit me :p
Hopefully I can find the things I need later on today when I go to town.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Yes Man!

We watched Yes Man last night,with Jim Carrey. I did not know what to expect,but it was hillarious :)
It made us laugh so much.
Definitely recommend you to watch it :D

Had a doctors appointment this morning and got antihistamines :/
I guess I'm allergic to pollen or something. Hopefully it will make it easier to breathe at night and stop my eyes from running all the time. Quite annoying!
I can't wait for this week to end. I don't like working lates. 8pm finish..
You can't do anything after work. Too late and I always feel so tired when I get home.
My mum has come back from Croatia today so I look forward to catching up with her tonight (on phone).
Not long now till we go back home! I can't wait! :D

Still no internet..... *NO comment*


Here are some pictures from the Birthday party we went to last Saturday.
It was Ads' cousin Danny's 21st.
It was a mental day :D
We had soooo much fun and I got totally bladdered.

I know I should put the pictures up from our US of A trip first.... But I need more time to do it!
Will do it all over the weekend :)

Click on the smaller pictures to see them a bit larger.

the birthday boy and his lovely girlfriend Chandra :)

Me and Ads :)

Cousin,me and Ads' sister.

1st shot of black sambuca. (We had 3 each haha)

 Al and me = POSERS hahaha

 Cutie Pieeee!!

 Janette and moi.

Me and the b-day boy.

 Father and son.

 Mother and son.


 After many many (TOO) many drinks! hahaha

Karolina bladdered. Here is the proof :P


I'm looking for a dress for a wedding in August.
I like this one from Lipsy.
What do you think?

I'd wear it with a nice pink or baby blue shawl or a bolero (need to find that haha) and some lovely pink (or blue)shoes!
I can't wait to go to the wedding, it is one of my oldest friends that is getting married to her lovely boyfriend.
They have been together for 10 years. Awww.


I have been on Twitter for a while. Not sure why haha.
I don't really get it :/ What is the point with it?
It's like the facebook status thing.
But if you want to "follow" me it is Karolinakeric :)

Anyone else on Twitter?
Let me know


Finally the week is over, even though I work today :/
Yes, I'm in work now.. Very depressing.
Working till 4pm and then off home to chill out for a bit and then I'm going out tonight.
Can't wait.
It will be fun. Loads of us going :)
Not sure what to wear though haha. Same story every time :p
It's not easy to be a woman!

Some things have been put in motion that I don't really want to talk about on here.
I am quite excited about it,but also a bit scared.

No comment

Ok not entirely true.
Just fed up with alot of things.
But mainly the Internet malarky :(
STILL no Internet...
And it looks quite bleak.
We wont be getting it for a long time :(

Over and out.

Oh before I go..
We got a car :)
Well Adam got one. I don't drive.. Heeehee..
It's an old Nissan,but it will do the job :)
First car and all that.
He took me to Ikea the other day :D
I love it there.
If I had a license I would go there every day haha.
I love it there, feel like I'm back home!

Ok off I go..

*Sulky pants*

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