B-day card

I've got some lovely birthday cards from loved ones :D
Thank you so much :P

I got one that was especially beautiful. And I wanted to share the text with you.

Thank you *C* for always being a good friend, no matter how difficult I may be :$

A Birthday Is...

A gift of life, 
a present to yourself,
a time to celebrate,
and a day to be Happy

A birthday is...


You've lived another year and you're about to ease into another.
Greet it with a greatful heart. Imagine your future.
Make some new plans.
Remember your uniqueness.
Reflect on how much you are loved.


Do something fun, special, magical and memorable.
Pretend it's your own holiday.
Appreciate your gifts. Recognize your talents.
It's really okay to concentrate on you today.
Be thankful for what makes you you.


The greatest gift you've been given is you.
Celebrate yourself... with hope, with joy, with appreciation.
Dare to dream.
Open your heart and let yourself go as far as your mind will take you.
Drop any regrets and negative thoughts that hold you down. 


Count your blessings; love your life;
treasure your family and friends and all that you're thankful for.
Above all, it's your day to soak in the present of each moment
and enjoy it with all your heart.

-Donna Fargo

Happy, Happy Birthday
All year long...
Starting Today!

Thank you again C ♥
I will do exactly what the card says :)
Enjoy this day and do whatever I want :D
Big huggles for you x

Happy birthday to meeee

It is here!
My birthday is finally here :D
Excited? ME? YES :P haha.

Not been this excited about a birthday before. Not my own at least.
I guess with all that's been going on I just needed to feel happy about myself :)

(I am unfortunately struggling against a silly cold, but it wont stop me from having a wonderful day!)

I woke up at 7.30 am today haha.
(Could not sleep very well at all last night)
And I got some of my b-day presents :D
I absolutely love them! ♥
I will make a post about the whole birthday tomorrow :P
With pics and stuff from the day :)

I was supposed to go have a massage today at 11.45, but because I don't feel too well I wil do it another day.

Need to be fit for the rollerdisco tonight :D haha.
It has been too long since I went there last time.
Soooo excited!

Anyways. Thanks to everyone who sang for me last night haha (you know who you are) :P

Have a wonderful day today everyone. And don't forget.
"Just do it, just do it, just do it do it dooooo it" :D

Lol could not help it! ;)


No one understands what I'm going through now :(
I have so much pressure on me to be all happy and nice..
But I can't!
I wish it was that simple..
I don't want to be a complete bitch..
But I can't control it...
I'm not making any excuses for myself.

I feel so missunderstood.
I need people to be patient with me, but I guess I've pushed some too far.
Can't expect people to understand something that I can barely understand myself..

Going to take a step back and breathe.
No games for a few days and try and enjoy my birthday.

When I am being difficult it's not because I want to!
I am just not myself entirely at the moment..

My best friends wedding

So about a month ago we went back to Sweden to attend one of my oldest and best friends wedding.
It was a beautiful day and I was so happy that I had the chance to be there on her big day :)

I can't post any pictures of the ceremony or the bride and groom.
She asked me not to. They want it to be private and I will respect that.
I am going to post some pictures of me and the other people that were there and some
pics from the reception :)

J & J have been dating for 10 long years. I remember when they first met (I was there hehe)
They are truly meant to be together. Both have so much love to give to each other but also to others.
All my love to them and best wishes in their new life as married.

♥ Volim vas ♥

One of my other best and oldest friend. She moved to Switzerland 4 years ago to be with her lovely bf ♥

♥ Friends always ♥

And then the party got crazy hahaha :D
A lot of dancing till early o'clock :P
We had both balkan music and latin music. It was amazing :D
The girl in the greenish top next to me. She is Emilia and she sings "I'm a big big girl in a big big world" :D
If anyone knows who I mean... Well she was one of my favourite singers when I was younger :P
And she is soooo sweet irl! :D
The guy in the crazy shirt is my lil brother :) He is one awesome dancer! ♥

I will remember this day forever.

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

My beautiful friend ♥

What to wear..

Ok I need some advice..
I know that this is a female problem, but I'm still going to ask! lol

Going to a wedding next weekend.. 
And I got nothing to wear whatsoever. As per usual haha.
And I don't want to wear the red dress I wore to my friends wedding a month ago..

Found 2 dresses online that might be ok..
I don't want to spend a fortune on a dress I wont be wearing again (at least not very often)
So here they are..
Are they any good or just silly?
Let me know what you think.

I know the purple one is a bit "crazy" for a wedding, but I like it :X

Not a fan of the 2nd one to be honest :/
I wish I was a man sometimes.
Would be so easy to get a suit and a shirt. Simples!
Argh! lol

So what you think peeps?
Any of them look ok or not?
Appreciate your opinion :P

Disneyland Part 2

The last day in Anaheim we went back to Disneyland.
We had not been to the 2nd park. So we thought we could go there.
We had an all day pass to go to both parks.
The weather was amazing. (The week so far had not been great weather wise)
It was almost too hot and it was very busy so we had a break during the day and went back at night :)
Had a chance to try out the pool at our hotel :)

Adam loves Monsters Inc lol. And the ride was sooo not for grown ups haha, but it was funny.

The Tower of Horrors was quite scary :P
The Bugs land was worse tho... I hate insects.. And Adam knew what would happen...
And he loved it when I started screaming like a mad woman when the spiders came down from the ceiling..
I was not impressed! lol

That Mr Potatoe robot thing cost about 1million dollars. Yep. INSANE.
But it was cool :)

Muppet show was hillarious :p

Wish I could go back now. Was such a great time.
I felt like a kid again :D

Sixflags/Magic Mountain

I know it's been a few months since I've come back from my wonderful holiday :)
And I guess it's a bit late to post more pics from it.. But I thought I would anyways :)

Sixflags is an amazing amusement park north of Los Angeles.
And we went there for a whole day.
I've never seen anything like it. Some of the rides were just WOW.
The sounds they made were scary lol.
We did most rides apart from 2-3 that we did not have time to go on.
But all in all it was an amazing day for two "grown up" kids running around like silly people from
ride to ride haha :D

There was one ride called Deja Vu that was extremely scary. I even cried when I was on it.
But what a thrill it was!

Adam just had to play a silly game and what did he do?
He won that huge Kenny doll hahaha.
I would have taken it back with me... But no space in the suit cases :(
AND we were going to Vegas aswell.
So when we were queing for one of the rides. (For aaaages)
I kept banging a kid in the head with Kenny. I felt like an idiot haha.
He kept staring at it so I thought... Hmmm... Maybe I should give it to him!

So I said: "Hey kid, here you go you can have Kenny"
Kid (with big happy eyes) says: "MEEE? Really?"
I say: "Yeah sure! :D "
Kid: "Wow thank you! :D "

Hehe bless him :)

A week left

Till my birthday.
Not sure if I should laugh or cry.


Last week, Sunday to be exact, Ads took me to Wales.
We woke up around 8 and he asked if I wanted to go for a ride.
I said ok.
Where we going?

An hour later we were on our way to Wales! :D
I'd only been there once before. Years ago and I went to Cardiff that time.

We started in a little town called Rhyl. It was quiet there that day.
But the beach was just amazing. I took my shoes off straight away and ran around on the beach :)
Felt like a kid haha. Dancing and jumping around (I got a video of it haha, but not sure how to upload it on here)

I even went into the water. Only a wee bit though :) The water was so cold and nice.
I love the beach. The smell of the sea and the sand on my toes and feet.
It fills me with happiness being there. And the sun was shining :)
Made my day.

We also went to Llandudno :) I had no idea Wales had such beautiful beaches!
Loved walking around the promenade and just taking it all in. Hearing the seagulls.

We finished the trip in Conwy where we went to the castle.
I love castles (Even thought of writing a post about it hehe)
It was very old and the views from it were amazing :)

Here are some pictures from that day..
(Oh how I wish I was there now...)

In Rhyl

Alot of feet haha. (Don't like my feet at all)
But love the feeling of sand and water on them :D
I love the print of my foot in the sand. Cool! :D
That's at Rhyl beach.

On our way to Llandudno. Beautiful.

Llandudno :D Lovely, beautiful place. I could easily spend some days there next summer.

And lovely Conwy castle :)
Beautiful day.

I recommend you all to go there one day ;)

(Picture quality is not the best. Using my iPhone because my digi died in Sweden..)


Thank you guys for commenting :)
It makes it so much more fun writing when you do.
And I love reading about YOU.

I've started to comment back to you in the comments area.
So you can have a look at the posts that you've commented on and read mine :)

Keep up the good work ;)

Makes me smile.

(Pictures from google)


I want to write about what's going on with me at the moment, but I can't..

I feel lost.

I gotta feeling

This song has been my favourite for a few weeks.
It makes me feel a bit better when I listen to it.
It makes me want to dance. Makes me smile a bit.
Makes me forget what is going on..


Let's dooooo it!!


I have not been writing anything the last few days...
Because I'm really stressed and down at the moment.
Not been able to sleep properly for about 2 weeks..
I've been trying to go on like everything is normal.
Tried to "ignore" the signs of stress ie really bad stomach pains..
Kept going to work and tried doing my job..
But I could not concentrate. I started snapping at my friends and collegues.
Also let it out on people I care about a lot..

Tuesday evening while I was in work I broke down crying.. For no reason at all.
I guess my body/mind & soul had had enough..
So I have been off work for 2 days and tried to relax.
Do nothing.. It's not what I usually do.. But sometimes you need to stop and listen to your body..
Before it goes out of hand and you get really ill.

Going to see my doctor tomorrow and see what I can do to feel better.
I already know a few things that I have to change.
I'll be fine :) I'm a strong person, but even happy/strong Karro/Ciri needs a down period too :)

Exactly how I feel..

R.I.P Patrick Swayze

Another legend has gone to sleep..

I always loved him when I was younger.
I used to watch North & South with my mum when I was only a few years old.
Let's not forget "Dirty Dancing".
It will always be one of the classic movies that will live on forever.

He was a brilliant actor and a loving person (married to his wife for 30 years).

He will always be remembered.


A friend of mine gave me the idea for this post (thank you F).

We all have a life full of daily routines and responsibilities.
Things that sometimes make our lives stressful and difficult.

So it's nice to have something to escape to.
It can be somewhere you like to go on your own or something you do.

One of my escapes (as well as my friend and probably a lot more people out there)
is online gaming.
We spend hours playing a game with people we have not met,
but we know we have something in common with.
Gaming for me is a place to hide from reality.
Something that makes me forget about my troubles
and about tomorrow.

(Click on the pictures to make them bigger)

 (My favourite game)

Another escape is a place where I like to go when I need relaxation from my hectic life.
It's a place in town called the Urbis. There is a patch of grass there and I like to sit there
(when it's warm enough) and I look at all the people around me.
So many different people in one place doing the same thing as I.
Just being.

is probably my favourite escape.
I imagine myself being something great and I am completely happy with myself and who I am.
Just nice to be able to dream away.
Imagine being somewhere warm. Laying in a field just looking up at the blue sky.

Books have also been an escape for me all my life.
I remember when I used to go into one of our "spare rooms" (kinda like a wardrobe)
and I sat in there for hours reading the "adventures of Tintin" hehe.
Imagining I was a part of the adventures. Loved it :D

Do you have an escape?
Tell me where or what you do when you need to escape from reality for a moment.
You can do it anonymously ;)

My loveli

Have been spending half of the day trying to phone O2.
You'd think they'd want to answer their phones and sell some phones..
But they just kept ignoring my calls.
How rude! :p
Finally got through to one of the shops.

What I want?
The loveli iPhone of course :D
In white!
And they said they have a few.
Going there in 30mins!
Can't wait!
(Hopefully they have not sold them by the time I get there...)

♥ Just beautiful. (Too bad they don't make them in pink.. But it will have to do ;) chuckles)


Silly moment

This week I have been totally clueless :X
And said some very silly things..

Example 1:
It is Thursday morning and we are on our way to work.
Karolina: Oh it does not feel like Friday. I don't have that Friday feeling.
Adam: Maybe cuz it's not Friday. It's Thursday.
Karolina: Aaah, that explains it.

Example 2:
Thursday. Lunch time.
Karolina: You will have to do the shopping alone tomorrow seeing as I'm in work this Saturday.
Adam: It's still not Friday today and it is not Saturday tomorrow.
Karolina: Damn..

I got a few more, but they are just too silly to mention :X
Not sure what's going on with me at the moment.
At least I'm making people laugh. (at me.. haha)

Something to look forward to

September is usually the worst month of the year for me..
I won't go into details, but something always goes wrong this month..
So I am kinda looking forward till it's over.
I kinda like September (apart from the doom and gloom.)

The leaves turn yellow/orange and the sun pokes out for the last time before the winter arrives.

It's also the month I have my birthday. "Yay".
Haha. Not looking forward to getting older, but I hope it will be a nice day.

A song that always makes me get over this month is
"Wake me up when September ends" with Green Day.



Things you may not know about me

♦ I wear glasses when I’m at work or reading. (I don’t like them though)

♦ I am terrified of spiders. I actually cry and scream and hide when I see one.

♦ I am very jealous.. So much that it has ruined previous relationships.
(Something I’ve worked on during the years)

♦ Used to collect pens. Haha. I like pens. So if you want to get me a present you know what to get hahaha.

♦ Had my first real kiss when I was 16. (Quite late I think?)

♦ Don’t eat vegetables that have been steamed/fried/boiled etc.

♦ I have a clicking jaw. (Weird)

♦ Big feet.. Not the best when you’re a woman trying to find nice shoes!

♦ Trust people too easily. (Like to see the good in everyone..)

♦ I love hugs. Maybe more than kisses.

♦ Love to get flowers. (Does not happen often)

♦ Can’t keep flowers alive. Not even a bamboo!

♦ Always used to make a snow angel when it first snowed :)

♦ Very impatient. Don’t like to wait. Want things to happen straight away. (Another thing I’m working at)

♦ Hate pineapples. (Yukiiiii)

Writers block

That's what I got at the moment.
I have nothing to write about and I feel a panic attack coming up.
Don't like it when I got nothing to write.
I have all these ideas in my head, but they are clouded at the moment :/
Need some inspiration.
Help me out people.
Tell me what you want to read about and I will do my best to write about it :)
Please :X



This is a movie I've only seen twice (2nd time was last night).
It's really a X-mas movie, but Will Ferrell is so hillarious in it that we decided to watch it anyways.
I strongly recommend this movie if you are bored and want a giggle :P
It may seem corny/silly at times, but I loved it :D

One of those feel good movies that takes your mind off every day life for an hour and a half.

My lil sister

My sister is the cutest, most smartest 7 year old I know :)
She started school last Monday. Bless her :D
Here are some pics we took while we were there.

(Pics are from an iPhone. Not the best :/ )
I miss her so much and can't wait till I see her again. Which will be for X-mas.
Going to spoil her loads! :D
She wants a gym for her little petshop pets haha :P Kids!


I have a friend that I care so much about.
Who has been there for me when I've needed him the most.
He believes in me and makes me realise my true potential.

We have had our differences, but we always work it out.
I trust him 100% and I know that he would tell me exactly what he thinks without a doubt.

The problem is that I’ve not heard from him for a couple of weeks now.
He sent me a text saying he had to go away, but that he would be back..
Something happened shortly before he sent me that text..
And I think that’s got to do with why he has “gone away”.

I wish I knew more.. I can’t stop worrying about him.
He is one of the kindest persons I’ve ever known.
I just hope he knows I think of him and I hope that he will come back soon.

If you are reading this wherever you are.. Please let me know you are ok.

”Twinkle toes”


B-day wishes 2

Another thing I want for my b-day is to order some clothes from my favourite American shop.

Always buy loads of things from there when we go to US of A :)

Here are some bits that I'd like from there :D

(Click on the pics to make them bigger)

Cute lil cardi :)

 I adooore black patent shoes.

Think this top is quite cool.

Nice going out top :D

 Speaks for itself :P

B-day wishes

Not long now till my birthday..
Another year has passed and I'm getting older :P
I don't really mind birthdays. Not mine at least.
It's just like any other day :)
BUT I do like presents :P hahaha.
I would love a new Thomas Sabo charm for my bracelet.
I got 3 silver ones and I think it needs a bit more colour to it.
These are a few I'd like next :D

 Love the cherry :P The guitar is cooool :D

A heart is nice ;) Do I have to explain this one? ♥ shoes!

Yummy strawberries.

There are plenty more that I like and want :P But the red ones would make the bracelet so much nicer.

Those are the ones I got :P


My heart will always beat for Bosnia. I'm born in Sweden and raised there.
Both of my parents are bosnian. I used to go there every summer when I was a child.
Before the war. The war that changed our lives forever.

I remember the summers in Bosnia. We started with a couple of weeks in Croatia by the sea.
Some of my fondest memories as a child are from there.
When we used to arrive to the little village where my parents originate from (called Siprage),
my late grandfather used to go to the neighbouring village and get a lamb (cruel yes..but it was the way it was)
The grown ups prepared the food and the kids were all playing outside on the swings or playing games.

I loved my house in Bosnia. It was big and everything inside it was beautiful.
My parents worked so hard back in Sweden to be able to afford the best in Bosnia.

My uncles and their families lived there (mums side). So did my late nan.
We used to spend a month being with our loved ones and enjoy life.
Never did we believe that our beloved paradise would be destroyed one day.

We did not go to Bosnia 1989,because my dad had a surgery.
The following year the war broke out. I was only a child, but I knew it meant the end of everything I held dear.
My parents were so worried,they did not want us to know.
I remember watching the news when the lovely bridge in Mostar got bombed to pieces. We were all crying.

My mums entire family was still in Bosnia, and we were worried about them.
One of my cousins managed to come to Sweden and he stayed with us.
My uncle,nan and his family had to leave and they went to Zagreb/Croatia.
And eventually they went to Germany. Where I spent many summers.

I could tell you stories that would make your hairs stand up, but that is not what I want.
We could not go to Bosnia for 13 years because of the war. I remember when it was time for us to return.
The country had been divided between Serbs and Muslim/Croats.
The village I used to call my home was in serbian territory and my mum was scared and anxious.
She had to get anti depressants because she did not know what to expect.
Our house had been raided during the war,and nothing but the walls were left...

I remember feeling sadness mixed with joy while we were driving across the border from Croatia into Bosnia.
Everything had changed. Houses were in ruins and flags had changed.
No longer was there a Yugoslavian flag, that had been replaced with different ones. Not my flag.
I did not feel as I belonged anymore.

I never felt like I belonged in Sweden either. I was classed a foreigner there, and when I went to Bosnia I was classed a Swede. Where did I belong? Who was I?

If you ask me what I am, I will proudly tell you I'm a Bosnian in my heart and mind.

I have not been there since 2003. I lost so much that summer. I have not been able to go back since.
I do want to go back soon. I feel such sadness when I think about what I'm missing.

Next part about Balkan will be it's music :)
Something that is very dear to me.

♥ Bosno Moja ♥

Pictures from Bosnia when I was younger and also after the war. Pictures of me and my loved ones ♥


I did this list in June, but I thought I could do it again :)

Mood: Quite happy and content :)
Clothes: My new black sweater (I adore!) with puffy sleeves :D and my grey skirt with a zip,
black tights and some nice black low heeled shoes.

Hairdo: My japanese boy bob :P

Doing: Working.
Wanting: Another week home in Sweden.

Hear: Some silly song.
Will: Make some major changes in my life.
Should: Go home and unpack and get a really special blog post sorted out and posted.Tonight!

Yesterday: I was still back home in Sweden with all my loved ones :)
Today: I am back in rainy Manchester, but got loveli memories to keep me company.
Tomorrow: I am hoping that I will start with some of the changes I want to make.

Waiting for: X-mas? Haha :) (When I go back home again!)
Wishing: For something very little,but oh so precious. One day..
Wondering: If it will happen.

You will be missed

My lovely camera stopped working last week :(
We were out walking with my mum and I wanted to take a picture of the beautiful views,
when I noticed that it took really blurry and purple/pink pictures :/
We have no idea what happened to it.
It is only 1 years old and it has been sent back to Hong Kong once already.
Had no camera while I was back home. Had to borrow my mums,
but the quality is not as great as mine.
Thankfully one of my best friends bf had his uber cool camera with him and he took loads of pictures.
Just have to wait till he sends them all to me :)

R.I.P my loveli :'(

You will be missed! Had so much fun with you and took a lot of funny pictures together :)
Don't think I will get another camera.. I have had 2 since I moved over here...
And I've managed to ruin them both? Grrrr..


Back to reality

I have really neglected my blog the past 2 weeks.
Not felt like writing at all.
We came back from Sweden last night.
It was an amazing 9 days back home with friends and family.
Will write more about it later on today.

Just want to say that I'm back and I hope that you have all been well :)

And hopefully I will be back to normal now :P

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