More Random Questions

I don't know if anyone likes these?

But I like answering them :P  So here it goes. More random info about me!

Where is the weirdest place you have a mole?

This is really peculiar, because I have loads of them, but the weirdest one is on my head.
Under my hair.. My mum and brother have them too! Must be genetic?? Haha

Do you hover over the toilet in public bathrooms?

Hahahaha. Yes I do.. I don't trust public toilets. EWWW!

What was the last thing you ever got grounded for?

We were in Germany visiting family. Think it was 1998. We had stayed out longer than we
were supposed to (allowed) and they grounded us. It was my last day/night there and I was gutted..
So we sneaked out through the window at night when everyone went to bed..
That is a story I have to tell one day. It's hillarious :P

Have you ever had two dates in one night?

Haha :$ Yes! It just happened. Was not planned. This was when I was young and single.
Don't recommend it! Too stressful!!

Which shoe do you put on first?

Right one... Hmmm..

Have you ever been to a gay bar?

Yes, loads of times! Some of my best nights out have been in a gay bar/club.
You have so much more fun and you can let go without having to worry about creeps
trying to hit on you..

Have you ever had a poem or a song written about you?

A poem - Supposedly

If you had to choose to not ever wash your bed sheets again or not wash your bath towel ever again, which would you rather not wash?

That's gross!! But I could not live without clean bed sheets.. I'd just use it as a bath towel :P
Or is that cheating?? ^^

Random questions

1.How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

I would be 20 as I look younger :p and sometimes can feel/be very childish and immature :$

2. Which is worse, failing or never trying?

Never trying of course. It might sound like a cliché, but it's true. If you don't try you will

always think "what if"?

3.If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?
This is a very good question. I think people are scared of doing what they want as they think

it would be irresponsible. Most of all I think people are scared to try.. They get used to doing the

"safe" thing day in and day out. Go to a job they can't stand and always feel bad about. Why?
Because they think it's the "right" thing to do. It's comfortable. It's what they're used to..
More people should do what they want instead of saying. "If this, or if that"..

Just DO it!

4.When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

I would have done as much as I've said. I will make sure of that! I do try and live out my dreams.

As much as I possibly can :)

5.What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?

One thing.. I would like to change so much.. But if only one..

Abolish all wars..


Random quiz

1. Where were you 3 hours ago?
At home
2. Who are you in love with?
3. Have you ever eaten a crayon?
4. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
5. When is the last time you went to the mall?
6. Are you wearing socks right now?
7. Do you have a car worth over $2,000?
8. When was the last time you drove out of town?
I don't drive :$
9. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?
10. Are you hot?
Ha, I can't answer this
11. What was the last thing you had to drink?
Coca Cola ofc
12. What are you wearing right now?
Bathrobe - I'm cold!
13. Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it?
Adam works for Toyota. Gets it for free
14. Last food that you ate?
15. Where were you last week at this time?
At home - I see a pattern...
16. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
17. When is the last time you ran?
I don't like running. Maybe 2 years ago? haha
18. What's the last sporting event you watched?
El Classico (Real-Barca)
19. What is your favorite animal?
20. Your dream vacation?
Hawaii (But Las Vegas is my N1)
21. Last person's house you were in?
Adams mums
22. Worst injury you've ever had?
2 fractured elbows - at the same time
23. Have you been in love?
24. Do you miss anyone right now?
Yes, my family
25. Last play you saw?
Ka in Las Vegas - more like a show
26. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
Hahaha. Secret weapon? My smile? Sheesh
27. What are your plans for tonight?
Chilling out. Gambling..
28. Who is the last person you sent a MySpace message or comment?
You for real?? MySpace???
29. Next trip you are going to take?
Ooooh. Probably Sweden
30. Ever go to camp?
31. Were you an honor roll student in school?
Errr no
32. What do you want to know about the future?
Will I have a baby :$
33. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne?
Jimmy Choo
34. Are you due sometime this year for a doctor's visit?
Probably - Not sure.
35. Where is your best friend?
Next to me
36. How is your best friend?
My other half Adam :)
37. Do you have a tan?
I'm naturally tanned ;)
38. What are you listening to right now?
Only Fools and Horsesn (TV)
39. Do you collect anything?
Coca Cola bottles!!
40. Who is the biggest gossiper you know?
Adams auntie haha
41. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over?
Can't remember
42. Have you ever drank your soda from a straw?
43. What does your last text message say?
Adams mum writing about her holiday and that she'll soon be back home
44. Do you like hot sauce?
45. Last time you took a shower?
This morning
46. Do you need to do laundry?
I need to hang some up!! Washed it this morning. Just remembered!
47. What is your heritage?
48. Are you someone's best friend?
49. Are you rich?
Not rich, but not poor either
50. What were you doing at 12AM last night?
Was in bed


Been a while since I did this one last.
Mood: Bit confused
Clothes: My comfy skirt I wear around the house and a top.

Hairdo: Long-ish. Bit boring. Want a change!

Doing: Just relaxing on the laptop. Thinking.
Wanting: I want to know what the point is.

Hear: Creed- With arms wide open.. Suggested to me by someone.
Will: Be a mummy one day.
Should: Stop thinking about certain things.

Yesterday: Was my first day doing my new role. 
Today: I had my first full day and it went well. 
Tomorrow: I have a long day at work, but then off on Thursday.

Waiting for: A few things. A letter about some news. My nose op. 
Wishing: For something very little,but oh so precious. One day..
Wondering: What did I do in my past life to be so jinxed in this one?

A lil list

Found this on a blog :) Hope she does not mind me stealing it.

Colour of my hair:
Darker brown now the summer is over

Colour of my eyes:
Very dark brown, almost black

My height:
175cm's/5ft 9

If I was to colour my hair it would be:
Fiery Red!

The book of my choice:
The historian by Elizabeth Kostova

The best movie I have seen:

Best actor:

Al Pacino

TV programme I like:
Too many to mention!! But at the moment I'm really loving Glee

Radio station of my choice:
Radio? No thanks. Too much cr*p and commercials

Music I like:
Bit of everything!

Best tune:
Too many to pick one!

Most recent record in my collection:
Hahahaha.. Errr..

The holiday of my dreams:
Hawaii (One day)

A place/city/country I want to live in:
Las Vegas!!

This is what I want to bring to a deserted island:
My love,Books!Lighters ;)

Favourite animal:

This animal resembles me most:
No idea

School, funniest/most boring subject:
Loved English/Hated maths

What I wish for the most:
My family to be healthy

Dream occupation - profession:

This is how I dream my future to be:
Have few kids and live in US of A

I believe in:


Am I in love?:
Yes :)

The name of my future son:
Luca/Edin if I could choose

The name of my future daughter:

My best qualities:
Caring and loving

My bad sides:

Clothes I like to wear:
None? Haha

Clothes I would never wear:

My most loved possession:
My new laptop

Favourite food:
Pizza (Calzone)

Favourite drink:
Coca Cola

Favourite candy:

Favourite restaurant or bar:
Cheesecake factory or Nandos!

Favourite colour:
Pink on things/purple on clothes

Favourite scent:
Diamonds by Giorgio Armani

I dislike:

I love:

My family & my bf

The worst feeling:
Losing someone I love

The best feeling):
Being in the sun!

I am afraid of:
Spiders.... (AaaaaH)/Drowning

The guy/girl of my dreams:
Ads :)

The date of my dreams:
Me and Ads having Nandos ;)

Someone I admire:
My mamma (mum)

Someone I would like to meet:

President Obama

I play:
Uno! Pictureka (addictive iPhone app)

Something I would like to get as a present:
My favourite perfume

This is what my doormat looks like:
Dirty haha

My first thought when I wake up in the morning:

Do I get carsick?
Only in buses

Berg och dalbana - skoj eller otäckt (Rollercoaster - fun or frightening)?
Awesome! Fun ofc

Thunder and lightning - thrilling or frightening?
Scary as f***

Pen, pencil or fingerpaint?
Any :)

Number of rings before I answer the telephone:
Usually straight away

Right-handed, left-handed or both?
Right handed

If I were a tool in the garden it would be:
Errrr? I rather be a flower :p

You will find this under my bed:
Nothing I hope! I hoovered today

Number of children:

None at the moment

Married, not married, partner, living apart, single:

Nothing I'm aware of

Antal djur (Number of animals):
None at the moment


Yuk, No!!

Number of dead plants in my home:
One is almost dead :/

Occupation, profession:
Banking Agent

Do I have a drivers license?
No, I'm lazy

Do I own a car?

We do have a car, but he drives me :)


Mood: Bit tipsy

Clothes: A top/panties/socks. 

Hairdo: Messy as I can't straighten it on my own :/

Doing: Reading through my blog posts that I've written in 2010

Wanting: A hug, a normal hug without being scared of hurting my arms

Hear: Dino Merlin (Balkan aka ex Yugoslavian music)

Will: Do my best to get my arms back to normal as soon as

Should: Stop wanting things I don't need

Yesterday: I had a Gingerbread latte and was happy!

Today: I picked up some snow in my hands and it felt so good

Tomorrow: Not sure what to do tomorrow. 

Waiting for: Next week! Going to Tenerife!! (Oh and it's Xmas)

Wishing: For something very little,but oh so precious. (This does not change)

Wondering: What 2011 will be like

Good old list

Mood: Tired and excited

Clothes: My comfy mens bathrobe (womens ones are too short!)

Hairdo: Getting ridiculously hard to sort out. Messy!

Doing: Nothing.. Should be sleeping, but can't. Listening to music.

Wanting: Things I can't have..

Hear: Leontina (balkan music)

Will: Be positive and not give up.

Should: Sleep

Yesterday: Was yet another rainy day in Manchester

Today: It rained like there was no tomorrow

Tomorrow: I have another eventful day of work to look forward to..

Waiting for: Next week! (Holidaaaaay)

Wishing: For something very little,but oh so precious.

Wondering: Why me

Random list

Found this list on a Swedish bloggers blog. Thought I'd copy it.
Was going to answer it all in Swedish, but that wouldn't be fair on my English readers. Riiiight? ;)
So here it goes.

My name: Karolina

Nickname: Karro/Ciri/Lina.... (Only my uncle is allowed to call me Lina)

Song you listen to when you're sad: Stars- Your Ex lover is dead

Addicted to: Tv Shows!!

What do people think about you: That I'm crazy!

Is it true? Very true :P I think I'm just honest to be fair. What you see is what you get.

What do people compliment you on most? That I look younger than I am :P Ha. And nice smile..

How could someone impress you? Do something out of the ordinary.

Do you laugh when you're alone? Yes, happens quite a lot :)

What does it say in your last text? 16.50? x Whatever I'm easy x (Hahaha sounds so wrong)

Where do you live? Manchester.

Do you like it there? Yeah, I suppose it'll do for now ;)

How do you answer your phone? Hello?

Who did you call last? Adam to check why there was no gas left...

What did the person say? Oh I got the card on me. (For the gas...)

How many hours did you sleep last night? 6.5 hours. (Not enough!)

Did you sleep alone? No

Are you usually on time? Yes, almost always. Don't like having people waiting for me.

How do you feel now? Wet. Just had a shower. And a bit too warm.

Most common colour on your clothes: Grey and purple.

What do you think about feet: Don't really fancy them. Freak me out a bit.

What do you miss: My mamma (family) and Stockholm.

Did you have a good evening yesterday? Yeah, watched 3 episodes of Soprano.

Favourite drink in the morning: Cappuccino!

When do you usually go to bed: 23.30 or 22.30 lately.. Depends on how tired I am.

Are you shy: Not at all.

Do you do any sports: No, I'm too lazy, but started hiking now. Love it! Could walk all day.

Do you believe in love on the first sight: Yes.

What would you do if you were a man for a day: The obvious. Have sex with a woman or something else ;)

Are you content with your life: I could be, but there is one thing missing.. (Hopefully one day soon)

Are you spoilt: No haha, but I usually do get what I want IF I want it.

What are you doing tomorrow: Working.. And dreading it.

What is the worst thing you know: Lies and fake people.

Do you have good friends and real friendship: Not sure to be honest. Have a few good friends,
but I know how easy it is to lose a friend..

What is the nicest thing you've received: My charm bracelets and charms from Thomas Sabo.

A special day you remember: My first time in Las Vegas. Just Wow.

Things you collect: Pens! I'm totally crazy when it comes to pens.

Who do you call when you're angry or sad: Adam

When did you cry last: Last week. Was having a down period.

What would you do if you won a million: INVEST! Ha, you don't get very far with a million these days ;)

Do you want to get married: Yes.

Do you want to have kids: More than anything.

Are you musically talented: No, but I wish I was. As I love to sing :P

What do you prefer to drink when you're thirsty: Cold water.

Do your parents live together: No

Have you ever cried yourself to sleep: Many a times

Do you bite your nails: No! I think nails are gross...

I like lists! :) Hope you enjoy reading them ;) Not done one of these in a while.
Feel free to copy and paste your answers in comments!

2009 list

Time for a little list. Found it on a blog I read.

Another year has passed.
Not sure what I think of 2009.

1. Did you do something you've never done before?
I went to LA & Anaheim. I saw Hollywood Boulevard and so many other places that I've only dreamt about.

2. Did you keep any of your New Years resolutions?
I don't ever have any. I don't see the point.

3. Did any of your friends have babies this year?
Not one. Hmmm. Few are having them next year though!

4. Did anyone close to you die?
Thankfully no.

5. What countries did you visit?
US of A and Sweeeden. (Not as many as last year)

6. Is there something you've missed in 2009 that you want 2010?
I want to feel like I've achieved something for me. Want to be happy with what I do.

7. What date from 2009 will you always remember?
Hmmm, my friends wedding day :) (August) and some other dates aswell.

8. What was your biggest achievement for 2009?
That I listened to myself for once. I let myself think of me and just me for once.
Realised I can't always be there for everyone. Learnt to say no.

9. Biggest mistake?
Hahaha. I always make mistakes.. Too many to mention :X

10. Have you been ill or hurt yourself?
Was diagnosed with depression.. But slowly getting out of it.

11. Best buy?
My Iphone!

12. What did you spend most money on?
Trips and clothes..

13. Did anything make you really happy?
My loveli bf and friends (Spanks, Usma, Daidai)
And my old childhood friends Dani & Jeja.

14. What songs will always remind you of 2009?
Only one song needs to be mentioned..
I gotta feeling! by Black eyed peas :D ♥

15. Were you happier or sadder 2009 compared to other years?
Not as sad as last year.. But I've had my moments of sadness.

16. What do you wish you'd done more?
Looked for a new job. Written more interesting blog posts.

17. What do you wish you'd done less?
Let certain people use me and hurt me.

18. How did you celebrate Christmas?
Christmas Eve was spent at my dads. We had an amazing time.
And Christmas Day we were at my mums and went to see my gran and cousins.

19. Did you fall in love this year?
I was already in love.

20. Favourite TV show?
I got too many to mention. Gossip Girl has been awesome this year.
But a new TV show I started watching was 90210 the remake. It's ok.

21. The best book you read this year?
Tricky! I loved the House of Night series about a vampire teenager.
Authors PC Cast and Kristin Cast. ♥

22. Biggest musical discovery?

Lady Gaga!! I did not use to like her :O but a dear friend (Yagami/Chris) told me to listen
to Bad Romance and I was stuck. :D

23. Something you wished for your birthday and got?
I got loads of lovely things.
I only wished for some new charms for my Thomas Sabo bracelet
and a few books, and I got them.

24. Something you wished for but did not get?
We were supposed to go roller disco that night, but I got a stupid cold so we couldn't.
Other than that. No.

25. What did you do on your Birthday 2009?
I was home because I was off work.. And I had a really bad cold!
But we went to an amazing Indian restaurant and had a lovely dinner and then we
watched football hehe. I watched Twilight and just spent the day on my new sofa.
(It was new back then :P )

26. Is there anything that could have made your year even better?
Yes, but I don't want to mention it on here.
And I could have done without the D.......

27. How would you describe your style in 2009?
I have always liked quirky clothes. This year I've worn alot of funky dresses and body con ones.
I never used to like wearing dresses, but that has changed now!

28. What made you feel good?
The trip to LA, Anaheim and back to my beloved Las Vegas.
And of course spending Christmas back home. ♥

29. Who did you miss?
I missed my family alot at a point.
But I also missed someone special to me.

30. The best new people you've met?
I've not many new people IRL. But the best online people I've met
are Daidai, Green Wabbitz and his sister, Phil aka Wootang, Eggi,
Yagami, Slippery Lizzard and others.

I hope you have all had a wonderful 2009. I wish you all the best in the New Year.
I hope all your dreams will come true and you will all be blessed with happiness
and wellbeing!

I hope I'll still be blogging and that you will still keep reading my little blog.

Thank you for all the positive comments I've gotten from all of you and thank you for
helping me out when I've not had a clue what to write about :)

Feel free to reply with your 2009 list! :D

Have you ever

Stolen anything: Yes, candy when I was younger :X


Been drunk before noon: Maybe once


Had sex in a public place: Yes, not saying where!


Got caught telling a lie: Few times


Got a speeding ticket: I don’t drive


Been arrested: No, but I think it was close once


Littered: Don’t like to litter, usually wait till I find a bin


Fantasized about a co-worker: Hahaha nooo way. Never worked with anyone good looking.


Cheated on a test: Yeah once.


Failed a class: Yes, maths. Hate it!!!


Eaten food off the floor: Ewww, no!!


Stuck gum under a desk: Probably when younger.


Wished you were someone else: Not really


Cried during a movie: Loads of times. I’m a sucker for sad/love stories


Had a one night stand: Yeah


Had to pull over on the side of the road to puke: Haha, yeah I’ve made people pull over..


Had your heart broken: Several times


Had a good feeling about something: I have that a lot :D


Had a near death experience: Every time I cross the street haha. :X


Swam in freezing water: No


Jumped off a house: Errr no


Been attacked?: Yes. Few times..


Bungee jumped: No way. Too scary.


Pulled an all nighter: Hell yeah :D


Surfed: No, but would like to try one day


Lied about your age: All the time when I was 15 haha


Broken a bone: Leg when I was about 2 years old and my left wrist 2004, day before X-mas haha


My favourites:

Favourite colour: Pink on things, purple on clothes

Favourite car:
Mini cooper

Favourite movie:

Favourite hobby:

Favourite song/singer:
Dino Merlin (Bosnian)

Favourite book/Author:
The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

Favourite school subject:

Favourite vacation destination:
Las Vegas!

Favourite Food:
Pizzaaaa (or Nandos)

Favourite restaurant:
Nandos haha

Favourite animal:

Favourite store:
Forever21 (USA) & Victorias Secret

Favourite childhood friends:
Dani & Jeja

Favourite childhood memory:
Summers in Bosnia

Favourite baby name:
Edin, or Luca for boys. Rose/Lily or Isabella for girls.

Favourite person in your life:
My mum and Ads

Favourite Facebook application:
Farmville! (Addicted)

Favourite possession:
My iPhone

Mall store:
Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas

Favourite number:

Favourite month:

Favourite flower:

Favourite ice cream:
Ben & Jerrys

Favourite smell:
New born baby smell

Favourite drink:
Coca Cola

Favourite cartoon character:
Loads of them! Mickey mouse :p

Favourite kind of pants/trousers:

Answer them if you want :D

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