Lady Gaga!!

I am going to see her LIVE again!!!! :D

On 9th of September here in Manchester!

I really can't wait. I'm so excited. Her last concert was one of the best ones
i've ever been too so I know she won't disappoint me this time either ;)

I got my tickets delivered yesterday. Only ordered them last week :D


Not done one of these in a while :P

As it's nearing the "holiday/summer" period I've been thinking about summer clothes.
Mainly beachwear. I've had my bikini for a while now and I still love it, but really want something
new this year.

So here are a few I've found so far and wouldn't mind ALL of them :P

I really want ALL of them, but if I had to choose 1 or 2 I'd choose the red one and the bottom one :)

I wouldn't mind these either!

All of it is from River Island

It's a wonderful life

At times...

So I've not blogged since I had the bad news. Which is in IVF terms a BFN or for people
that don't know what that means a Big Fat Negative.. We had our last 2 frozen embryos
transplanted and I had the test on the 16th of March.. It was another negative. Our 3rd..

I can't explain what I felt that day or the first two times. I'm not going to try.

We now have a 3 month break from it all before we can start a new fresh cycle.

So we wanted to take the opportunity and do something that we've wanted to do for a few years now.

On the 27th of May we will be flying to Philadelphia and stay there for 3 nights.
From there we will pick up a car and drive to Atlantic City for another 3 nights and then
onto Washington DC for 3 nights :D It does not end there.
Our last destination is New York City!! We will be staying there for 5 nights.
I am so excited!! The tickets are all paid for, so are the hotels.
Now we need spending money and then we're off!! :D

Another adventure with my love Adam. Without him I would not be able to smile or have hope
that we will one day be parents. Without him I would not be going places I'd only dreamt of.

Here are the 4 hotels we will be staying at :)

This is in Philly. A Marriott hotel. We got this for free as we've been saving up airmiles.
Saved us a fortune!

A casino as well as hotel :) So we will feel like we are in Vegas :P

The Henley in DC. It doesn't look anything special on the outside, but inside it's really nice.

And last, but not least The Jewel (facing Rockerfeller Center).
This one cost us as much as the 3 hotels would be combined!
But it's in a great location and rooms look clean!

I can't wait to go away. Will be taking lots of pictures and might be blogging when I'm there.
Depending on the internet connection.

Any of you been to any of these cities?
Would be nice to hear what you think and if you have any tips of what to see and not miss.

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