A night out

That ended up with barely a half night out... Why? Because I felt like crap.

Finally had a long weekend to enjoy and we were going out to celebrate
Ads' auntie and cousin with some cocktails and a night out dancing..
The lads came to our house around 3-4pm and had quite a few drinks before
they headed out to the pub to watch United play Barca (Gutted for them as they lost).
Was fun to have the house full for once :) 

I was enjoying a few glasses of red vino whilst getting ready for the night out.
I then went next door to Ads' mums and had a cider and some weird shots that
someone had with them.. I only managed 2 cocktails at our favourite bar
Las Iguanas and after that I went home.. It was only 22.15pm when I left them all..

I was gutted. I Could not breathe and I had become quite tipsy in a very short time..
Hate being ill. I got a pizza and then went straight to bed.. :(
Not going out drinking for a while, that's for sure. 
Can't wait to be able to enjoy myself fully..
Here are a few of the pics I managed to take before I went back home.
My beautiful new dress that I bought in Sweden was wasted for a few hours.. 
Oh well, will have to wear it again soon!!

My life - A mess

I can honestly say that I have a lot of bad luck in my life.
Usually linked to health issues.. I have had trouble breathing for the last year.
I've been sent to different Dr's and been told so many different things.
I've had stupid hay fever sprays prescribed to me, had a CT scan, allergy tests and few weeks ago
they shoved a microscopic thing down my nose. Very strange feeling..

Yesterday I went back to the Dr's who told me I need to have major surgery..
Not one, but two different ones at the same time.
One is called Nasal Septal Surgey (Yeah I had no idea what that meant before yesterday)
and the second one is a Sinus Surgery.
The first one is a scary one.. A bone in my nose that should be straight is bent, so they need
to straighten it out.. I need to be off work for 2 weeks...!! 
I will have two black eyes after the procedure and other stuff..

Can't believe this. Could not come at a worse time.. So much else going on that I need to focus on,
but I know my health needs to come first and I need to get it sorted.

The surgery is on 4th of July...
If you're curious what it looks like then google "Nasal Septal Surgery"..
It was too yucky for me to put it on here :( 

Cinema -Pirates of the Caribbean -On Stranger Tides

We finally went to the cinema today. It's been so long since the last time.
Think last movie we watched was the latest Harry Potter movie.
There have not been that many movies that we've wanted to watch at the cinema.
But had to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4. I love Johnny Depp as Captain Sparrow.
He is such a great actor. And I don't mind if they keep making another 10 movies haha.
The movie itself was good. I liked Penelope Cruz in it. I never liked Kiera Knightley :/
She just does not look healthy at all and her acting was a bit bleh.
Did miss Orlando Bloom a bit though, but all in all still okay.
It gets 4 ♥'s out of 5.
I do think there will be another movie, the ending kinda suggested it. 
Would be cool!


A night out few weeks ago :) 

One of our favourite places to go for some cocktails :) Las Iguanas.
I tried a new cocktail which tasted like cinnamon. Yummy :P
Me after a few too many drinks :P Just having a fun time haha
This is where I go totally crazy haha Don't know what was going through my head...
My neck was hurting for days after this nigh haha :$
Love this pic :) I didn't have a care in the world.
And they were playing Metallica. I love them!!
Good night all in all :) I love that dress. It looks short I know..
But I was wearing black shorts underneath.. 
If I was abroad I would not have bothered..
Why is that? I always feel more comfortable wearing less clothes abroad..
Oh well.

I'm still here

Just not in the mood for blogging at all.
I've just spent a week back home in Stockholm.
Going back to Manchester later today.
Will post something this week coming.
Hope whoever is reading this blog is okay! :) 

You can always follow me on twitter ;) Just check it out on the right hand side.

Wish me a safe trip..... Had a nightmare getting here..

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