New Hair

Yesterday I finally went back to the hair dressers.
I hadn't been for months and months. Haven't had time or money really
to go. It had grown a lot though and started looking very frazzled haha.

Needed to freshen it up and if I want to grow it longer it needs to be cut more often
to make sure it grows better.

I felt like a change too. Wanted my fringe back, but then opted out of it as I remembered
how much hard work a fringe is and it never stays perfect!

The girl that does my hair suggested a longer side fringe and I thought why not!?

Here is a pic of my new hair :)

Poor quality, but you can still see it's me haha.

It's gonna take a while to get used to it, but I like it. I always love having my hair done
as it makes me feel better about myself :$ even if it cost me a small fortune :P

New Year

I'm wanting to start over with my blog this year.
Make it what it used to be.

I know I've been quiet the last 2 years and I don't even know why.
Well, the biggest reason is that I work in a place where I haven't got access to Internet
to be able to update as much as I used to in the past.

Only have access to it during the lunch hour and I want to eat then! :P

When I get home I'm too tired to sit infront of a PC or laptop.

I do miss blogging they way I used to. And I think I need to make some type of
arrangement where I at least blog once a week. I could do that and then take it from there.

So this week I will be blogging about the last few months.

X-mas and New Years - When my mum came to visit us for the first time since I moved
to England :)

Hope you're all still going to keep checking in.
I do apologise for being so rubbish!!

Picture - Google

Make up

I don't put make up on I put on some mascara for work..
Usually I'm too tired to bother!
When I go out I like to have my eyes all glammed up :P
I've never been one for lots of make up. Especiall not loads of powder and
stuff to make you look ridiculous..
Don't get me wrong.. When it's done "right", then it can look gorgeous..
But I don't see the need to do it every day. Such a waste of time and money.

I prefer to put some make up on when I go out and want to look and feel a bit prettier.
Because a nice eye shadow, a lipgloss and even some bronzer can make someone
look a bit prettier. A bit different. I prefer to be this at special occasions.
Here are some pics from when I felt pretty :) And it was mainly because of the make up.
This must be my favourite picture of me.
I was so proud of this make up :P All for Katy Perry :P
This is many moons ago.. Back in Sweden. Feels like someone else entirely..

Reminisce December 2010

I wrote a blog post last year about things I was hoping for in 2011. 

Lets see what I actually achieved.
* Good health for me, my family and the people I care about =
Well. I had a nose op which made me able to breathe again!
Then we got told one of Adams uncles might have cancer..
We still don't know what the results are.. 
So not sure what to say about this topic..
* Trips! We are hoping to go back to our beloved Vegas :)
but it's unsure at the moment due to some things we might be going through =
We did end up in Las Vegas :D For my 30th b-day! Loved it!
* Move in to the house!! And have a lot of fun making it look the way I want it haha ;)
Decorating bit I mean. =
We moved in, but we still have a while to go until it's fully finished :)
But I've loved living in it so far and each time that we make some changes it looks so much better.
* Go see Katy Perry live at the the Apollo here in Manchester in March!!! ♥
If I can manage to get tickets. Fingers crossed!! =
I actually saw her twice this year!! :D Lucky meeeee ♥
* See Glee live at the MEN Arena (Manchester) in June!!
It would be amazing to see them LIVE. =
This did not happen :( Was gutted, but the tickets were just so expensive.. 
Hope to see them live one day.
* Have a baby.. =
First time we tried the IVF it failed.. Not giving up though!

* Have a wonderful time with family and friends and just be happy with myself, my life and what I do =
Well this one is a tricky one. I've had a wonderful time back home this year.
And I've had fun with friends too :) Happy with myself and what I do?
I suppose.. Could have done so much more though to make it even better!
I'm going to make another list for 2012 soon.

All in all it was an okay year. Had it's ups and downs. Not over though! 
Still got the best month to go? :P


I know I'm rubbish at blogging lately :(

Not sure why this is happening, but it's been going on for almost 2 years now.

And I used to love to blog. I do miss it! A lot.
Guess some of it has to do with time.. I work a lot and I can't access the blogg whilst I'm at work.
Not allowed. Apart from when you're on your lunch break.. And that's when I eat! Ha..

When I get home I'm always too tired to blog and at the weekends I just have other stuff to do..
I'm making up excuses I know! This didn't use to stop me in the past.

Another "reason" is that people stopped commenting.. Not sure why..
I can see that people are coming in daily to view my blog, but no one is leaving any traces.

Is it because the blog is in Swedish?? And you don't know how to comment?
Or you just don't want to?
Well if you don't know how, you won't be able to answer :P haha.

But I do love to blog when I know someone is actually appreciating it and leaving me a trace..

Just a hi! :D

This is how you comment..

Click Kommentarer below the blog post.. (Means comments)

Namn aka Name: Fill this in with your name :)
If you click the box "kom ihag mig" that means remember me. For next time..

E-post aka e-mail: Does not need to be filled in

URL: no need to fill in

Kommentar: YOUR COMMENT :P

And at the end you CLICK "Skicka kommentar", which simply means send comment!

Voila! Done!

Now please leave a footprint ♥

(Pic is my foot print from when we went to Wales a few years back)


Every day I have to cover my tattoo when I go to work.. They don't like tattoos.
So this is how I look like at work.. Even on dress down day..

I personally think this looks worse than my tattoo..
It makes me look like a self harmer, which I'm not :/
Need to get a bracelet to cover it as it's costing me a fortune to keep
buying plasters all the time.

But they did give us free ice cream last week :)

Didn't eat the chocolate flake... Don't like it :X

But rest of the ice cream was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s :D


If you want to know what I'm up to whilst I'm not blogging then you can follow
me on Twitter!! It's more fun than blogging. As it's easier to access on the phone :)

And I usually tweet more than a few times each day!
You can see it on the right hand side on here

------------------------------------> see? :P

If you don't have Twitter yet, then you should go get it. NOW!
It's so much fun to follow your favourite artists/actors/friends etc and
see what they get up to. So much more personal than Facebook..
Hate Facebook!!

Just click "Join the conversation" to get to my Twitter acc :)

And you don't have to join twitter to be able to read my Tweets :)


I have not been in any mood to blogg this week.
I'm back in work now and I have been doing 9.5 hour shifts all week so
when I come home I've just had my dinner and then chilled out for an hour
and gone to bed. Not been able to sleep either which has made things worse...

But I'll be finishing my Las Vegas guide and update some more over the weekend!

Have an awesome Weekend everyone!


Who are you?

I know I have a few readers..
But you don't comment?? EVER?!!
Why is that?
I remember when I used to be quite active on here and posted new blog posts daily.
You used to comment back then..
What's changed?

I do blog mostly for myself. This is my diary :)
And I'm going to be able to look back on it when I grow old, and my future
children will be able to read about their old mum haha :D
It's a great thing really. Sometimes I get sad as I don't blog as much as before..

Anyways! I do still want you guys and girls to leave some footprints on here..
If only once or twice?


I know the blog is in Swedish.. But it's not difficult to comment.
Below each post you see something that says : "kommentarer" click it and then put your
name in "Namn" and where is says "kommentar" just below, you write your comment...
And then press "Skicka kommentar" which means send comment. 

SO lets see some comments please??? :D
If only a "hi" or somethng... That'd do me :p

Day Of Madness

Honestly. I woke up all happy and excited this morning..
I thought it would be a good day..
How wrong was I?

Ads had booked a hotel for us in London last night for September.
3 nights for a really good price. He had asked a guy at work if he had any plans
and he had said no..
Ads then sent me a text during the morning saying we could not go the days we planned..
I was not happy about this. So we have to go for 2 nights instead and a week later.
Then the nurses at the hospital peed me off with some news they had for me.. 
About our next IVF treatment.. So that made me quite upset..
Rant over!
There were some good parts to the day though..
I was told for sure that I am starting my new role on Monday! :D
Oh yeah, I got a new role.
Did I mention that??
Well I do! Same company, but a different role :) I can't wait!!
Ads also bought me a new bag that I like a lot! And he took me for a lovely dinner.
So I can't complain too much :p
Just wish I was off tomorrow. Not looking forward to working till 4.30pm tomorrow.
Got a 50th B-day party to go to tomorrow night.

Here are a few pics of stuff I got today.
My new bag :)

Coin purse and make up bag :) I love the print.
Designed by Cath Kidston. I want all of their stuff!!

Day Off

Had a day off today as I'm working this Saturday.
Woke up at 7am.. Not by choice. Window was open so I got woken up by the
garbage trucks.. Why do they have to be so loud?

Got up, watched latest episode of Pretty Little Liars :) Happy it's back on!
Thought all my shows were on a break till September.
And then I got ready for town. Was prepared this time!
Comfy clothes/shoes and umbrella! Did it rain? NO!
The sun came out when I was on my way home though..
I'm a jinx. The weather gods hate me.
So do the health gods..
Okay I'm rambling now.
I bought a couple of vest tops for work and a new book.
Not much left of my current book.

Why is it when you got money to spend you can never find anything?
You know I'm right! Just strange isn't it?

This is what I looked like today.
I use an app to make my photos look cool :P It's called
Check it out if you got an iPhone.
This is what I would have preferred doing today though.
Chilling with an ice cold Kopparberg pear cider.. Yummy.
(Taken few weeks back)
Instead I had this! (Cold to drink, but it was delicious! Would have tasted even better
if the sun had been out)

Strawberry and cream Frappuccino from Starbucks.
Don't like the new logo!!
Preferred the old one. Doesn't even say it's Starbucks..

I'm still here

Just not in the mood for blogging at all.
I've just spent a week back home in Stockholm.
Going back to Manchester later today.
Will post something this week coming.
Hope whoever is reading this blog is okay! :) 

You can always follow me on twitter ;) Just check it out on the right hand side.

Wish me a safe trip..... Had a nightmare getting here..


An old random pic of me..
God, what was I thinking? Me in blonde hair?? Haha. Doesn't look great
But I loved it back then :) 

Think that's from 2003... I was 22? I was a totally different person then..
In a bad relationship... But somehow still very happy... 


I'm a good person.
But good people usually get royally screwed.
That's a fact.

New hair cut

I did it! I found a hairdresser yesterday and I said:
"Only a trim please". And the girl asked me whilst washing my hair:
"Would you not want some layers?"

And that's that.. I always fall for peoples suggestions.
Or maybe I just can't say no. Who knows.
So I said yes and then she started chopping my hair off..
Why do they always blow dry it extra big at the hairdressers?
I looked like a poodle when I left haha.

So have taken a few pics this morning when I've slept on it and made it
look less big.

Not the best pic quality and I hate taking these types of pics..
But at least you can see the hair cut!

I do like it. It looks more lively now, and a few people said they liked it yesterday.
Ads did not see a difference haha.. Men..

What do you think?

To cut or rather How to cut

I always have the same dilemma when I am going to cut my hair.
How do I cut it? Just trim it? Fringe it again?
And all the times I've had my hair cut in Manchester I've ended up
hating it :( It's true.. I miss my hairdresser in Sweden, but I don't go there
as often as I used to the first few years when I moved here.
Last time I cut the hair was in November.. It's time to do it again..

Here are some of the hairstyles I've had the last 4 years..

A male hairdresser ignored me totally when I said how I wanted it cut
and he cut it under my ears and said "Ooooh I loooove this! It's soooo CHANEL".
I was not very happy...

I liked this hairstyle, but the fringe... I love having a fringe, but mine never
stays straight. It has a bit of a parting in the middle and it annoys me..

I actually liked this length and the hairstyle looks nice, but my fringe..
All the times I've tried to grow it out.. So frustrating and takes forever.
I usually just give up and cut the fringe again.

My hair is naturally thick.. I liked this cut, but it was time consuming to fix it..
As it needed straightening a lot as my hair goes all frizzy and curly in the wet weather
we often have here in Manchester..

And last but not least..

Me 2 weeks ago.. I like having longer hair, but it's hard work and it really needs a trim.
So might just be a coward and trim it. We shall see what I end up with.
Going to town in a bit to see if I can find someone to cut my hair..

To be continued...

Old Karro

The old Karro. Who was she? Don't like it when people say I've changed.
I mean we all change, we kinda have to. Don't we?
I look back at my old blog posts and I remember certain things..

It seems like I was happier back then, but it was a different happiness from what
I'm experiencing now. I have more "responsibilities" now. That doesn't mean that
my life is less fun now. Or that I am a different person. Because I'm not.
People just don't see the "me" they're used to because I've changed a bit. 
Grown up a bit haha. I'm still the crazy me I always have been. 
Trust me, if you could see half of the crap I put Ads through :P 
He always sees the crazy Karro bless him. Sometimes I wonder how he can put up with me.
I can be quite mental at times :P
I am a very restless person and if I don't get to do silly things once in a while
(quite often) then I act out. Mostly in a very annoying way. 

So I'm trying to think of things I could do to get all the excess energy out of my system.
I miss dancing. Street dancing was so much fun. I loved it and it was good exercise too.
Might try Zumba when it comes out on the PS3. Heard good things about it :)
It's a dancing game. Fun and good for you!

Random thoughts

..I very rarely remember or think about you these days..

Not what I expected

I had a Dr's appointment last night. For my nose..
I've not been able to breathe through it properly for 7 months.
Yes, 7 whole months, going on 8.
So I had an appointment to see the Dr. I thought they'd do some
allergy test, like a prick test that Ads had few years back and they told
him straight away what he was allergic to. So I went there thinking it would
be pain free (I hate the Dr's..) After a quick check he said I need a CT scan?
I'm like errrr. For my nose?? 
Then they took me to a nurse who said "Are you ok around needles?"
Me: "Errrr why???" Male nurse: "We need some blood".
Me: "Errrrrr WHY???" Male nurse: "Allergy results".

ARGH!!!!!!! If I'd known I would have had loads to drink before...
But noooo no one told me.. And he had to stick me with a needle several times
until they got any blood off me :'( I hate the neeeeedles!!!!
Ok rant over... 

2 days to go till I start the IVF.. Guess I should be used to the needles by now?
But I'm not!!


I don't want to be here!!! I want to go back to Tenerife!!
Didn't have any wifi at the place we stayed in so did not blog..
Will update later today!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy new Year!!!!

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