Going home!

2 weeks tomorrow it's time to go back to Sweden :D I can't wait!!

Not been home since September :(

Going for 5 days so a bit longer than last time.

Will have enough time to meet my family and friends!

And eat lots of yummy food and of course do some shopping too ;)

This is what I'm looking forward to the most though..


After seeing my family of course ;)

It's also my little sisters 10th b-day whilst I'm there :D
Can't believe she is 10. Remember when she was a little baby.
She is growing up too fast!!
Hope she likes my present that I will be getting her!! :)
She is 10 now, so can't buy her anymore dolls and stuff.
But she isn't in that stage either when girls like Justin Bieber for example haha.
Maybe few more years to go :P

I can't wait to get on the plane!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Home sweet home :)

Missing you

Yesterday it was 2 years since we lost Diane to cancer.
It feels like yesterday...

I missed you yesterday Diane, I miss you today and I will miss you every day till
I see you again ♥

Here are some of the pictures I love the most of Diane :)
They always put a smile on my face.

5 years

Yesterday was 06/02/2012.

06/02/2007 was the first time I met Adam in real life :)
And that was the day I fell in love with him.
Might sound corny and silly, but it is the truth!

We have been through a lot since we met. Heart ache, happiness, sadness.
And much more...

He is not only my boyfriend. He is my best friend.
The only one I can trust completely apart from my mum.
I would not have been able to do half the things I've done in the last 5 years if it
wasn't for him. I wish we have another 50 together :D

I look forward to having his babies and seeing the rest of the world with him :D

Here is a picture I just made.
The picture of us to the left is 5 years ago and the one to the right is from Jan :)
I think we have changed a lot.

I love you Adam. Then, now and forever ♥

And here is a song that I thing is fitting for us.

Gavin DeGraw

I really love the lyrics to this song.  I can relate to them a lot.

Especially the part where he sings:

"Running far away from all your serious concerns.
I know you've learned to use your fairytales to get you through the hurt"

Oh so true....


New Hair

Yesterday I finally went back to the hair dressers.
I hadn't been for months and months. Haven't had time or money really
to go. It had grown a lot though and started looking very frazzled haha.

Needed to freshen it up and if I want to grow it longer it needs to be cut more often
to make sure it grows better.

I felt like a change too. Wanted my fringe back, but then opted out of it as I remembered
how much hard work a fringe is and it never stays perfect!

The girl that does my hair suggested a longer side fringe and I thought why not!?

Here is a pic of my new hair :)

Poor quality, but you can still see it's me haha.

It's gonna take a while to get used to it, but I like it. I always love having my hair done
as it makes me feel better about myself :$ even if it cost me a small fortune :P

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