New Hair

Yesterday I finally went back to the hair dressers.
I hadn't been for months and months. Haven't had time or money really
to go. It had grown a lot though and started looking very frazzled haha.

Needed to freshen it up and if I want to grow it longer it needs to be cut more often
to make sure it grows better.

I felt like a change too. Wanted my fringe back, but then opted out of it as I remembered
how much hard work a fringe is and it never stays perfect!

The girl that does my hair suggested a longer side fringe and I thought why not!?

Here is a pic of my new hair :)

Poor quality, but you can still see it's me haha.

It's gonna take a while to get used to it, but I like it. I always love having my hair done
as it makes me feel better about myself :$ even if it cost me a small fortune :P


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