New lovelies

I bought these the other week when we were out shopping for a suitcase.
We ended up with a Samsonite (was a bargain).
And I got these beautiful flip flops! 
They cost a bit more than I would usually pay for flip flops, but they are
just too adorable. Right?
I can't usually wear flip flops, they hurt between the toes.. I hope these are going to be okay.
Either way they will be worn!! hehe

Spring clothes

I ordered some clothes a week ago. I don't usually like buying clothes
online as I can't try them on and my body is so awkward haha.
Here are a few of the things I bought. Pics are from the website.
I bought a bag that has the perfect spring colour :D I can see myself using it a lot!
Used it today :P When I saw it yesterday I wasn't too sure about it and even
thought of sending it back as it was much bigger in real life, but I like it now.
It's a clutch.
This top is a crop top so it's a bit short and I'm not planning on showing off my belly so 
I will be wearing it over other tops or maybe even dresses.
This top looks awesome on. I can see myself wearing it in summer over a bikini and some
cute shorts. Love it!
This jacket is not really my colour, but I could not help getting it.
The price was too good. And I can see myself wearing it over some slinky dresses
when it's a bit cooler at night this summer. Or with some nice trousers.
So many ideas for this haha.
A black linen top, it doesn't look too great on pic, but was nicer on.
Simple black top to wear over some shorts or a skirt. Nice basic summer top.
And my favourite thing of all the stuff I bought is this lovely dress.
I just adore it. The details on the sleeves. Amazing :) 
I can't wait to wear it when my skin is nice and tanned!! :D
I really wish it was spring now. I can't wait till summer, but I hope this spring will
be nice too before the summer comes and goes as it usually doesn't last too long!
Want to be able to wear all my new clothes :D

Cool nails

Just bought Barry M's Instant Nail Effect and it is so cool!!

Look at before and after shot (poor quality as it's my crappy iPhone)

Cool right? :D I love it!! You can use any colour under the black and it will
make that effect. Awesome!! I'm going to be trying out different colours now haha

I also got a really nice yellow nail polish (normal one) :)
Going to wear it in spring! It felt like spring today. It's been lovely and warm.
And even sunny!!

Treated myself

Asos has a sale on now. 
And I had a look around and most of it was not that much cheaper than normal.
I don't usually bother with the sales as they usually just sell stuff/crap they can't
get rid of. There are times when you can grab a bargain.
And I think I did today.

I'm not a gold wearing girl.. I used to be years ago, but then I grew out of it.
Mostly wear silver now if/when I wear any jewellery.
But then I saw this bracelet and just had to have it :$
It's so me.. Plus it's a "lucky" charm bracelet. 
And God knows I need luck.. Plenty of it!
I won't get it till after the 6th of January, but it will be worth the wait :)
Price was £44. It should have been £89. Quite a bargain for what it is :D


I'm hooked/addicted/crazy. Call me whatever you want ;)

Few new things I want :P

From the top left to right.

Pink shorts $12.50
Wedges $23.80
Beige & Pink shirt $24.80
Stripey dress $16.90
Heart sweater $22.90
Beige shoes $26.80
Blue shirt $12.80

 = Bargain!! ;)

I really want the beige and pink shirt. I would not wear it all buttoned up, and wear them with either skinny
jeans or some cute shorts. I hope they have these things in the shop when I go there in 5 weeks!! I would like to try the wedges on too. They look pretty cool.  


I found this dress on the Motel website yesterday.
Something about it appeals to me.
I might get it end of the month (pay day).
Will have to think about it abit more.
But knowing my luck it will be gone by then..
That's what usually happens!
I can't decide what to do and when I come to a decision it's too late haha.
Oh well.


Would be nice to wear in the summer when I got a lovely tan :)

My new lovelies

I´ve found some pretty things whilst I´ve been here :D
I love shopping in Sweden. Why? Because when I go back to Manchester,
no one will have what I got :D Woop!

The dress I blogged about few weeks back. It´s from Gina Tricot.
Not sure about the long sleeves, but I can pull them up abit.
And it needs a nice belt to give it abit of shape to it :)
Not the greatest picture, but u´ll see it on one day soon I´m sure of it :P

 Front  Back

Bought this at Monki. Love that shop. It was on sale! So it was a bargain and a half ;)
Love the body con style of it. Suits my body type perfectly! Think I´ll wear it on Christmas Day :D

This lil top was on Sale in H&M. It´s not that blue when you see it.
My camera made it ultra blue for some reason.
Love the lil bows on the pockets.

Also found this uber cool bolero/cardigan at the H&M Sale.
It´s so Lady Gaga :D Love it! It looks awesome on.
Will wear it one of these days ;)

Can´t wait to see what´s going to be in the Sale after Christmas.
I´m hoping to find a nice pair of boots before I go back.
Found some really nice blue suede ones earlier today.
(Yes it made me think of Elvis just then haha)

We shall see if I find anything else :D

Buy me a Christmas present

Been buying people Christmas presents for a couple of weeks now.
I really don't like doing it like I've mentioned before.
Because I can never decide on what to get!

Done most of my shopping online, it's so easy and you don't have to struggle against
all the crazy people in town :P

But the problem is that I've ended up buying myself loads of things too haha.
I don't really shop alot, but this time I've found some nice things and for once I've treated myself :P

Some of the things I got are:


Saw these on a girl last week and I wanted them!
Found them on the Asos website.

These will look good with all my loveli dresses :P

Got this one for free :P It's pretty cute. Might give it to my mum haha

I also bought some make up and a lovely lil' skirt I can't wait to wear out one night :D

Going red

I have an appointment tomorrow at 9am to have my hair dyed red.
I've not decided on what colour to have. I have an idea though.
If I could choose what I really want, then I'd go for a very bright and vibrant red like this.

The singer from Paramore. Love her red colour.
But I don't think they would let me have it like that in the place I work.
It's supposed to be all "prim and proper".

So I will probably go for something like this instead.

 or  that.

We shall see tomorrow :)
I will post a picture when it's all done.

Keep your fingers crossed for me so I don't end up orange haha :X



I love their dresses. I personally think they are a bit over priced at times.
But last week I ordered this beautiful dress when it was on sale.
I got it delivered yesterday and it is lovely on :)
Have to take a picture when I wear it next :P

Just have to figure out when to wear it.


Monki is one of my favourite shops back home in Sweden :)
They have quirky,but nice clothes. My favourite pair of shoes are from there :D
Can't wait to go there in August. Hopefully some of these things will still be available to get.

This tee is so me :)
Just a cute top.
Love this shirt, perfect colours.

Want all 3 pairs haha :P ♥


I'm looking for a dress for a wedding in August.
I like this one from Lipsy.
What do you think?

I'd wear it with a nice pink or baby blue shawl or a bolero (need to find that haha) and some lovely pink (or blue)shoes!
I can't wait to go to the wedding, it is one of my oldest friends that is getting married to her lovely boyfriend.
They have been together for 10 years. Awww.


Just some of the things I've bought the last few weeks.

Love this pink dress :) Can't wait to wear it out one day!

The Zebra one makes me feel like Jane hahaha (Tarzan), but I do love it. It's nice!
The sequined one is from my last trip to Vegas and I've still not worn it :O
Was thinking about wearing it on Friday for a night out. What you think? Yes or no?
And then the bikini ♥ Love it!! :)

The pink and zebra dress are from Topshop. The sequined one is from Forever21 and the bikini is Matthew Williamson for H&M.


I got bribed..
While I was doing the dishes Ads says:
"Let's make a deal"
I wonder what type of deal he is talking about..
He says:
"If you let me go out next week for the Champions league final with the guys
and you stay at home, you can have the 50 pound vouchers which you can use in
Topshop, and buy something else for 50 pounds. So you get 100 pound to spend on clothes".
I'm thinking "£" to buy something nice for the holidays or watch football with loads of drunken lads"?
Hmmm tough one!
I can always watch the football at home with a bottle of rose ;)
So I said: "DEAL!"
Hahaha. I'm so easily bribed when it comes to shopping :p
And I've been looking at some bits that I want to get!



All things are from Topshop and Missselfridge

..Cravings for the summer..

3 weeks till we go away.
LA & Vegas here we come!
I'd love to have some new pieces in my wardrobe before that,
but I will be shopping a lot while I'm there..
So I got to keep my hands off shopping for another 3 weeks.
No harm in looking though? ;)
These bits would be perfect to wear in the hot summer weather.


All these are from

..I did it!..

I have done it again......
I got my fringe cut this morning :P
I have been saying I will do it for months now,
but I kept postponing it.
But this morning I went to the hairdresser and asked her to chop it off!
It had grown really long.
Feels weird to have a fringe now.
But I do prefer it :)
Just one thing...
I need to chop the rest of the hair a bit.
Because it looks a bit too long for the fringe.
Will have to do it before we go to Ameeeerica :)
Will tale a picture later on or tomorrow!

I also went to H&M to have a look at the 2nd part of
 Matthew Williamsons' collection.
Last time it was all sold out by the time I got there.
This time we were early so I had a quck look.
Some of the things were nice,
but some were over priced.
I would not pay 50 pounds for a silk tunic.
But I did get myself something from the collection!
I bought a lovely pink/multicoloured bikini :D
I fell in love with it and I can't wait to wear it in LA & Vegas :p

This is a picture from the website.
It is lovely on!
Looks much better in real life.

Going out tomorrow!
With my old work mates.
2 of them are having a leaving do.
We are going to Revolution like we usually do :D
Can't wait to catch up with my girlies.
No idea what to wear..


Thats me in a nut shell.
I blame my mother haha.
I was born 2 weeks too late so I was born a libra,
but had I been on time I would have been a virgo.
Altho I'm not sure if I'd be happier with that..
So I'm a person that can't decide things the easy way.
I got to think things over many times before I make a decision.
Which usually annoys me (and the people around me haha)
It can be the most simple thing in the world,
but it still does not stop me from over thinking things through.

Today I went to buy some sun glasses.
The ones that I blogged about few weeks ago
were not possible to get :(
So I had to choose another pair.
I've been to Selfridges 3 times in 2 weeks and tried various ones..
I fell for a pair of blue, crazy Raybans.
But someone told me they were abit too much..
(Why do I listen?! I don't know)
Then there was another pair that were quite nice.

So today I walked back to the shop and stood infront of all these
lovely shades and I had the 2 pairs in one hand while my eyes
were looking at the rest of the 100 glasses haha.
Tried the blue ones and thought to myself:
"Wow, you really suit them."
"But they're too crazy, they wont always be "in".
Tried the other pair.
"Hmm,they're nice too. More classy and will suit to wear with anything"
Did that for 20 minutes!

Finally I decided to go for the 2nd pair..
I am still not 100% sure if I should keep them.
Here is a first look at them.
What do you think?
Are they me?
Or should I go for the blue ones?



Okey another girly post,
but I can't help it.
Women love shoes.
Why is that?
Some have an obession with them,
they spend hundreds of pounds on them monthly.
Some have 50-60 pairs.
I love shoes, but I don't like spending too much on them.
Because I usually wear them out too fast.
Altho, if I could afford these shoes I would
easily spend £500 pound on them.

Jimmy Choo ♥

Christian Louboutin ♥

A girl can dream :)


Ok I've been too serious lately :p
So here comes some girly stuff ;)
I am finally going to get myself a nice pair of shades!
And I found these lovelies on Sunday while we were in town.
They are sooo me :D
What do you think?


Can't wait to get them :)

... River Island ...

Does it again.
Found a few bits I'd like to have this spring/summer.

Would love this bikini for when we go to LA & LV :D
I think it's very nice.

Maybe with these gladiators :p

I like this skirt, especially the small pink belt which is the perfect detail :)

All from River Island

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