Twinkle toes

Never say never. It's weird how that saying fits me. Every time I've said "I will never..." it has happened.
And i mean EVERY time. Some of those things i would never imagine doing. But then I did it. It's quite funny tho.
Life is full of surprises. Sometimes I wish my life was less dramatic, but then I think I would get bored! Haha.

Another saying I've started to live by is "Learn from your mistakes". I used to make the same mistakes over and over
again, each and every time i got hurt or burnt. But then I did it again!! I must be a fool. But lately I've thought a lot about
WHY I keep doing the same wrong mistakes in my life. And I honestly don't know. DOH!! All I know is that I don't want to continue. I want to fnally learn from my mistakes and become a better person. A happier me. I like who I am when I'm happy. I'm quite funny if you ask me, haha. But when I get hurt by someone I care about, then my whole life falls apart.
I don't want to be dependent on other people to be happy. That's quite sad, I need to be happy on my own first and foremost. It's just a bonus if other people make me happy :)

Patience, is something I've learnt from a dear friend (a very stubborn and sometimes annoying friend :p )
I never used to be patient before. I always wanted things to happen straight away. No matter what the people
who were a part of the thing wanted or thought. I think I've scared away people by being impatient. Asked for too much too early. Patience... Good things come to those who waits?? I guess it's true. It has made me more calm. I used to worry so much before. But it's not worth it. Life is too short to think about what could have been,or should have been.
Be happy with what you have now. Nothing in life is certain.


I've fallen in love with this city. It's breathe taking. I went over for some soul searching.
To find myself. I found something,i'm not sure what. When I went in to a church called San Lorenzo i sat down
and i gazed up at this amazing masterpiece in the ceiling of the cupola. And I started crying. I felt something I cant
put words to it. I was overwhelmed with feelings. (I'm not religious, I just felt some kind of presence)


Then we have the Accademia, with the world famous David statue :) 
all I heard walking around there was "no pictures!!" well you do pay 10 euros to see the all mighty David :p
Of course people want a snap shot! So I was a bit cheeky ;) here is my own picture of him.
He is massive!!!


Ponte Vecchio, amazing views from this old bridge which was the only one  that was spared during WW2.


And then we have the Duomo, the most breathe taking church i've ever seen.

The Cupola
There are 463 steps til you get to the top. And it was not easy. Especially if you are a bit claustrophobic
like myself. But it was worth the view!

 On the way up.

Santa Croce
This is a church which is the resting place for some very famous people. Michelangelo,Machiavelli and Galileo Galilei himself :)

 Machiavellis tomb
 Michelangelos tomb
 Galileo Galileis tomb

 bye bye Firenze ♥

Enough is enough

I've decided to write about relationships.
I know i'm not an expert. But I will write down what I think and feel.
The past few weeks have been very difficult in many ways. I wont go into too many details.
But I've realised people change. Wow, I know. I should have known this! But I guess I have been
too naive to think it could happen. So I went away to do some soul searching. Came back with more
questions than answers. Guess you cant think what you want to feel. It just happens.
When you least expect it.

Why do people hang on to something that clearly is not good for them? Out of habit? Yes,most of the time.
But for how long? Why do we take crap from people who only care about themselves.And why cant we see
through it? Because we love them. Love... What a tricky thing love is. I'd call it an illusion but I know it's not.
I'ts a feeling. But how do you know if it's true or not? Do you go on loving someone who is not right for you.
Who lets you down time after time? Or do you finally let go? when is enough, enough?
Yes it hurts when u lose someone you have cared about for a long time. But you have to be strong. The pain
will disappear with time.
(To Lou)

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