My new mobile phone

yes... i got a new phone :o can u believe it :p hahaha. it was time for a new one.
I'm turning my swedish phone off in April.. My lovely sony ericsson Z610 has been good to me.
Until i dropped it in water on a night out with my lovely Anja :p it still works but not the camera..

Here is my new precious
image105its a Samsung G600 :D 5 mega pixel camera. I loooove it :D

Rachels leaving do

last wednesday night some of us girls from work went to Revolution.
Rachel is leaving us next week to move to London. she will be truly missed! wish her all the
best over there :)  was fun having her on my department :p
sooo we started with some wine and then steak and then more wine...and more.. and then
2 mojitos! (i loooove em. yes bona ;) ) and then i got totally drunk haha. was a crazy but fun night!

here are some pics :p

image88 looooving the wine :p
 rachel to the right :p  rachel and Charrr
 me & Linda my latvian beauty 
  Nikki and Carly   i had just crawled under the table haha Tara

      not a good idea to have mojitos after all that wine :x
 totally drunk  miss Charlene  


Wow! Liverpool is such an amazing city. I've only heard bad things about Liverpool before
(because of my lovely boyfriend haha.. its a football thing! )nevermind. I now LOVE the city.
its really beautiful. we went there with adams 2 friends from work. Who are dating :)

we stayed at a really nice hotel. next to the Beatles museum :)
We went to loads of bars and pubs in town. it was a great night out. even tho i got very drunk!!
(that always happens anyways :p )
here are some pictures from the night

 Emma & Brian

 there were sooo many disco balls there bona hahaha could'nt help it! :p


yessss a crazy night :) deffo doing it again ;)

Party and stuff

So we have finally moved... Still loads to sort out in the new flat.
taking it real sloooow. (too slow haha) been partying alot too :D

here are a few pictures of me and my darling :)

  yes its karaoke time haha

   they were soooo drunk hahaha


some crazy nights out :p

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