An old random pic of me..
God, what was I thinking? Me in blonde hair?? Haha. Doesn't look great
But I loved it back then :) 

Think that's from 2003... I was 22? I was a totally different person then..
In a bad relationship... But somehow still very happy... 


I'm a good person.
But good people usually get royally screwed.
That's a fact.

Sneek a peek

Here are the latest pics from our lovely kitchen. 
Still bits that need doing :) but it's almost done!!
My american fridge/freezer that I adore!! :D 
Can't wait to fill it up with lots of goodies!! Haha.
My lovely future mother in law bought us this!! ♥
Forever greatful to you B. Xx
I love that washer haha. I can't wait to start using it :P
But we need some wall tiles and the boiler needs boxing it and we also need a dryer
eventually. Not a necessity, but it will fill the gap..
The tiles and the splash back will make such a huge impact on the kitchen. 
Oh and we got an extractor hood that needs to go up too.
Can't wait till it's all finished and done :) That kettle is an old one and the radio is going too

We are hoping to move all our furniture in tomorrow! 
Fingers crossed it will work out!
Can't wait!! I'm soooo excited!!
My own house. MY OWN HOUSE!!! Aaaah!!!
Could never have imagined it. EVER.

Almost there

We were both off yesterday so we could do some stuff around the house.
We went there early and painted the living room walls and then we went
to my favourite place. IKEA! :D Spent hours in there. 
And we spent a lot of money too haha.

Got quite a few nice things that we needed, but I could have bought so much more
if I only had a lot of money :P Had to stop myself haha. Need money for other
stuff too. Will have to buy things as and when we can afford it.

Our friend and builder came around in the afternoon and he didn't leave till today in the afternoon.
He must have been in there for 23 hours.. He only had an hours sleep.
He is mad!! But he has been a star. We wouldn't be able to move in tomorrow if it wasn't for him.
It's been a year since we bought the house and we are almost in it.
We will be sleeping in it tomorrow. So excited!!
Will take lots of pics tomorrow when I've cleaned it up a bit. Still needs to be tidied up
and a few bits and pieces need to be sorted out. 

Remember what the house looked like before??
Livingroom. That wall is now gone :) And the door you can see in the back is no longer
there either. We got french doors instead.

I don't even want to think about this bathroom... It's all been gutted and you won't
believe it's the same room when you see it.
Our bedroom before I had a say :P Hehe. Like the carpet. Don't you? :)
The house looks like a completely different house now. You shall see tomorrow!


I will be 30 years old on the 30th of September.. This year..
It's quite scary. It's a big number. I don't feel 30..
And I don't look it ;) Haha. Well that's what people usually tell me :$

I am thinking of things I would want to do for my b-day.

First I wanted to have a big party, but then I thought naaaah.
I don't want to celebrate getting old with everyone staring at my old face haha.
And then I thought I could get a designer bag. Oh la la. I've always wanted a designer
bag, but can't decide. Miu Miu? LV? Mulberry? Not sure!

Another idea is to go to Las Vegas for 10 nights!? That would probably be the best 30th
b-day present ever :) (Well there would be one thing that would beat even Las Vegas..)
But I would love to go there for my day. The Big day. 

We shall see what I do ;) I got 5 months to go... Eeek!!!

Shopping Spree

My day off today and it was so beautiful outside. It almost felt like summer.
Sun was shining :) It always makes me happy and smiley.

Went to town early-ish and had some things in mind that I was going to get.
Mostly for the house as we have decided to move in this weekend!
No matter what state it's in, we will be sleeping in our new bed in our house
on Sunday night. Mhmmmm!!!
So I had a list of things to get and some of it was a kettle, toaster and some bedding.
Spent 4 hours in town! I usually get bored or fed up after an hour. 
Especially if it's busy in town. Don't like crowds..

Ended up with lots of stuff!! Treated myself to some nice clothes too ^^
I shouldn't, but I couldn't help myself.. I love H&M's clothes!!!
I also ended up with these.
:D We like green hehe. We are going for white tiles with a border of green tiles so
we wanted to match it! Love it! So fresh and colourful.
I also got 2 mugs by Cath Kidson. I got an obsession with mugs and glasses..
I got these 2 today, but I am going to go back for some more.
Hate going shopping haha as I always want more than I can get :$ 
We are off on Friday so we will be going to Ikea to buy some more bits for the
house. Can't wait to show you all pics from the house when it's all finished ;)


is unfair....
But that's all I want to say about this at the moment..
I am "ok". I am not losing my mind or giving up HOPE.
No, I could not do that. No matter what life throws at me.
I will always have you... Hope.....

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